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FaceBook’s Top 5 Games

  1. Farm Ville

Farm Ville is was made by Zynga. It appears the top 1 popular game. The game was used by 76.1 million players per month. This game is about the establishment of a virtual farm house by planting and harvesting plants using different implants even rearing animals. The user is referred to as the farmer. He/she can also make a community by making friends.

  1. Café World

This game was also made by Zynga. Café World was ranked the second most played game. The game though, was launched on September 2011 still it managed to gather 30.3 million users monthly.

  1. Happy Aquarium

Happy aquarium is a way of fishing on face book with Crowd Star Happy Aquarium. The game has gathered 26.6 million players a month. Normally, we use to take a shovel for farming. Here you can change the out look of your aquarium. Just leave fishes in the ponds feed it and sell at later in the market.

  1. Fish Ville

The format of Fish Ville is just like Farm Ville but works like Happy Aquarium. The number of the players in a single month is 25.3 million. This game was also made by Zynga.

5. Texas Holdem poker

Gambling is a fun and it is another form of becoming socialized. Zynga destined to put the Texas HoldEm on facebook face book by creating a high quality poker game. This game also got immense fame among the users with 25.3 players in a month.

Reach to your client anywhere


Kogi Korean BBQ one year old Los Angeles based food hub started with roving food carts. The grub is Korean style meat served in Mexican style flatbread. Dishes consists on Korean short ribs tacos for $2 and spicy pork quesadillas for $ 7

I.                          Kogi hits upon the idea to inform the people that where the trucks would be. Apart from a few regular parking spots like Little Tokyo on Thursday night. The trucks used to move from place to place. The managers used to make last time announcement of there parking places. According to its co founder Alice Shin “We realized that if we wanted to move around a lot, we needed something like Twitter”.

II.           As a result the food hub improved its operation and employs 60 people. According Shin “We’ve gone from selling 30 pounds of meat a day to 1,000” and 10 % of our customers follow us though Twitter. According to Shin-if nobody is interested in buying our food the truck simply moves to some where else.

III. Your customers will simply stop following you. Many other companies hire Kogi truck and then ask Shin to put up an advertising alert message to Kogi followers but these requests are declined. She told “If you spam people with advertising, it’ll backfire in the end”.

Sell your product for Twitter

promote products on twitter

Atebits is a Philadelphia based software company that made worth $ 2.99 iPhones applications known as Tweetie.

I.                          Twitter is actually free of cost but it does mean that each application will be used unpaid. Atebits’ 25 years old founder Loren Britcher, decide to make a Microsoft outlook with 140 characters. “Twitter is like e-mail,” Brichter said. According Brichter, many people use it for cursory information but still a large proportion is using it foe useful information. Brichter put up the nascent version of Tweetie for sale in November 2008. For its promotion he sent messages to his friends.

II.                       . Tweetie came out the most successful iPhone application for twitter. According to it has been purchased by 12.7 % by twitter users. When the first version was launched by Brichter, it was on the peak of apple’s best seller list during 36 hours ahead of Electron Arts’ Maden 2010 and CNN application.

. Twitter is for all sorts of advertisers to promote their software, incorporate and rearrange tweets in little time. Let’s suppose, collecting messages of an athletes through an application called Twackle or translating the tweets into another language is known as post like a pirate. Up till now, twitter has parted the applications’ business and allowed other stake holders do to what seems fit to them.

Take a lead on Twitter

twitter follow

Rose Associate, an 80 years old real estate marketing and management company situated in New York City. This company posses some 200 employee and holds some 20.000 luxury apartments.

I.                          . Bob Scaglion Rose’s senior MD of residential marketing uses twitter; took lead on twitter that proved useful. Because many peoples sent their feedback on twitter.” Our clientele is young and upwardly mobile”and” Twitter is where they are.” Bob Scaglion said. The easiest way is to promote your goal is just go on search and type the key word. The customers will find it pretty easy while searching a particular thing.

II.                       . As a result there are fewer users or followers of Rose but it still works pretty well. Bod uses to send messages to a few targeted people and gets reply every day. According to Bob half of these leads convert to actual rentals but it sill lucrative.

. To find the leads faster there are thousands of applications on twitter how to use key words on twitter and keep you updated. The application used by Scaglion Comp[-any is called Tweetdeck and Web service called demandspot both are free of cost

Put up your products for sale on Twitter

For Sale

Woot, a $164 million online retailer company situated in Carrollton, Texas. The company is running online shops and offer discount products. Suppose a discounted GPS device. One product is sold only for one day.

I.                          Woot uses to tell their followers on twitter that what was on sale that day. Tweet is spread over night to 1.5 million followers. According to Dave Rutledge “We used to say that there’s a ton of people who’d visit Woot every day if they thought about it”. Who first helped out his brother in creating the company and is now calling the shot of its creative efforts. Once Woot sold 90 percent of its inventory of a particular product.  Rutledge uses to send a follow up message to the potential buyers who were waiting for the message that a product was approved by the community.

II.                       . Millions of the buyers click Woot’s twitter link every day and during the company peak sale day. Rutledge estimated the number to be in millions. That is the number of actual buyers and after the introduction on twitter the sale has been doubled.

III. How to get feedback II: keep your messages brief. The size or length should be up to 140 and provide a space for the comments of the community. Like in the case of RT @woot: $19.99: Samsung Bluetooth Headset WITH $20 mail in REBATE!!!!! < pretty awesome, just pay 5 bucks shipping!!” For Rutledge, the magic number to ensure lots of retweets should be 110 characters or below.

Make Creators of your Followers by the Following the Given Headings

Twitter bird

Skinny Corporation which owns an online T-shirts retailer Threadless and is based in Chicago; founded in 2000. Thread less sold approximately worth $30 printed shirts by asking community inexperienced designs. This threadless lower production got maximum votes after a favorite poll.

I.                          Thread less CEO Tom Ryan and the founder Jake Nickel thought of the twitter idea they were at the aim that it would work. In May, the company formed a web site initially there were 490,000 followers of the site to incorporate their own ideas about the designs of the T shirts. After a vote the winning slogan was printed on the T-shirts  $18 each. So, Jack Nickel said “We figured if we built something on top of , we’d drive participation really quickly”.

II.                       . As a result nickel was right. In the initial five months this experiment attracted some 100,000 followers and 3.5 millions votes, till recently the company has printed 23 successful designs like I’m huge on Twitter” and “Iowa: Cooler than California Since 2009″ are the two most famous shirts ‘ design. According to Ryan “This is not a bad idea for nascent company revenue”.

. Ask your followers to help you, how? Give them some incentives if they are helpful. . Nickell says one of the company’s most successful tweets came when it offered Twitter followers a chance to win $100 and if they were to sell 9 percent of the T shits to their friend that would be the hot issue of the day.