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Google Announces New Rules for YouTube Monetization

YouTube is facing some serious issues from the advertisers, who do not follow the policy of Google and they started appearing with improper and flagged content. The Logan Paul controversy has brought the technology giant, YouTube under fire for not vetting the content properly. Now Google has raised the bar for monetization policy for YouTube through the new and strict regulations.

Revised Monetization Policy

YouTube has announced it YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and the users should follow the criteria to fulfill the needs to earn money:

  • The channel must have over 100 subscribers
  • Total watching hours must be over 4000 in previous 12 months.

If any account violates the community guidelines of YouTube three times, then they will be removed automatically. The channel needed only 10,000 views previously so that they could become eligible for monetization and participate in YPP.

Transparency and Manual Reviews

Now Google has introduced its new policy and now it will review the videos manually by adding the human reviewers in this process. It will observe every video in the Preferred Creators program of Google, which can access to the top video makers only.

Google is working with the trusted vendors to provide the third party brand safety to increase the transparency. It is in the beta phase and it will help the advertiser content, which is being displayed at the correct place. The new and old channels will need to follow its new and revised policy, which will be implemented from 20th February 2018. Google hopes that it will be able to prevent the bad and inappropriate content from being monetized through its new and revised policy.

Earn Money via Online

Earn Money via Online is a famous car buying and selling web portal in Pakistan where interested people can easily buy and sell cars. But apart from earn money by selling your car at a suitable price, you can also earn through by becoming a member of the website and asking others to becoming member by sharing via your hotmail, yahoo, google email or facebook, twitter, gplus accounts as well.

Earn 10 Rs. For each member that you bring

Win Car in Lucky Draw

It is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is to register yourself with and become a member of the website. That will enable you to take part in car lucky draw through which you can win a car. You can also earn money through by bringing your friends and relatives to the website through hotmail, gmail and yahoo. You will get Rs. 10 per each person who will register via your sharing. So, just become a member of the website, bring your friends and relatives to the website and earn easy money through

Earn 2$ Daily Trick just 1 Second Work

WITHIN NO TIME EARN 2$ DAILY- Hi friends, we want to express our valued readers that we got a real interesting work for our readers, after a long time,  we can earn not less than 2$ in 2 minutes easily with 100 percent guarantee. I have received payment yesterday  and I can give you proof of it. Without wasting of time, I am going to tell you step by step procedure and method how to work.

Daily earn 2$

Daily earn 2$

Like Face book(pays 0.05$)

  • As the Rewarding ways pages and get 0.5$  per page.

Other surveys(Pays 0.50$ to 2$)

  • You can earn up to 2$ by completing different types of surveys, some emails and submitting  jobs offered by rewarding ways.
Earn Money Payment Proof

Earn Money Payment Proof

As per Survey Head Daily –  WHICH CAN BE COMPLETED 4 TIMES PER DAY worldwide,  you can withdraw money from your Alertpay account as your account balance reaches 1$. If you follow step by step this daily, you will get per day payment.  You can earn easily above 2$ within 2 minutes and this money will be online transferred to your given account within 2 hours.

5 Ways for Kids To Earn Money Quickly

There are some interesting and meaningful ways to earn money quickly for the children and young boys who can do in their spare time by the using of smart phone and internet.

1) Got a garden? Children can earn money through the sale of vegetables and fruits to their relatives, teachers and neighbors. All vegetables which can be grown in the garden, children should cultivate them in a small garden and in this way can earn money. Some fruits can give them a lot of money and can be grown in small area like oranges, lemon, apples and mangoes. You can also make marmalade or tomato ketchup of these fruits and vegetable and can earn money.

5 Ways for Kids To Earn Money Quickly

5 Ways for Kids To Earn Money Quickly

2) Live near a camp site? You can provide firewood to the people living in camp site and enjoying their vacation and earn money.

3) Got any games you no longer play? If there is any game in your home or its accessories which you are no longer use then sell such games and their accessories to any gaming store. You may sell your gaming products on Craig list and sell them through internet.

4) Any pets in the neighborhood? If your neighbors have pets like cats, dogs or birds then you offer your services for taking them bath or brushing. Such type of work can also give you an opportunity to learn dignity of work as well as money to you.

5) Any flower or vegetable gardens in your neighborhood? If there is any garden or field in your neighborhood or nearby fields, then you should offer your services to week out the garden which is quite simple job.

These are the simple and interesting way of earning money for the kids which gives them lesson to work and learn how to earn money.

