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Tax Non Payment – The Ways High Earners Use Avoiding Taxes

Everyone has to pay some tax to the government for which they have introduced the ratio for the payment of taxes. In UK, when the person earning income of £150,000 a year then it is assumed that he can pay the tax at the rate of 50%. There are various industrialists, celebrities and various other high earners whose annual income is very high but they use some relaxation to avoid tax payment to the government. They take advantage of various schemes and involve in them and get benefit of them to save their income from being paid in tax.

tax relief

tax relief

The famous comedian, Jimmy Carr is one of the people who get benefit of the schemes and avoid tax payment. He used his income of £3.3 million in a tax avoidance scheme every year which is known as ‘K2’. About 1100 high earner people along with the popular comedian get advantage of this scheme and they save about £168 million annually in tax. The K2 gets amount in trust and then pays it to the people as interest free loan which is also free from tax payment.

While involving in such type of business, Jimmy Carr along with other high earners paid only 1% annually in shape of tax on their incomes of millions of pounds. When Carr has about £1.7 million then he will pay the tax. He also bought his home through a company to save the tax which he had to pay if bought directly.

When all these information received by the government body, HMRC then he started his investigation towards K2 and if it think that the function of K2 is illegal then K2 will have to pay millions of pounds. By the practice of these schemes, the government exchequer will have to bear a loss of £4.5 billion annually.

The tax dodgers or high earners who use the ways to avoid tax paying:

  • Offshore employee benefit trusts (EBTs): This scheme works just like K2 and various people including Arsenal midfielder, Ray parlour used this scheme to avoid heavy payments of taxes. He saved about more than half million pound by using this type of technique.
  • Payments in kind (PIKs): Some people use this trick as they do not pay in shape of salaries and they just award gifts in gold or diamond or in shape of high value items which they can sell to meet their demands and in this way they save tax payment.
  • Domiciled in an overseas tax haven: There is another kind of saving tax for settling someone in a place which is tax free and proves a tax heaven. The precedence of the Sir Philip Green to understand that he gave his wife Lady Green a cash share of £1.2 billion. She lived in tax heaven so he saved about £285 million in tax.
  • Partnership subsidies: some of the people bought their homes through some companies or showing it as partnership to avoid tax payment. Kenneth McFarlane used this method to save his tax payment.

There are various other schemes or methods to avoid tax payment but these are considered illegal or unjustified. This is manipulation of the wealth for looking some illegal way to avoid tax payment. It is very ugly and shameful that the poor citizen of the country pay the whole tax and they also contribute in nation building but the high earn class of society seek some unreasonable ways to avoid tax. The money saved by these people has no mission or their target to give benefit to a large number of people. This amount is also useless and cannot be used for the life saving or some other purposes which are vital for the nation building. They must think that their lavish livings and their higher incomes are the result of the payment of tax by the low earners.

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

Today most of the people want to earn money within shortest possible time. If you have dire need of money then you should firstly read this article carefully and make sure that you understand everything then think over 2 or 3 ways for earning more money. Then you take step and act upon the way which you think appropriate and easy for you to yield more and more money.

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

5 Fastest Ways To Make Immediate Cash within Shortest Possible Time

1)         Associated Content

There is a website ‘Associated content’ from which you can earn more and more money. Simply you have to submit your article, audio or video recordings to this website and they will receive it also then they will pay you immediately.
2)         Write a short report

there is another website where you can submit your own created short report and submit to Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a pay per click program in which you can send your ads. When someone clicks your ad in Google search engine then you will have to pay for each click. Keep in mind that you add some appropriate keyword with it which you can get the attention of the people. The more popular your keyword the more income you will yield. While preparing the report, you should use Private Label Rights content where you can edit the material and put on your name and add reports or segment into the article and submit them to the website from where you can receive cash very soon.

3)         Freelancing for instant cash

There are some free lancing websites like Digital Point’s forums or SitePoint where you can do free lance working. You should visit such websites where a lot number of people who are seeking for someone to do their work. You choose the work in which you are expert and offer your help to him like writing article or graphic design. You will execute this type of work in just short time and earn immediate cash

Immediate Cash Online

Immediate Cash Online

4)         Quick Craigslist profits

Craiglist is most visited classified ads site which is very useful and effective to earn money by advertising your product. It is very effective for the ad of your product. When you start working on it then you should choose a quick selling popular product and give ad of that product in the Craiglist.  Now it depends on your keyword as how popular and effective keyword you use because people will attract you by your keyword and they visit and read the written on your product. When a deal is finished then you will receive commission on it.

5)         Flip domains for quickfire cash

You should buy the popular, latest and frequently visited domain name which will give you profit in huge amount. The popular domain name will give you fresh news and information and help you earning enough cash from this website. The latest and hottest domain name like celebrity related news can be proved very popular domain name and you can sell this domain name in auction done on eBay.

Now we have conveyed you the popular and well reputed 5 concealed ways of earning money in the short time and can grow this business immediately.

How Do I Make Money With Profit Clicking

When you start working with profit clicking then you should keep in mind that there are three main methods for earning more and more money which include:

  • · Advertising Package Program
  • · Matrix Package Program
  • · Membership Referral Program
how do i make money with profit clicking

how do i make money with profit clicking

Advertising Package Program

The main theme of an Advertising Package is that it is a traffic exchange package in which 1000 advertising impressions are offered to the buyer and he can earn up to 2% from Monday to Friday and 1.5% on Saturday and Sunday. The total expenditure of each package is only $10 which you will have to pay 150% when it matures in 81 days.where to purchase commercial jumping castle

The cash income on one package amounts to $15 or 150% and the outstanding 150% is paid to you in Matrix Package. When your 4 advertising packages are expired then you can earn $60 and at this stage you can get Matrix Package from which you will receive $60 and it reaches to 300% or get triple your amount.

