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Official Support of Google Adsense to Urdu Language Websites


Google made the announcement that it has included ‘Urdu’ to support this language for the AdSense program. With the new development, the Urdu websites in Urdu fonts will be allowed to display the Adsense ads and they can earn money with them.

It is worth mentioned that the Urdu publishers were not allowed to display the Adsense ads but it was expected that some selected publishers were allowed to use Adsense for the monetization of their contents.

Adsense is the Google platform and the websites and publishers use to display ads on the websites. When they click on the Adsense ads or view the ads, the publishers are paid on pay per click or pay per view basis. Google said that it included Urdu as the supported language after uptake of Urdu content on the internet.

Company said that the Urdu language websites can apply for the Adsense accounts and they are encouraged to check the terms of services so that they can enhance the chances of getting accepted into the program. With this new decision, a lot of Urdu websites will be able to monetize the content and growth in Urdu websites and its usage is imminent.

Yahoo Websites Use Google Contextual Ads Now

When you visit different sites of Yahoo then you will find that there are various Yahoo website like Yahoo news, weather, search are using Google ads which are present there.

yahoo google

yahoo google

Microsoft was the previous partner of Yahoo which gave ads to Yahoo for posting on its different websites but the ads of Microsoft are no more on Yahoo websites. Yahoo has gone with an agreement with Google for displaying of the ads of Yahoo using the Google AdSense for content and AdMob services of Google.

Earning 5$ daily from Google Adsense?

A lot of people work on Google Adsense for which they have to work hard but their earnings remain less and they cannot be up to the satisfaction. For your convenience, we are going to tell you the suitable and improved tips for which you can earn more and more money from Binary Options.

Ad Placement

Google adsense tips

Google adsense tips

It is very necessary for you to place your ads at the suitable place in the internet advertising. You should select the suitable place to place your ad which can be easily visible and come in the attention of the readers so large number of readers click on your ads. You can do this by adopting trial and error method. You should try to use all suitable methods and then you will find that which of the style is suitable for you to work on. I found all these ad placements suitable and useful which I am going to uploading for you.

You should act upon the instructions and then you will have to choose your blog or your website. You should keep in your mind that the darkest area represents as the area where CTR is high and on the other side the white area shows where you will not place your ads.

High paying keywords

You should select the high paying keywords and place them in your posts. If you get little number of clicks per day then you can get more out of these posts. Remember that you will not repeat the keywords frequently because you will be teased from it.

Ad types

You should insert link units and search the box too but do not place usual image/text ad units and through this you can enhance your income.

Quality content

The quality of your contents will be high which helps you in searching the results of your contents. If you select the quality contents then you can see the site/blog easily and you can see the Google search to find answers for giving them for their questions and their ambiguity. In this way your traffic will be increased and your income will also boost.

You should also consult the books which are good and help you for making money from Google Adsense. The points we have already discussed in this blog are taken from these books meant for this purpose. If you follow the instructions and act upon the points  discussed in these blogs then we will assure you that you can earn thousands of dollars per month from Google Adsense.

Instant Adsense Cash Payments Through Western Union

Western Union is a money transfer facility present in various countries of the world. It is a quick cash payment service which works with Google AdSense payment services. This service is also functioning in Pakistan. The people who are working in foreign countries should get advantage of this service and they transfer their monies through western union and with the addition of Google AdSense this service is also becomes more speedy and safe.

western union

western union

To get cash from this service you should not go any where and stand in the long queues. You do not need paper cheques and after passing through the fee structure of the service, payment is made to the recipient. All the payment procedure you will have to follow. Normally the cash has been transferred from one country on certain day and on the next day you can collect the money from your nearest Western Union point. It takes only one day to go through this procedure and the payment has been made to the receivers. The sender collects a coded number which he tells the recipient. The recipient makes access to the nearest Western Union office where he is asked to tell the coded number. If he tells right then fulfilling other necessary requirements the payment is made to the recipient

For getting payment from Google AdSense account you will have to choose Western Union Quick Cash option. You should login your AdSense account to know that you have this option available with you or not. If not then go to the AdSense Account setting under Mt Account tab and click the link for getting the details of the payment. If the option of Western Union Quick Cash is activated then you can draw you amount through Google AdSense account.

Earn Money via Blogging

Earn Money via Blogging

Blogging professionals got ready their blogs for people and draw the attention of the people to their web or blog sites. They offer you some useful and appropriate information which you are seeking from somewhere else. Various blogs are in search of online foothold and have knowledge where their blog has direction, make assess their audience and also anticipation from the visitors.

It is very easy home base business which you can do if you have necessary knowledge of what you will do and what may happen.

How can earn Money online with Google Adwords


If you are financially strong enough to run ad continuously then you can conveniently make money online with Google AdWords. Firstly you will have to learn how to create adverts that will help you for highest returning on your investment. In the absence of sufficient k knowledge you can face financial loss. A large number of persons are associated with it to make money online by using Google AdWords to run the campaign for different items.

Getting the Best Results from Adwords

You will have to associate with the people who are working with AdWords successfully by using these marketing tools for the last many years. It is essential to learn using of these tools to create your campaign. It is quite possible to win the AdWords game if you adopt the correct procedure.

You can also earn money online with Google AdWords apart from your experience in internet marketing. AdWords is reasonable for all network users. If you adopt impressive strategy then you can get enough money. Then you will understand that why a large number of experienced marketers use PPC advertising.

Earning money with AdWords will give result after working with it consistently. Yo9u can take help of guide which will lead you what to do and in this way you can earn a lot of money. With the growth of your knowledge and experience your income will also boost up. You will to learn different strategies including working hard with internet tools, creation of effective campaigns and tracking of your campaigns top get more profit.

Some Basics need Quick Look

Every click by anybody that you received from AdWords will cost you some money. Keeping remember carefully to carry on your campaigns ensuring you can earn profit from the money that you spend. If you spend $20 to get 100 c lick for a key word along 3% to 5% conversion rate then you need such item that can give you at least $10 per sale in order to gain profit. If you make three sales it means you earn $30 but if you sell up to 5 then you get $50.

Optimism of your ads and landing pages

It is essential to write high quality and charming ads to get more clicks from concerned buyers. If your ads are not charming then you will fail to get attraction of a lot of people to your ad. If your ads are not properly optimized then you cannot convert a lot of clicks. Another charming aspect of PPC marketing is that you can earn money online with AdWords without any website or not having knowledge of web design skills. When you got a lot of experience you will feel how it is convenient to make money online with Google AdWords.

Earn Money via Give Tips

If you have a lot of tips and advices then share it with other people by using of sites and earn money

earn Money via Your Own Search Engine

Google API provides facility to build your own custom search engines within minutes. Create one for a specific topic and make money by advertising it.

Earn money via CPA

It is same just affiliate marketing but in it you can earn money without having people to spend money. Many companies will pay you to send people to their websites where they can subscribe to free newsletter or signing up for free services.

Becomes a Virtual Assistant

Many webmasters and blogger’s and online businessmen owing your services in replacement of your commission online.