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Make Money via Affiliate Marketing

Sell the products of different people or company and earn money as affiliated with them.

How to Earn Money through a Website

Give me the money!

Make money with sites that not only. But requires very little initial investment. But depending on what you want to be able to focus on more profitable business as well. From affiliate marketing to blogging to actually sell your product or even the use of ads on your site even begin to have less experience, no one can make money with this site if they need to. Just follow the simple instructions.

For starters, affiliate marketing may be a good way to get started with making money online. With your own website you can see where your audience is coming from directly testing new strategies to encourage potential customers to buy new products you’re marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you market someone else’s product and receive a percentage of commissions in return for directing customers to another’s site. Depending on your niche, this can be quite lucrative. It will require some research to determine the best topics to work on, but regardless, it can be easy to leave links in your articles or even go so far as to have your own online store of goods you are affiliated with.

Blogs are another easy way to make money with your website, because once you establish that opens more opportunities to dip into other income streams Given the propensity of other blogs out. Today, it is the need to create a unique angle that will attract the most readers and advertisers. Top bloggers by several thousand per month from advertisers paying them out of the ads on their blogs as millions of their readers might click on. Advertisers like it because they have already targeted the business for them, they just need mechanisms to get traffic to their Web site.

You can also create a simple website based on content that offers visitors information about a particular subject they are looking for. Then, when you get traffic to your site, you can make money from it by promoting the affiliate program or by placing ads on your site. (Like advertising on this site), then every time someone clicks on the ads on your site, you will get paid for it. Then you have to work on to more traffic. More traffic = more clicks = more money.

Selling products through a website can also make you a healthy profit, because this gives you access to an entire network of internet users all over the world, not just customers who live in your area. Info-products are still making money, albeit not as much as they used to. But these are easy because they cost very little to make and it doesn’t take much effort to market them if your audience is there and possibly willing to purchase them.

Sales data means that you only provide information that is privileged group of people willing to pay for access to this information. This will take the form of e – books, newsletters or reports. All you need is a Web site, quality products and good advertising copy that will have customers buying a row.

Have your own website is very useful in promoting the business of your other business such as writing or freelance consulting.

This is great in many ways because:

  1. This means you are (hopefully) very knowledgeable about the services you provide and can offer great insight on them to your readers and
  2. Writing articles on this subject matter can reel in not only loyal readers but potential clients as well. For example, if you are a small business consultant writing about marketing tactics, this could interest a business owner looking for further help with their own practice and encourage them to contact you in regards to further services. Offering free reading material is more valuable than most people realize, because it usually leads to actual paying customers.

Whichever way you choose to make money out of your website it’s easy to see why some of the most successful people and companies in the world are building their own websites.

ClickBank Clients Showcased in New E-Book by Leading Internet Entrepreneur

ClickBank residual income

ClickBank Partner Marc Ostrofsky Releases get Rich Click, The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet

Broomfield, Colo. With sales of digital products continues to show signs of steady growth, ClickBank, the premier, online marketplace for digital information products, has teamed up with leading Internet entrepreneur, Marc Ostrofsky, to participate in the launch of his latest book, GET RICH CLICK! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet. This new online resource offers industry expertise and real-life stories of successful entrepreneurs online. Ostrofsky was seen on “The Today Show “, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and over 1000 other media worldwide. Ostrofsky is best known for selling the domain name for $ 7,500,000, landing him in the Guinness Book of Records.

“We are proud to be a part of this exciting and highly anticipated book from our partner, Marc Ostrofsky”

ClickBank and Ostrofsky first partner in 2010 when they made ​​an innovative online resource that offers expert advice on how to videos, success stories and good tips for increasing the earning potential of the Internet, and was very well received by their community leaders and vendors branches. The opening of this highly anticipated new book includes a preface from ClickBank CEO Brad Wiskirchen Ostrofsky an innovative approach to success as an entrepreneur, as well as stories of some of the leading ClickBank vendors and affiliates. This groundbreaking new book offers readers advice on starting your own online business, and highlight the proven path to success that many of their own ClickBank clients have taken to become more profitable businesses online.