Begin a Membership Site

Begin a Membership Site

Begin a membership site around a topic in which you are expert and charge people for your commission for providing your services.

How to Earn Money through a Website

Give me the money!

Make money with sites that not only. But requires very little initial investment. But depending on what you want to be able to focus on more profitable business as well. From affiliate marketing to blogging to actually sell your product or even the use of ads on your site even begin to have less experience, no one can make money with this site if they need to. Just follow the simple instructions.

For starters, affiliate marketing may be a good way to get started with making money online. With your own website you can see where your audience is coming from directly testing new strategies to encourage potential customers to buy new products you’re marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you market someone else’s product and receive a percentage of commissions in return for directing customers to another’s site. Depending on your niche, this can be quite lucrative. It will require some research to determine the best topics to work on, but regardless, it can be easy to leave links in your articles or even go so far as to have your own online store of goods you are affiliated with.

Blogs are another easy way to make money with your website, because once you establish that opens more opportunities to dip into other income streams Given the propensity of other blogs out. Today, it is the need to create a unique angle that will attract the most readers and advertisers. Top bloggers by several thousand per month from advertisers paying them out of the ads on their blogs as millions of their readers might click on. Advertisers like it because they have already targeted the business for them, they just need mechanisms to get traffic to their Web site.

You can also create a simple website based on content that offers visitors information about a particular subject they are looking for. Then, when you get traffic to your site, you can make money from it by promoting the affiliate program or by placing ads on your site. (Like advertising on this site), then every time someone clicks on the ads on your site, you will get paid for it. Then you have to work on to more traffic. More traffic = more clicks = more money.

Selling products through a website can also make you a healthy profit, because this gives you access to an entire network of internet users all over the world, not just customers who live in your area. Info-products are still making money, albeit not as much as they used to. But these are easy because they cost very little to make and it doesn’t take much effort to market them if your audience is there and possibly willing to purchase them.

Sales data means that you only provide information that is privileged group of people willing to pay for access to this information. This will take the form of e – books, newsletters or reports. All you need is a Web site, quality products and good advertising copy that will have customers buying a row.

Have your own website is very useful in promoting the business of your other business such as writing or freelance consulting.

This is great in many ways because:

  1. This means you are (hopefully) very knowledgeable about the services you provide and can offer great insight on them to your readers and
  2. Writing articles on this subject matter can reel in not only loyal readers but potential clients as well. For example, if you are a small business consultant writing about marketing tactics, this could interest a business owner looking for further help with their own practice and encourage them to contact you in regards to further services. Offering free reading material is more valuable than most people realize, because it usually leads to actual paying customers.

Whichever way you choose to make money out of your website it’s easy to see why some of the most successful people and companies in the world are building their own websites.

Earn Money Taking Paid Online Surveys – Free Membership

Make Money Taking Paid Online Surveys – Free Membership

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make money online? Maybe you want some extra spending money. Or perhaps you need the money to pay bills. Either way, getting paid for filling out simple surveys can be a fun and lucrative way to earn that extra cash.

In fact, there are a lot of money to be had – and the good thing is you can earn in your free time. Anytime you can save a few minutes – or a few hours, you can make money.

It is very easy. Once you have signed with the right survey companies, all you have to do is check your email and choose the best surveys, and are ready to make money every time you fill in the blanks.

And if you wonder why nobody cares about your opinion, let alone pay good money for it, read on. There is a reason that you can win real money with surveys:

Countless businesses, including the largest international corporations are desperately trying to find out what consumers want. They are willing to pay a lot of money for market research.

But they still have a problem. How can they connect with you, the consumer? It’s not all that easy, so they hire survey companies to help them find out what people think about their products and what they would be most likely to buy in the future. They also want to know what it will take to get people to buy…

And if you sign up, you’ll become part of that cutting edge market research.

It’s really cool. You may have the chance to find out about new products long before they actually become available in stores. You might get to play video games that haven’t even been released yet. And you might get to watch trailers for movies that haven’t even finished filming yet. And the best part…. you get paid for your “efforts.”

This must be paid for you to take surveys is the fastest and easiest way for companies to obtain information and feedback they need. And believe it or not, even when thousands of people pay several dollars each to fill, even a quick survey, it is cheaper (and cash) for them than many other forms of market research. And it is the cheapest way to make a costly mistake.

Remember that the Coca-Cola NEW? What a mess it was! And it would have been so easily preventable. All I had to do was ask people what they thought of the idea and would have known better than to mess with a tried and true formula.