When you promote your links and attain referrals then you will receive commission at the rate of 10% on first level and 5% commission on level 2 on advertising package purchases.

Matrix Package Program

Profit Clicking matrix

Profit Clicking matrix

This is a long and traffic generating program in which you can triple your money. This matrix program can perform its working by “2×2 matrix” and you will have to complete and sustain your matrix for earning more money.

First of all you buy Matrix package for $20 and then refer other people who also buy $20 package. In first level you will enter two referrals and they buy matrix packages and each pay $20 so total amount comes to $60. In this way you can earn $60 rebate. 3 referrals is variable which you can change. When you complete the first level of matrix then you will be paid by $60 for each completed matrix package. Keep in mind that your advertising package program will help you to complete your matrics.

Profit Clicking Membership:

Profit Clicking offers you Advertising Packages, Matrix Packages and success training packages to all its members. Profit clicking itself has four main parts but they are offered with a product:

PC0 – Product for this package: Upgrade Your Brain
Cost: Free

PC1 – Product of this category: The Big Success Breakthrough
This has the cost of $15 after every three months which is also non-commissionable.

PC2 – Product of this category: Killer Success Tricks 1-7                                                         This has the cost of $57 after every three months and this package has the commission of $28.50 on every sale.

PC3 – Product of this category: Killer Success Tricks 8-?                                                         This product has the cost of $117 after every three months and in which you may receive commission of $58.50 per sale.

When you work with profit clicking then you will receive commissions on each referrals whether you upgrade them or renew them. You receive this commission through Matrix package account. As regards membership commission, then you will have to upgrade yourself to level 2 or level 3.

Ten Effective Ways to Make Money on eBay Without Selling Anything

Most of the people always try to look for jobs but there are fewer opportunities to find any job for different reasons and they have problems to meet their daily expenditures.

The young ones who want to earn handsome income then they should work on eBay to earn more and more income without searching for new jobs requirements. Before start the business on eBay you read this article carefully so that you can understand the different ways to earn income commercial jumping castles for sale.



1.         Putting in tentative bids on sale of the items

Certainly it will be difficult for you to work on eBay as you do not know how to earn more money. Initially you will lose your time while surfing on the net but there is a chance of placing provisional bids on different items. It will not right for you when you get the correct usage of cards

  • First of all you judge that what kind of item you need to offer for sale
  • Then you should select the item for bidding and buy it and get good profit by selling it.

It your bidding is clicked then take advantage of the offer and grab the item and sell it offline through your customers.

2.         Put up a committed website for associate products

You should set up your own website or blog for the associated or affiliated products. These are the products for which you do business with others and write sown about the products and select a keyward for them.

3.         Choose for the “Drop Distribution” Process

Initially you do not need to spend money to purchase the products as you are in the process of taking orders from your customers. Then you do not pile up the products by purchasing them. You offer the products on your website and get great trafficking on it.

So how does it work, you may ask?

When you develop your website then make contact with the manufacturers and suppliers who will take advantage of your vast network and its trafficking. These will make access to your as many potential customers as possible for selling their products.

You should develop your website and increase trafficking on your website. You can also make contacts with your friends and other people and assist them to buy the products. If you finishes a deal then you receive an amount in shape of commission from the buyer. After this you will have to contact with the drop shipping company and ask them to deliver the paid product to the address which you will provide to them and paid the delivery charges to the drop shipping company.

4.         Select to join the eBay affiliate program “AuctionAds”

If you have developed a website or blog for the subject purpose and get a lot of traffic on it then you can avail the opportunity for earning passive income.

When you start working on eBay associated program and during this time any related item appeared on your site for the auction of the item and it is clicked by someone to make assess to the eBay. In this way you will earn money which will be 50% share from the sale but it will be very small but all these small earning will become a huge amount for you when a lot of people will click on it.

5.         Select to establish a store using the BANS software

You will have to go with your website or blog by setting up a niche store. In this way you can get assistance in building the niche store and in this way you can work easily and conveniently. This software can provide you comfort for searching hundreds of niches stores which this software updates them permanently.

6.         Use eBay’s Merchandising API on your blog or website

When you set up a website or blog then there are many auction related links which appeared on your site and they can help you for developing software programs of your own choice by using Merchandising application programming interface.  By using this software you can make better your site for the eBay users. In this way you can get more traffic and earn handsome amount.



7.         Utilize eBay’s Best Match Item Details API

The website or blog owner can also get the benefit of using the programs for providing information to the buyer about the products which they want to know which are just like seller name, the information about product and product ID.

8.         Incorporate eBay’s Trading API

If you want to make better the setting of your site then you can get private data of eBay by using the better and useful device. In this way you can get information for the sale of specific products and the ways to dispose off them.

9.         Come up with your own product reviews

You should add additional review for the specific items to get more traffic for auction of items on eBay.

10.       Work in the capacity of an assistant seller

You should develop your website and put your efforts to build up your reputation on eBay for working or dealing on it. If you take a break in selling the products so you can make your account passive so you can carry on your working as assistant seller and get reasonable amount.