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Google Announces New Rules for YouTube Monetization

YouTube is facing some serious issues from the advertisers, who do not follow the policy of Google and they started appearing with improper and flagged content. The Logan Paul controversy has brought the technology giant, YouTube under fire for not vetting the content properly. Now Google has raised the bar for monetization policy for YouTube through the new and strict regulations.

Revised Monetization Policy

YouTube has announced it YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and the users should follow the criteria to fulfill the needs to earn money:

  • The channel must have over 100 subscribers
  • Total watching hours must be over 4000 in previous 12 months.

If any account violates the community guidelines of YouTube three times, then they will be removed automatically. The channel needed only 10,000 views previously so that they could become eligible for monetization and participate in YPP.

Transparency and Manual Reviews

Now Google has introduced its new policy and now it will review the videos manually by adding the human reviewers in this process. It will observe every video in the Preferred Creators program of Google, which can access to the top video makers only.

Google is working with the trusted vendors to provide the third party brand safety to increase the transparency. It is in the beta phase and it will help the advertiser content, which is being displayed at the correct place. The new and old channels will need to follow its new and revised policy, which will be implemented from 20th February 2018. Google hopes that it will be able to prevent the bad and inappropriate content from being monetized through its new and revised policy.

Pakistani-Canadian built $1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

16 years ago, Pakistani-Canadian Carl Rodrigues decided to quit job and develop a computer product which made his family to think that he is not in his senses. Now, $1 billion is the worth of this company. He told that everyone was surprised and unhappy about his decision but his biggest problem was lack of practical ideas.

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

He added that he wanted to do maximum about the thing he like most. Initially, he had no idea what to do but he stick with it and later decided after a tiresome effort that he should design a software system that would help users to use their laptops to control their mobile phones.

Initially, the sale grows slowly but he received a call from a large supermarket group of UK after 12 months. The firm wanted to incorporate the system in its operations so that their staff can communicate data and information easily and it wasn’t interested to purchase the system.

He told that he pretended to them that they are talking to a firm instead of a single person present in a basement by speaking to them in different tone for different staff members. It worked and the UK firm ordered for 20,000 units. The business grew further and now he has revenues of $80 million per year.

Rodrigues migrated to Canada at the age of 11 with his family in search of better education and career while he belongs to a Roman Catholic Pakistani family. After completing his school, he took degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Toronto.

After his graduation, Carl worked as a consultant for few years and later launched his own company in 2001. Today, his company has more than 700 employees in 22 countries and 17,000 business customers worldwide.

Rodrigues retained the ownership of company despite several offers including an undisclosed offer in 2006 by Microsoft. He and his wife are 100% owners of the company which is now located in two buildings in Mississauga instead of a basement. Carl is now trying to recruit talented computer programmers for progress of his firm.

How Developers Make Money from Freemium Games


Most of the people know about the freemium payment model but they should know about this model. It is completely free as it is said but the reality is something different as nothing is completely free. The developers start their hard work and they get money for providing the apps they use.

What is the Freemium Payment Model?

When the people deal in freemium payment mode, they start the app as free to download and now the companies like Apple and Google mark these apps as free with ‘In-App purchases’ and these purchases are made after the downloading of the app and it change the user experience and game play so that they can accommodate the micro transactions and ads. When they are gaming, they are getting gamed without knowing.

They should know that Pokemon Go has been released recently and this app earned more money within 24 hours on Apple and Google app stores. They can earn $14 million in about one week.

If you remember the Flappy bird, you will know that it was a simple game but that was very addictive and the developers had to remove this game from their app stores. Even after that, this game earned about $1.5 million per month as the users still play it as they have downloaded this game. The free games have ads or they got some purchases and it made progress quickly. When the users play the addictive game in the recent past, they would surely want to pay it for the game.

How Does Developer encourage you to Spend Money?

The developers have done a lot of research work and they provided such information about the time, which the user spent on the game and they know the stage on which the user leave the app, so they know how the people ended up getting addicted to the games. The developers can have the master in art of applied addiction and they also know how they can force the users to come back to play the same game time and again. The developers earn money with the use of some basic behavioral psychology.

When the users play the free game, the developers apply the psychology game and use the trick to enforce them to buy the game in cash. So they can earn more money in this way because the users install the game and these in-app purchases are common these days.

The users can also know about other aspects of the psychology when they experience the expected loss and they feel intense about the same amount of profit. They can know the entire process of getting the users to get game and they can make money in different ways.

Techniques Used to Make More Money

The users should know that there is one thing, which is common among these games as they use two virtual currencies including diamonds and coins and gold bars. Some of the games use third object, which is called number of times the users play the game before charging it. They can earn more from the game as one can come very rarely and the third object use time to recharge it. The users have to wait for the start of the game when they want to play their addictive game. When the users use this vital currency, then they do not feel that they are using the real money. They can use credit card so that they can buy more stuff and they do not need to pay the cash.

When the users buy the hearts, they can have more time to buy. They can also buy the instant upgrades in various games to save a lot of time like the game, Clash of Clans.

40% developers charge users based on their country and phone’s model

In this way, people feel that they spend PKR 400 and they get 1000, which is very cheap. The payment methods have been made very easy and the payment takes short time rather than choosing the payment package from game screen. This is the painless process and the people should not remember that how much amount, they have spent on this game. There are many people, who spend thousands of rupees o n the games including Candy Crush and Clash of Clans.

Some developers earn from it through the phone and region of the users. If the users are in Pakistan then they charge less and if the users are in US and they use LG G5, then they are charged heavily. The developers also offer the discounts on their personal payment profiles.

What’s The Result of This Monetisation Method?

There is total 1.9 percent who pays for the games and there is small number of people, who pay heavily. The developers earn half of the money from game revenue and it is earned from 0.2 percent of the games and this small number of people spends thousands of dollars on these addictive games.