But noooo. Company executives thought they knew what was best – and fell forward.

So the polls may be essential for the survival of a company. And they know and are willing to pay for it. Why not let it get paid?

Now you’re probably wondering what it will take to connect with those big companies and get paid for sharing your opinion?

All you have to do is find the right surveys… And the easiest way to do that is to join a club that specializes in helping consumers like you and me to hook up with the surveys that pay the most money.

We have searched the internet and found what we believe to be the best sites for online surveys. Unlike a lot of other survey sites out there, it’s a Free Service. Not only that, but they also specialize in connecting you with surveys that actually pay.

And as soon as you join and sign up with the companies they recommend, you will start receiving surveys to fill out… and start earning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is making money with surveys difficult?

Not at all. You just need to be able to answer a few simple questions and fill in some details, and you’re ready to earn a nice income from taking online surveys and helping companies with their market research.

How do I pick the right survey sites?

Start by joining a survey site that connects to the best sites. After all, how much can you earn will depend on the study sites is part. Some of these sites will pay you money every time you complete a survey, while others use more than one approach sweepstakes, offering cash and prize draws to complete their studies.

The sites we recommend will help you find the surveys that pay real money for surveys. Many other sites send you surveys that offer prizes and points, so beware.

No matter what site you subscribe to, but ultimately, all work the same way. You tell them the basics and then start sending the surveys whenever they are available.

How will it work?

First you join the survey site. Then, you’ll get access to a list of pre-screened survey companies which in turn will send you the surveys.

You sign up for several of those companies and fill out your profile with as much information as you can. This will help the site in deciding which surveys to send to whom.

Do all survey companies pay cash?

No they don’t. we will be sure to steer you towards survey companies that have lots of cash-paying surveys and away from those that don’t.

How much can I earn?

The amount you will receive for each survey or market research exercise varies between sites and countries, and it depends on the amount of time each one will take you. One site pays between $4 and $50 which is about average, although most surveys will be at the lower end of the scale. Of course, you can fill in several surveys per hour, so the earnings can add up.

Can I answer the surveys any time I want?

Yes you can. However, you should know that you are usually competing with other collectors. Each survey only need to be answered by a number of people and often send it to more than necessary to ensure they get enough responses. The sooner you can complete each one and send it back, the better – and faster your money will add up too.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Make sure you set up a new email account purely for use with your survey sites. After all, you will be getting lots of emails to plough through, and you don’t want them all going into your normal accounts. That way, you won’t have to sort through them to find your personal email. You also don’t risk missing a potentially lucrative survey in an inbox full of personal email.

Make Money By Playing Games

You can make money playing both online and offline computer games. Casual gamers can make a little extra pocket change at games they enjoy playing. More serious gamers can make a full-time income from competitive games. There are many different computer games you can make money playing, including the online versions of popular card and board games and action-packed player vs. player (PvP) games.


    • 1

      Check the system requirements of the games you wish to play. Upgrade your computer or purchase a new gaming computer, if necessary. For more serious gaming, you may need a very fast graphics card with its own on-board memory, a sound card with 3D capability, a joystick and a set of two or more sophisticated speakers with a subwoofer. You also may need to upgrade your CPU and RAM.

    • 2

      Obtain software for games that are inexpensive or free to play. Sign up for an online account if the game is online. Play the games regularly. Work specifically on advancing your character’s skills within the game, as well as your own personal gaming skills.

    • 3

      Use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see which games are searched most often. Write product reviews and tutorials about the games you play on sites that pay for articles. Also look for writing sites that pay a share of ad revenue. Write a title that’s optimized for search engines, and make sure that the density of the primary keywords in the title is about 3 percent. Write a significant quantity of articles that offer helpful tips to the reader. You can also place your articles on your own website or blog if you prefer, then monetize it with Web advertising.

    • 4

      Check websites that allow you to compete for cash prizes. Sites that pay cash for gaming include MSN Games, Gamesville and Play games such as Solitaire, Spades, Bejeweled 2 and Dynomite.

    • 5

      Become a professional gamer when you become an expert at high-action games, such as Quake, Gears of War, Mortal Kombat and Unreal Tournament. Check the game manufacturer’s website for information about upcoming tournaments in which you can compete with other gamers. Favor tournaments with prizes over $1,000. At first, compete in tournaments that are close to home or online to keep your costs down.

    • 6

      Play the games you’ve chosen regularly. Play the games very seriously, between eight and 12 hours per day, just before a tournament. Upgrade your computer hardware and software again to gain an edge over other gamers in the tournament.

