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Become an Online Translator and Earn money

language translation

Translator is the necessity of every one today. Being a translator you should be flawless in two or more languages like English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese and many more. You can earn money online while sitting at home.

Here are some suggestions one will need to become a translator

1. Qualification required for this profession.

Qualification required for this profession is dependent upon a company or employer. There are many companies who need qualified persons or generally expert persons in a particular language. Your services, being a translator may be for short term or long term contract. Many employers recommend only degree holder for this purpose.

However, employers are not that much strict and also recommend those people which are generally strong in a given language. Before you are hired for a given assignment you will need to provide proof in the form of an attested document (Proficiency Certificate). Don’t worry if you don’t posses a university degree in a given language, there are too many short tem assignments for which your general skills will pay off.

2. Finding Online Translation Job

Renowned companies and employers give online ads about their need for translators. Some the sites are for volunteers where any one can put up his idea. Other is just for the purpose of translation services like So far this web site consists on many languages translation services.

Different sites have been launched for posting any vacancy regarding the translation services. Many sites are with registration facilities through which they provide an opportunity to prospective candidates. So you should register with one of these sites that may seem to you more reliable.

3. Who is Certified Translator?

According to the aforementioned detailed, if you want to become a home based translator, you should come up with a degree or at least a short course. If you posses some certificates, will be more propitious for you. Thus the services, you will render, will also be termed rightly as certified. Search today for online certification of a particular language. You can earn money easily commensurate to your ability, brilliant candidates forward there CVs to companies, one the renowned company site is

Earn Money at Home by Dress Designing

People that might be with upper level or middle level income spend thousands of hundreds on dresses making and designing. On each occasion like weddings, parties and yearly based events like Eid ladies try to have hand over stuffs which would high light their beauty. Those who are skilled (handy at sewing) can earn easily, purely at home based tailoring.

Among the commonly used dresses through out Pakistan is Shalwar Kameez. This dress is used by gents and ladies alike. On Eid some times it becomes hard for the tailors to fulfill the demands of public. Ladies are also fane of Saree (Asian Traditional Dress). Now a day an average Saree is sold for around Rs.10, 000.

At wedding special dresses like Lehenga and Sharara are stitched for brides. An individual handy in making these stuffs will earn reasonable profit with in a week. It takes about a week to be finished. Rate is about Rs. 10,000 to 20,000 apiece.

Kurta and Kurti is another casual wears of men and women alike. It is famous among most of the South Asians communities. Apart from these main dresses for formal and casual use there is also a huge demand of other dresses like kid’s wears, pants, jeans, coat, waist coat, frocks and sherwani.

To start this profitable business the initial costs are very low. You will need to purchase a durable multi purpose sewing machine with other accessories like scissors etc. give advertisement in different news paper or on air on radio.

If some one is skilled and jobless this profession will increase her self esteem. You can earn 30,000 to 40,000 rupees a month.

FaceBook’s Top 5 Games

  1. Farm Ville

Farm Ville is was made by Zynga. It appears the top 1 popular game. The game was used by 76.1 million players per month. This game is about the establishment of a virtual farm house by planting and harvesting plants using different implants even rearing animals. The user is referred to as the farmer. He/she can also make a community by making friends.

  1. Café World

This game was also made by Zynga. Café World was ranked the second most played game. The game though, was launched on September 2011 still it managed to gather 30.3 million users monthly.

  1. Happy Aquarium

Happy aquarium is a way of fishing on face book with Crowd Star Happy Aquarium. The game has gathered 26.6 million players a month. Normally, we use to take a shovel for farming. Here you can change the out look of your aquarium. Just leave fishes in the ponds feed it and sell at later in the market.

  1. Fish Ville

The format of Fish Ville is just like Farm Ville but works like Happy Aquarium. The number of the players in a single month is 25.3 million. This game was also made by Zynga.

5. Texas Holdem poker

Gambling is a fun and it is another form of becoming socialized. Zynga destined to put the Texas HoldEm on facebook face book by creating a high quality poker game. This game also got immense fame among the users with 25.3 players in a month.

Customized and Shared Google+pages


Google proposed business holders to use Google+ pages. They are at the opinion that Google was a bit time consuming and with introduction Google +Pages time factor is now no problem.

Google +Pages are currently used by the promontory of the business like Dell, Toyota or other prominent names like Muppets. Anyhow, Google has proclaimed that Customized and Shared Google+pages will be available to all other users and business companies who will be longing for this facility. Albeit, the announcement, still it will take time to come to the front line.

At last you w

ill be able to create your own Google+ Pages.
”+” modifier is the symbol used by Google to search a particular Google +Page. Suppose, to search a query about Toyota’s Google+ Page, just type +Toyota in Google’s se

arch engine.

Suggestions for Creating Google+pages

  1. If you have a Google+Account just click here
  2. You can also visit to create your own


And lastly, select the category of the business to which you belong

Reach to your client anywhere


Kogi Korean BBQ one year old Los Angeles based food hub started with roving food carts. The grub is Korean style meat served in Mexican style flatbread. Dishes consists on Korean short ribs tacos for $2 and spicy pork quesadillas for $ 7

I.                          Kogi hits upon the idea to inform the people that where the trucks would be. Apart from a few regular parking spots like Little Tokyo on Thursday night. The trucks used to move from place to place. The managers used to make last time announcement of there parking places. According to its co founder Alice Shin “We realized that if we wanted to move around a lot, we needed something like Twitter”.

II.           As a result the food hub improved its operation and employs 60 people. According Shin “We’ve gone from selling 30 pounds of meat a day to 1,000” and 10 % of our customers follow us though Twitter. According to Shin-if nobody is interested in buying our food the truck simply moves to some where else.

III. Your customers will simply stop following you. Many other companies hire Kogi truck and then ask Shin to put up an advertising alert message to Kogi followers but these requests are declined. She told “If you spam people with advertising, it’ll backfire in the end”.

Sell your product for Twitter

promote products on twitter

Atebits is a Philadelphia based software company that made worth $ 2.99 iPhones applications known as Tweetie.

I.                          Twitter is actually free of cost but it does mean that each application will be used unpaid. Atebits’ 25 years old founder Loren Britcher, decide to make a Microsoft outlook with 140 characters. “Twitter is like e-mail,” Brichter said. According Brichter, many people use it for cursory information but still a large proportion is using it foe useful information. Brichter put up the nascent version of Tweetie for sale in November 2008. For its promotion he sent messages to his friends.

II.                       . Tweetie came out the most successful iPhone application for twitter. According to it has been purchased by 12.7 % by twitter users. When the first version was launched by Brichter, it was on the peak of apple’s best seller list during 36 hours ahead of Electron Arts’ Maden 2010 and CNN application.

. Twitter is for all sorts of advertisers to promote their software, incorporate and rearrange tweets in little time. Let’s suppose, collecting messages of an athletes through an application called Twackle or translating the tweets into another language is known as post like a pirate. Up till now, twitter has parted the applications’ business and allowed other stake holders do to what seems fit to them.