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British Pakistani Boy Rejects Offer of 5 Million Pound

Mohammed Ali

A British-Pakistani teenager has rejected an offer of 5 million pound for his website as he think he can earn lot more through this website.

West Yorkshire is the living place of M Ali while he spent six months to develop his website for price comparison. The money was offered by an American investor but the teenager had the opinion that there is no competition for this site and he is going to start on this site by himself. Ali told that the offer was rejected December last month in London while the offer was made by a global data driven company.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

The youngster said that the offer was mainly rejected as its worth was in millions even before its launch and it can reach several folds later after its usage by people. He added that there is a risk in declining that offer but he wants to achieve real worth of the website and also to make this website known in every house.

This website is jointly produced by Ali and his business partner Chris Thorpe who is an entrepreneur from Scarborough. WeNeed1 is the name of reverse marketing platform founded by Thorpe in 2009 with a purpose to introduce buyers to sellers of goods in the UK and he did that after meeting Ali.

An algorithm to provide real time quotes was developed by Ali which is unique as pre-fixed quotes are provided by other insurance sites. This website alerts both buyers and sellers and provides updated prices from electronic items to properties and many more.

Before this project, Ali developed Project 2006 named videogame which worth 30,000 pound. So far, Ali has earned around 41,000 pound and his biggest expenditure is 14,000 pound for decorating living room of his parents.

Ali is proud of his inventions while he advises others that they can start a small project and make it huge with their effort instead of taking big loans for bigger and expensive projects.