4 Important Factors For Increasing Your Google Ad sense Earnings

If you are like hundreds of other people work on the Internet and try to make money with your blog or website, then you probably know Google Ad Sense program. By inserting a snippet of code in your website, Google will place ads through Google Ad Sense on your blog or website. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get a percentage of what Google makes from its advertisers that the ads are displayed on your site.

Although the idea of making money with Google Ad Sense is simple for a decent amount of money, you must work hard and effort. When it comes to making money with ad sense, there are a few basic things you should know about and at work. In order for you to make money with ad sense, you should be able to use and proper application of these things. When it comes to ad-sense and Ad Sense revenue, the most important factors are:

Google Ad Sense serves ads based on your content keywords.Other words, meaning ad displays ads that are relevant to your content. And like any other form of advertising, some advertisers pay more than others, so when someone clicks on such ads, more money. Thus, investigating and using high paying keywords is an important factor, if you feel like your ad revenue.

Of course to make money Ad Sense, you must drive traffic to your site, and without proper content, there’s no point in driving traffic to your site. You have something of value to people for them to visit your site.

Ad Placement
Though you might think placing ads throughout your site works, it’s revealed that ads placed above the fold (the upper part of your site, where a visitor comes not above scroll down to see the ad) are much more effective. Even the size and design of Ad Sense shown on your site is a factor in whether or not a visitor clicks on it.

You’ve researched your keywords, created some great content, your ads placed on the best spot on your site, but if nobody is coming to your site, there will be no clicks on your ads. Here comes the hardest part of your journey, drive targeted traffic to your site. There are many ways to get targeted traffic to your site, from article marketing, in the forum and search engine optimization. But any webmaster will tell you that search engine optimization is by far the best method for driving targeted traffic to your site specifically for the long term. SEO will take some time and effort, but well worth the rewards.

Working on each of these individual areas will increase your profits Google Ad Sense, but it may take you a while to master all four.But if you do, you really make money with Google Ad Sense.

If you like hundreds of other people are working on the internet and trying to make money from your blog or website, then you probably are aware Google ad sense program. By inserting a snip of codes in your website, Google ad sense will place advertisements from Google on your blog or website. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get a percentage of what Google earns from its advertisers who’s ads are shown on your site.

Although the idea of making money with Google ad sense is simple, to make any decent amount of money, you have to put some hard work and effort into it. When it comes to making real money with ad sense, there are a few basic things you need to know about and work on. In order for you to make money with ad sense, you need to be able to use and apply these things correctly. When it comes to ad sense and ad sense earnings, the most important factors are:

Google ad sense serves ads based on your content keywords. Another words, ad sense shows ad that are relevant to your content. And like any other type of advertising, some advertisers pay more than others, thus when someone clicks on such ads, you earn more money. So, researching and using high paying keywords is an important factor, if you want to increase your ad sense earnings.

Of course to make money from ad sense, you need to drive traffic to your site, and without any decent content, there is no point in driving  traffic to your site. You have to offer something of a value to people in order for them to visit your site.

Ad placement
While you may think placing ads anywhere on your site will work, its been shown that ads placed above the fold (the top area of your site, where a visitors coming in doesn’t have top scroll down to see  the ad) are much more effective. Even the size and the design of ad sense displayed on your site is a factor in whether or not a visitor clicks on it.

You have researched your keywords, created some great content, placed your ads on the best spot on your site, but if there is no one coming to your site, there will be no clicks on your ads. Here comes the hardest part of your journey, driving targeted traffic to your site. There are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your site, from article marketing, to forum posting and search engine optimization. But any webmaster will tell you that search engine optimization is by far the best method for driving targeted traffic to your site specially for the long run. SEO will take some time and effort, but its well worth the rewards.

Working on each of these individual areas will increase your Google ad sense earnings, but it may take you a while to master all four. But when you do, you will be really making money with Google ad sense.

Lean How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How do you want a little extra money per month? Or even replace your income, less work for more money … Think it’s a utopia? Well, think again.

Most people know that there are millions of dollars spent every day to purchase products and services online. But did you know that a% of each sale by simply referring and recommending the products you want people earn.

It is one of the best ways to get to make money online – you do not have a website, you do not need a blog, you do not even need any money to get started, although these things can help you you really start without them. By helping consumers research and choose products they already want to buy, which can be as simple as writing a 500 word article (like this) you could earn a nice little second income.

Featured Story: Click here to find out how a “stay at home mom is making $ 379/day working from home on eBay and Google. Read the full story.

