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Fiverr Make Money Online with Step-by-Step Guide

Fiverr is the freelancing marketplace for the free money earning platform and it can become primary earning source for the freelancers. You can get the order and start work on your order and you receive the amount after completing the task. If you want to check some time tested tricks to get first order and bring more. There are some of the proven methods to grow your brand on Fiverr and make good recurring income through it.

Making Account of Fiverr

Make account

Make account

It is not a big deal to make the account on Fiverr and you log in with the Google or facebook account. When you continue with Facebook or Google, it takes your real name from the Google account or Facebook ID and most of the people can make mistake and they opt for particular name. you need to use your real name as brand and you can also run the account under agency or company name and they can also use some pseudonym, they need to stop for a moment and insert the proper name.

Personal Branding

Personal branding

Personal branding

The companies are active and they learn that various agencies outsource highly paid work to underpaid and substandard freelancers and they can earn $50 logo looks like $10. You should ensure that your profile should be under your own name with the real and professional photo. It is essential to talk about certain trend in Pakistani freelancers. They use VPN or RDP to make accounts of US or UK under their native names.

The behavior of the buyer on Fiverr becomes bias towards non native freelancers but there are huge number of Pakistanis and Indians, who are still on Fiver and they are still running their accounts under their real names and real profile photos. They are successful and they kept their standard as they were picked by Fiverr to show the Fiverr community in the relevant countries. You can also opt for the native English speaker name and it is not violation of Fiverr rules as they do not change proxy settings and maliciously change their location.


Fiverr has categories for different micro services and if you go to main category of Writing & Translation, you will find various sub categories like Press Releases, Business Copywriting, Articles & Blog Posts. They can also find some of the sub-sub categories under the sub-categories.

The category of Business and Copywriting, it shows more filters from which the buyer can narrow down his search like website copy, Ad Copy, Product Listings etc.

You should narrow down your approach to single main category instead of spreading the categories. You can make the 3 to 4 gigs in the sub category and it will cover all sub-sub-categories and the best way is that it goes deeper and tries to complete the expertise.

Quality Trumps Quantity Always



There are many people, who still think that Fiverr is nothing but $5 micro outsourcing website. Fiverr is evolved into one hell of melting pot of excellent talent and you can earn a lot with custom offers and new Pro Program of Fiverr, which is now introducing the handpicked niche experts.

Some people waste their time in finalizing order details and listen to grievances of each customer, they ensure the no one leaves the review less than 4.5 and ensure that their delivery does not get rejected. One buyer with enough pockets is convenient to discuss with him and you need to satisfy him and also turn him into repeat customer. You need to gear your research, keywords, gigs and efforts to get big buyers.

Ultimate Loophole

The loopholes are found as bad word and you can use it to make the customers happy and line up the pockets. The sellers find customers, get orders, deliver and dump the clients to serve the person next in the queue of sellers, which is the wrong approach. The right approach is that you put yourself in shoes of buyers and you can tell that they are inexperienced, young, ambitious and tight on budget internet entrepreneurs.

Most of them have idea of online business and they need graphics, website and business names and taglines, social media marketing, content writing and SEO and various other services.


Upselling is the skill to sell something, which are premium, additional or special to customers and in most of the cases, the new level of same service that they have sold them.

We suppose that you have sold a script to customer for whiteboard explainer video they needed. You can upsell with the offer of whiteboard explainer video and place the order by asking them for authentic native English voice over to arrange for them. You need to shoot some samples and change the order and you upsell $20 worth of video + $15 worth of voiceover but at that time the actual order was $5-10 video script.

Approach towards Buyer Requests



Most of the people, who worked on Upwork will find Fiverr gig system excellent or they can offer the total unfair advantage to the successful sellers. You need to go to Buyer Requests under selling tab, when you sign into Fiverr account and find out Buyer Request according to the categories that you are dealing. Most of the buyers, who fail with Upwork or Fiverr Buyer Requests are such clients, who will:

  • They look for highly priced requests
  • Choose the request to require somewhat different expertise
  • Load offer with unnecessary details.

There are some of the best ways to get the jobs from the Buyer Requests is to:

  • Get the least expensive orders
  • Double check as the clients wants is within ambit of skills
  • Add bullet points to offer and those points should show why you should be picked e.g; unlimited revisions, 3 years of experience of Java, 100% money back warranty.