Half of game revenue comes from only 0.2 percent of users

In brief, there are still some game players, who play on the payment of those users, who pay for the games. They viral the games only, the more users along with more chances of finding the people, who would pay. In order to develop the game, they get the updates of the game so that they can accommodate the information and the users can get from the game play to make it for earning money.

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

Today most of the people want to earn money within shortest possible time. If you have dire need of money then you should firstly read this article carefully and make sure that you understand everything then think over 2 or 3 ways for earning more money. Then you take step and act upon the way which you think appropriate and easy for you to yield more and more money.

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

1)         Associated Content

There is a website ‘Associated content’ from which you can earn more and more money. Simply you have to submit your article, audio or video recordings to this website and they will receive it also then they will pay you immediately.
2)         Write a short report

there is another website where you can submit your own created short report and submit to Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a pay per click program in which you can send your ads. When someone clicks your ad in Google search engine then you will have to pay for each click. Keep in mind that you add some appropriate keyword with it which you can get the attention of the people. The more popular your keyword the more income you will yield. While preparing the report, you should use Private Label Rights content where you can edit the material and put on your name and add reports or segment into the article and submit them to the website from where you can receive cash very soon.

3)         Freelancing for instant cash

There are some free lancing websites like Digital Point’s forums or SitePoint where you can do free lance working. You should visit such websites where a lot number of people who are seeking for someone to do their work. You choose the work in which you are expert and offer your help to him like writing article or graphic design. You will execute this type of work in just short time and earn immediate cash

Immediate Cash Online

Immediate Cash Online

4)         Quick Craigslist profits

Craiglist is most visited classified ads site which is very useful and effective to earn money by advertising your product. It is very effective for the ad of your product. When you start working on it then you should choose a quick selling popular product and give ad of that product in the Craiglist.  Now it depends on your keyword as how popular and effective keyword you use because people will attract you by your keyword and they visit and read the written on your product. When a deal is finished then you will receive commission on it.

5)         Flip domains for quickfire cash

You should buy the popular, latest and frequently visited domain name which will give you profit in huge amount. The popular domain name will give you fresh news and information and help you earning enough cash from this website. The latest and hottest domain name like celebrity related news can be proved very popular domain name and you can sell this domain name in auction done on eBay.

Now we have conveyed you the popular and well reputed 5 concealed ways of earning money in the short time and can grow this business immediately.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Firstly make a social media strategy and get knowledge in this regard from the brightest name in the field of social media in this most remarkable online event and workshop.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

More than eight weeks you will take part in an exclusive online event enabling yourselves for weekly video webcasts, take part in continuing forum discussions, complete strategic assignments and work with small group to collect one-on-one feedback to your social media plans.

How does this work?

This is a tremendous online conference and workshop which will bridge the best of conferences and online learning:

Social Media to Market Your Business

Social Media to Market Your Business

  • Speeches leaving keynotes by the social media pioneers of world-class, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Sessions for practically showing you how-to put big ideas into immediate practice.
  • Design your home work to get your social media strategy up and running quickly.
  • Peer interaction: Work closely with a small group. Get feedback from an advisor. And make meaningful connections with the entire attendee roster.

By the end of the online conference & workshop, you’ll have:

  • A comprehensive social media marketing strategy in place across various sites and platforms, consisting of a content strategy and replace track traffic to monitor tools, engagement, and conversion to sales.
  • You will also get continuous guidance from the instructors of your boot camp instructors, special guests and business partner in your small group sessions.

Keep in your mind always that once your social media strategy is in the right direction then you will get feedback from your audience, users, and clients.

Elder Care Business

In some European and American countries where old houses were constructed to take proper care of old people who come to age where they cannot take their own proper care and they need continuous personal attention and assistance.

Elder Care Business

Elder Care Business

If you have patience and have wish to work for the elders after setting up of an organization which will help them in providing food and take their proper care to lessen their problems and loneliness by entering into e-commerce. This business will also give sufficient amount of money and you can also lead very prosperous life.

Foreign exchange Trader

Forex market is the short form of Foreign exchange. It is a market place spreading throughout the world for purchasing and selling of foreign currencies. Everyone can do this business by using of foreign currencies while sitting at home or office.Air Blower

Forex Trading Systems

Forex Trading Systems

The fundamental requirement which you should keep in your mind before enter in this business to  get sufficient knowledge by sparing a lot of time on the internet and deeply watch the rise and fall of the foreign currencies. Also watch the circumstances under which the rise and fall is taken place in this business. The forex market works 24 hours each day and it is only closed on weekends.

Earn money via Massage Counselor

After busy and tired day of working or doing business people need to rest and need massager to relax their tired muscles and nerves and revitalize their body. After massage people feel themselves very fresh and smart. For this reason this business is getting popular.banzai water slide

Massage Therapies Counselor

Massage Therapies Counselor

There are several machines also available which do massage of people but people give preference human hand for their massage. You can start this business with less money and by providing of quiet and clam atmosphere you may start your earning sufficiently by providing a good massager.

Make Money via Medical Billing

If you are looking for an internet business then you will give preference a house transcriptional. Just like medical transcriptions you will have to transcribe and edit record reviews properly and rapidly on your personal computer.

These comprises of operative and physical reviews.-ray and pathology reviews clinical and consultation notes and psychological critiques etc.

Equine Race Betting

It is very interesting to attend equine racing. It is surely very difficult for anyone to restrict himself for betting on equine racing if you go to the tracks. Most of the people have opinion that they earn money by betting on horses.

Equine Race Betting

Equine Race Betting

Certainly it is very risky business and also they are a lot of chances of defeating. You should possess a strong acumen for controlling money and it is also possible to earn a lot of money through this sport.