Or if you want to take a little more seriously, you can earn a full income, even more than most “real world” jobs to pay.

I personally make a living full time in affiliate marketing, and have been doing it for about 5 years. Working from home, choose the hours to my lifestyle changes, and making a lot more than I ever made working 60 hours per week in a job I hated.

But if you really want success with affiliate marketing you need a plan that will give you the level of income that you want. A lot of people I speak also love the “idea” of making money online, usually they ask me a million questions, and tell me how serious they are, how they are going to go home and get stuck in, I recommend reading all the stuff and get started as soon as possible.

But most of them never to follow through on this one. Then 6 months later I see them again, some will completely avoid the subject, while others tell me again how serious they are, and they are really going to do “this time”.

It’s pretty ammusing for me, watching people make up excuses why they havnt done anything.

I personally do not really care if they do it or not, it does not affect me at all. While it would be nice to have more friends who arent working all week to play golf with and take the boat. But other than that, it makes no difference to me.

I do not really understand it all, I believe its the perfect business, think you as much money as you want, your income is a direct result of the amount of effort you put in. You can work whatever hours you want. (This is very little when you have been doing it for a few years) Plus you can do from anywhere you can plug into a laptop. So if you like to vacation or travel around the world, the perfect business.

But how do you get involved?

The best place to start is by going to a website that a wide range of affiliate products houses. This keeps everything together in one easy to install and gives you access to plenty to explore. You can also get an idea of what specific areas you wish to concentrate.The worst thing you can do in affiliate marketing is the use of the brush.

This is when you try and promote a wide range of products that are not connected, all connected by a single website. In essence is not aimed at anyone – and you make less turnover.

Instead, do some research and come up with a certain group of people who work for a wide range of products available. Or search for a specific problem that people online to look for solutions and to solve them. Not only are you a much better chance of making a sale, but people will actually thank you for helping them find a solution, and more than happy that you’ve paid to help them.

But if you do not have a website, how can you promote your products?

There are several ways to do this. One of the best article directories to use as or Web 2.0 sites like, you build web pages for free on virtually any subject you want. Once these are indexed by Google and do a little promotion for them, then you start getting a steady stream of traffic – if you’ve chosen the right topics and keywords to target.

At the beginning I stressed the need for a plan to the level of income you have to achieve. Not many stores actually do and it is one of the main reasons why more people have not got much to do with affiliate marketing. It is certainly not because the potential is not there – it’s because they do not intend to profit from it the right way.

You should always look at how much you get as a commission for each product. Obviously, the less the commission, the more units you need to sell to achieve your desired income. You will find this course to achieve a balance of products, but it is worth bearing in mind.

You should also think about the kind of people you are marketing.What sort of income they bring in? How much are they likely to want to spend on the products you will offer? If you do not do well against these two aspects will be a real struggle to make sales.

It is also helpful in the short, medium and long term goals to help set things in perspective. A short term goal might be to sell five items every week continuously, for example. A long-term goal could be to make $ 100,000 a year from affiliate marketing. Goals will help you decide where you want to go with your fledgling affiliate marketing business.

Another important point to be aware of is that it is wise to protect your income, where you can. What I mean is that affiliate links can be quite obvious at times, and some people actually remove your link and go to the site and buy something, while denying the Commission.

The easy way to prevent this is simply buy a domain for each product you are promoting, and referring to the affiliate to offer.There are plenty of free tools that do this for you online, and it’s really the safest way to protect your interests. It also changes a long ugly link in a pretty short one – much nicer for the article directories!

Affiliate marketing is like any other company, once you start generating an income, then you can start to return to invest a portion of that money in your company to ensure you enjoy continued growth.

In short, start slowly and keep visions of a huge income to start in perspective. You’ll quickly access your way around the farm to learn about and with each new experience you can build your knowledge and earn even more in the coming months and years.

When I first started out, I learned the basics by purchasing a few books and e-books on the subject, but usually was left to trial and error. I had many mistakes for a few good ideas that worked and made money available.

Fortunately these days there are some really good resources available for people looking to learn this business. So if you’re serious about becoming an affiliate marketer, check out some of the resources on this page.

The most important thing to pretend, is to just start doing something now, then follow with something else tomorrow … Try and do something every day towards your goal, do not for a few days, and before you know it, you have a nice steady flow of profits coming in.

Too many of the people I speak, put things off until they have more time, but then they forget, and never end at all started. So commit to yourself, take action and get started today.