Importance of Keywords

When someone starts working on Fiverr, they should know about gig titles, search tags and descriptions, which are needed to be infused with proper focus keywords. Most of the writers do not know the difference between slogan and tagline but Americans know it well. If you are copywriter and you are offered the Business Names and taglines (slogans) and in return you choose slogan then how do you think it is for your gig to reach to the American entrepreneur, who look for taglines in the search box of Fiverr.

Gig Photos / Videos

gig photo

gig photo

Gig is actually a skill on Fiverr and you can sell it to the prospective customer. If coding is gig, voiceover is gig and every skill can sell is a gig. There are thousands of the gigs in ‘deep web’ of Fiverr that never appear on the surface and you ensure that your gigs are noticed when you make it. There are some of the tricks which can help you as there are very important gig photo / videos.

Gig Description

You can get the portability of getting first order trickles down to gig description. If you have completed everything carefully, but the gig description does not have quality of good sales copy and you will not sell it.

If you are selling on Fiverr and there is none to sell it without cheesy, corny and compelling the sales pitch. There are the proper uses of option including Bold font and it is needed to highlight the important phrases. They need to start with the establishment of authority, e.g. coming from savvy business card design expert, who made business stationery designs for over 15000 buyers on Fiverr, they can tactfully explain the detail of service and finish the description with the impressive and catchy style.

Google Announces New Rules for YouTube Monetization

YouTube is facing some serious issues from the advertisers, who do not follow the policy of Google and they started appearing with improper and flagged content. The Logan Paul controversy has brought the technology giant, YouTube under fire for not vetting the content properly. Now Google has raised the bar for monetization policy for YouTube through the new and strict regulations.

Revised Monetization Policy

YouTube has announced it YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and the users should follow the criteria to fulfill the needs to earn money:

  • The channel must have over 100 subscribers
  • Total watching hours must be over 4000 in previous 12 months.

If any account violates the community guidelines of YouTube three times, then they will be removed automatically. The channel needed only 10,000 views previously so that they could become eligible for monetization and participate in YPP.

Transparency and Manual Reviews

Now Google has introduced its new policy and now it will review the videos manually by adding the human reviewers in this process. It will observe every video in the Preferred Creators program of Google, which can access to the top video makers only.

Google is working with the trusted vendors to provide the third party brand safety to increase the transparency. It is in the beta phase and it will help the advertiser content, which is being displayed at the correct place. The new and old channels will need to follow its new and revised policy, which will be implemented from 20th February 2018. Google hopes that it will be able to prevent the bad and inappropriate content from being monetized through its new and revised policy.

6 Reasons of Boosting of Social Media for your Sales in 2012

Social media is growing popular among people and it is also very effective tool for the promotion of your business. If you want to work in social media and get maximum benefit from this tool, you will have to understand various network functions and the proper use of these networks.

Social Media jobs

Social Media jobs

The examples of effective use of social media for growing your business are given as under:

1.       Quantifiable Marketing Techniques

If you are working on social media then you will feel some improvements in the technology like facebook which help you to promote your business. These social media tools can give you quantifiable data for your customer base which is effective for promotion and revelation of marketing schemes.

When you post some of your products, the customers like your page or post of the product which enhances the number of likes and then return this data to you in the form of hard data. This data improves the better understanding of your page and develops the efforts into strong social media page. It also improves the area where you are needed to work.

2.       Receive Instant Customer Feedback

Social media is new and also every effective for the promotion of business so you can receive instant customer feedback about your business. Most of the people took advantage of the social media and they enhanced their businesses. The social media tools including Twitter, Facebook and Google+, the online business develop their own posts for which they can receive customer comments and questions. In this way the online businessmen enhance their businesses and develop their sales for 2012 by making changes quickly. If you respond to your customers quickly then they will surely think that you take care of them and show your sincerity for the promotion of your products with the help of social media tools.

3.       Geographically Targeted Information

With the use of social media tools, you can become aware of your customer base and can improve the sales location and areas for development. In this way you can target your marketing plans for the enhancement of your sales and you can also find the effective location of your marketing. You can also receive information about your customer, his age, gender and the level of his income and the capabilities which he invests in the online business.

