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Forbes Magazine 100 Most Earning Persons of the World

Richest Man
Richest Man

Richest Man

The American magazine, Forbes has issued the list of the persons, who claim highest earnings in the world. In the list of highly compensation receiving persons are judges, actors, boxers, footballers, martial arts experts and music bands.

Floyd Mayweather is the US leading and prominent boxer and he has the highest earning of 28crore and 50 lac dollars and is at the top of the list. George Clooney is the Hollywood actor and he has the annual income of 23 crore and 90 lac dollars and he has the second position while the US model, Kyle Jenner has the total earnings of 16 crore and 60 lac dollar and she is standing at the third position in this list. The legal expert and US judge, Joody Chadlin is present at the 4th position with total annual income of 14 crore and 70 lac dollars.

The American wrestler and actor, Davon Johnson is known with his name, ‘The Rock’ and he has the total earnings per year are 12 crore and 40 lac dollars. The Irish rock band, ‘You Too’ is at the sixth and the British band, ‘Cold Play’ is at the 7th position in this list. Argentina leading footballer, Massey has the total earnings of 11 crore and 10 lac dollars and he is at the 8th position while the British singer, Ed Sheron has the annual income of 11 crore dollars and he has the 9th position in the list.

Christiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese footballer and he is present at the 10th position with total earnings of 10 crore and 88 lac dollars while the Brazilian footballer, Nemar is at the 13th position in this list of the 100 richest persons of the world. In the list of richest persons of the world, the name of Shah Rukh Khan is not included this time, which is very surprising but Akshay Kumar is added in the list at 76th position and Salman Khan is present at the 82nd position.

Saudi Government Hosts First Hajj Hackathon

Hajj Hackathon

Hajj Hackathon

Saudi government is going to manage the first Hajj hackathon, which will be started from 01 August to 03 August and this 36 hours long hackathon will be the first in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government will invite the tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and innovators from all over the world and the main purpose behind this event is that to built such technology, which can streamline the Hajj process as around 2 million Muslims perform the pilgrimage.
The Hackathon
Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones has done the partnership with Google and Rise Up of Egypt to organize this event. It is the first time that Saudi government looked up to the technological innovators to improve experience of pilgrims in two holy cities.
The Muslims all over the world know that Hajj pilgrimage is performed in different cities and there are some moving and logistic problems are involved. The participants of this event will provide the solutions to solve the problems related to:
• Food and beverage
• Travel, transportation and residence arrangements
• Crowd management and traffic control
• Waste management
• Housing and communication solutions
The winner will be announced after judging the criteria given in the following:
• Design
• Simplicity
• Creativity
• Impact
The Prizes
The above mentioned variable will have five points and the competition has prize of 2 million Saudi Riyal, which is the equity investment in the product. Other prizes of competition are added with free tickets to Google IO 2019 Developers Conference in United States, which will be organized in April – June next year and also in the RiseUp Summit 2018. They will get Google Home Mini with the built in Google Assistant. The prizes are:
• The grand prize is added with 1 million Saudi Riyal as the 15% equity investment
• The 1st runner will get the prize of 500,000 Saudi Riyal
• The 2nd runner will get the prize of 350,000 Saudi Riyal
You should visit the given link and apply for Hackthon and the organizers will arrange the flights, accommodation and visas for ideas, which are shortlisted for Hackathon.