4.       Distribution Infographic Marketing

When the businessmen want to promote their business then they use various tools for the promotion of their products like infographics. Through social media tools you can present your products to a large number of people. The people working on any social media tool can share the information and first hand knowledge to the customers through small URL. Both types of tools including facebook or twitter, the owners can switch their products to other users and attract them to their products. You can receive huge information contained in one advertisement through infographics which are more cost-effective.

5.       Build Strong Relationships with Customers

With working on social media you can maintain the base of your customer and you can make good relationships with your customers. You can make them friend on the social media and talk with them about their interests and develop intimacy with them. Then you can convey them easily what you want to say with them. Communication with other people on certain topic brings intimacy and you can easily talk about your products which you have presented for sale. The immediate response works well which is either directly through social media tools or by conveying the contact information.

6.       Showing Your Fun Side

The owners or the online businessmen should use their creative urges and show a side to the new and fresh customers. You should take advantage of the availability of the customers being presented on the social media. You should display your company for your potential customers and do not make delay for the improvement in your sales in 2012.

Investment Ideas for People Having Low Budget

There are a large number of people who cannot manage their income and they have also limited sources to invest money in any business or work. As it is happened no business or work can be started without heavy or sufficient amount and the people with meager income do not know how to start their earning with less investment of money. There are, probably a lot of ways or methods in which someone can invest their income and in return he may get some reasonable amount despite their low budgetary position. There are some ways or methods which if you adopt then you can get reasonable profit.

Small Business Ideas for Low Budget

Small Business Ideas for Low Budget

Commodities as an Investment?

There are some commodities which are revolving in the market and their rates are also fluctuating with the change or turn in market. Gold or other precious metals like platinum, silver are found in the market and business is done in these metals. There is a constant rise in the rate of gold and other precious metals. If you manage to buy these precious metals and when their rates are increased in the stock markets then you can sell them and get some profit on these metals. The people who bought gold during 2000, they saw fast increase in the rate and after that there was constant increase in their rates. The rates of gold and other commodities increase or decrease with the change in market and if you buy these commodities when their rates are low and sell when their rates go on higher side then you can earn money on this trade. During this deal you may also come across some loss but it is the part of business and you do not need to worry.

Classic Investments

The people who know the stock trading they can understand what we are going to tell them. Stock exchange is a business which you can start with very less amount. First of all you may have some understanding with this business, the fluctuations or rise and fall in the business, the mood swing of the trade market, then you can buy shares of the commodities according to your budget position. You may seek help of brokers online and after understanding the mood changes of the market you invest your amount in this business. Once you buy shares of certain commodity and when the rates of the commodity rises then you can sell these commodities on higher rates and in this way earn heavy amount in shape of profit. You cannot earn double income overnight but you can make progress with the passage of time and with the right selection of commodities in which you are dealing.

Playing the Money Markets

There is another cheap way to do business by investing low amount. The people who do not want to deal in stocks then they should upload the software of forex and start their business online. First of all you should understand the manner of the working of online trading in different commodities. You should seek guidance of some financial advisors to understand the right direction and the mood swings of the market which is ever changing with the change in political or financial situation in the country. Then you start business on forex online and deal in the commodities which you understand well. Buy the commodities online when their rates are low and then their rates go upside then you can sell your commodities and earn profit on the deal which you have made.

If you have small amount of money being invested in the online trading business then there are greater risks of loss with the chances of income but if you have invested sufficient or enough money then you do not need to bother as there are less chances of your loss. Huge and strong investment in the market will give a long time trading in the market. You should keep in mind the budgetary position and the limit of trading in the market. You should choose the appropriate commodity for dealing in it and keep in it in the beginning as you have low investment in the trading market. You invest the money in the commodity with the fair selection and seek financial advice from the financial advisors from time to time to understand the mood swings of the market. It is not necessary that a rich man can only deal in this business but if a person has low capital can start this endeavor and can get profit in little amount and increase his capital. When he earned a sufficient amount then he enhanced his business and deal with other commodities also and earn a lot than his earlier dealings.

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Every day we watch that various companies show good business models. The company which is interest acoord9ng to my view point is LogMeln which offers you the remote approach services. LogMeln not only offers application for remote control but they also do this function freely. It is quite right that LMI presents their fundamental versions totally freely which allows you safe remote control of your PC from any computer on the web.

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

The business model of the company present their service freely which will be liked most and also presenting a paid version of the service including some cool specifications such as remote printing. The company also manufactured various products and I use these free and paid products and I highly recommend them.

LMI is such company that bought an application named Hamachi which I would define as a peer to peer VPN client. Some tech people may have listened or used the Hamachi application. Rescue is another application which I used from LMI for which I provide helpdesk support to users without installing these applications on their systems.

I am an IT consultant and people frequently asked about controlling of their PC with the help of remote control. Normally people try to use software like pcAnywhere. Pc Anywhere is a quality product and it is convenient to configure and use. To open this software on the port on your firewall, also it is complicated for every user and it also create some security concerns.

I offer another procedure for my users who often ask me about RDC or built into Windows remote desktop. A port should be opened on the firewall to get access from anywhere on the web to get great RDC for remote connections within a local network. While introducing the Windows Home Server which will be available very soon, the part should be changed immediately.

LogMeln have some downsides, while the remote control application works on any platform which are window based computer systems and can only be controlled by remote control. It is worse for Linux and Mac users but LMI is busy in changing that process.

I also introduced with another remote application which I use is known as VNC. VNC is another open sourced remote control which works on Windows, Li9nux, and Macs. I often use VNC and I think it is good application which can be set up safely but is very difficult for the m=normal users.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Firstly make a social media strategy and get knowledge in this regard from the brightest name in the field of social media in this most remarkable online event and workshop.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

More than eight weeks you will take part in an exclusive online event enabling yourselves for weekly video webcasts, take part in continuing forum discussions, complete strategic assignments and work with small group to collect one-on-one feedback to your social media plans.

How does this work?

This is a tremendous online conference and workshop which will bridge the best of conferences and online learning:

Social Media to Market Your Business

Social Media to Market Your Business

  • Speeches leaving keynotes by the social media pioneers of world-class, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Sessions for practically showing you how-to put big ideas into immediate practice.
  • Design your home work to get your social media strategy up and running quickly.
  • Peer interaction: Work closely with a small group. Get feedback from an advisor. And make meaningful connections with the entire attendee roster.

By the end of the online conference & workshop, you’ll have:

  • A comprehensive social media marketing strategy in place across various sites and platforms, consisting of a content strategy and replace track traffic to monitor tools, engagement, and conversion to sales.
  • You will also get continuous guidance from the instructors of your boot camp instructors, special guests and business partner in your small group sessions.

Keep in your mind always that once your social media strategy is in the right direction then you will get feedback from your audience, users, and clients.

Elder Care Business

In some European and American countries where old houses were constructed to take proper care of old people who come to age where they cannot take their own proper care and they need continuous personal attention and assistance.

Elder Care Business

Elder Care Business

If you have patience and have wish to work for the elders after setting up of an organization which will help them in providing food and take their proper care to lessen their problems and loneliness by entering into e-commerce. This business will also give sufficient amount of money and you can also lead very prosperous life.

Foreign exchange Trader

Forex market is the short form of Foreign exchange. It is a market place spreading throughout the world for purchasing and selling of foreign currencies. Everyone can do this business by using of foreign currencies while sitting at home or office.Air Blower

Forex Trading Systems

Forex Trading Systems

The fundamental requirement which you should keep in your mind before enter in this business to  get sufficient knowledge by sparing a lot of time on the internet and deeply watch the rise and fall of the foreign currencies. Also watch the circumstances under which the rise and fall is taken place in this business. The forex market works 24 hours each day and it is only closed on weekends.

Mobile Catering Business

There is also a trend which is growing rapidly to buy ready made food to conduct event or ceremony from some mobile caterers instead of getting ready at home in big cities as there is no space in  the cities to cook food for a large gathering. You start this business by providing cooked food through mobile catering to carry out orders given by people.

Mobile Catering Business

Mobile Catering Business

You may provide cooked food to their homes and reheat the food inside your van before the same providing to the client. You may also prefer to present products like fried potatoes and barbecue to the surroundings.

Party Rental Business

Part leasing business is containing of products where are usually need in the event or ceremony to host the guests.

Party Rental Business

Party Rental Business

If you want to start this business then you will have to purchase different products like tables, chairs, linens and machines for preparation of coffee, tea and popcorn etc. You provide the demanded items to the people and charge these items in exchange of money.