ClickBank vendor Jacob Hiller is one of the ClickBank successes highlighted in the book. after making a YouTube video that taught people how to jump higher, he turned that video into an eBook called The Jump Manual, and now makes as much as $75,000 monthly selling his eBook through the ClickBank marketplace. “The key is not to simply try to sell someone something,” said Hiller. “The most important thing is to find something that you are passionate about and make a successful business by sharing that passion with others.”

together with the growth and success stories from some of the top clients ClickBank is, ideas and strategies that are described in the book production includes the full-time living from home writing and creating teaching books, promote their products and outsourcing parts of their business to keep your cost low , and use useful tools such as blogs, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to find customers.
“We are proud to be part of this exciting and highly anticipated book from our partner, Marc Ostrofsky,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, ClickBank. “In ClickBank we are committed to the resources that people realize many business opportunities that exist for traders. This book is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to make their own succeed online. “

together with the growth and success stories from some of the top clients ClickBank is, ideas and strategies that are described in the book production includes the full-time living from home writing and creating teaching books, promote their products and outsourcing parts of their business to keep your cost low , and use useful tools such as blogs, e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to find customers.
“We are proud to be part of this exciting and highly anticipated book from our partner, Marc Ostrofsky,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, ClickBank. “In ClickBank we are committed to the resources that people realize many business opportunities that exist for traders. This book is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to make their own succeed online. ”

GET RICH CLICK! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet, will be published by Razor Media Group on May 2, 2011.

About ClickBank

ClickBank® is an online marketplace for digital information products that allows individuals and businesses to attract the customers they can’t find anywhere else online, and provides affiliate marketers with secure ways to be successful and profitable.

ClickBank combines diverse marketplace with established infrastructure that includes industry-leading tools to combat fraud, secure payment processing and technical support to customers more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketing. ClickBank provides services in more than 200 countries worldwide and is included as an affirmative one of the most trafficked sites on the web.

Google and Yahoo Adding Market Share while, Ask & MSN Losing Marketshare

money arrow globe

A recent survey by comScore Networks showed that Google and Yahoo added marketshare while Ask & MSN loss ground.

Google’s market share is up to 47.4% with a 0.4% increase in December. Yahoo was edging up also.

ComScore Networks survey shows that Microsoft Search slid 0.5% to 10.5% of Web search and slid 0.5% to 5.4%. (This surprises me, I do not know ask was that much market share)

Part of Yahoo’s search market increased by 0,3% to 28,5% in December on issues of November.

Search United States in December rose by 1% compared with November to tune of $ 6.7 million searches.Sportspark40

What does this mean for internet marketers and SEO peeps? Not much. I do not think everyone was surprised to increase Google and get Yahoo. We will keep on designing, coding, and marketing as we know our Google and Yahoo SERPS is more valuable  than they grow each month.

These numbers just add to MSN’s Search Engine woes. MSN Live hasn’t been near the success that it was being touted to have.

I’m out on limb here and predict that the main MSN search engine  and go to be competitive again. Not that they could start over, but it was like to live there. Google will have to make some big mistakes  and MSN to remove the most incredible wonders to compete with Google soon.

I see MSN and continue to lose ground in the search market. (for the record though, this does not mean I don’t target MSN on some of my searches…cause I do and will continue to do so…at least for a while)

Now go forth and make some money,

How Much internet marketing That eBook In The Window?


Ebooks. Some people love them, some hate them. For the beginning affiliate marketer, ebooks can mean a shortcut on the learning curve to success.

I visit many internet marketing forums and affiliate marketing. It never fails, someone will ask questions about the book and soon several members of the forum  will jump and say the person asking the question: “You do not need that book, all you need to know in the forums and the internet.

What is likely to be right, but the person or position statement like that never stopped to realize that maybe the person who asks questions, do not want to spend days, months and weeks to fill stupid message in the forum only to be removed nuggest more wealth. On the other hand, the person placing this response may already know about it and hope the person who asks questions will lose heart and quit.

The  Other Type Of Forum Poster

This kind of person really gets under my skin sometimes. This is the kind of guy who goes into a forum and ask “Has anyone read XYZ eBook by ABC Guru?”. “If so, can you tell me what’s in it or what’s it about?”

A majority of the time, these people want the information in the ebook but either

  • does not have the money to purchase the ebook, or
  • has the money but doesn’t want to spend it

In any case, they should not be cruising the forums looking for someone to give them free information. If you can not afford $ 20, $ 40 or even $ 100 dollar book, you’re probably in the wrong thing.

I know you are afraid to “get used”. If so, just ask quietly, people will tell you what they think about the book. But be prepared, there are a lot of debris that say about the book regardless of how good they are. Some of these people bought the book as information and want to discourage anyone from buying it. Others can not accept the idea, “Guru” book sales, and prevents any of the purchase, even if he / she never read it.

Just a few weeks ago was a guy selling $ 10 book on one of the forums. The book was about how he did a couple thousand dollars a month with one of their websites. Many people, including me, bought the book and liked it. In fact, it sells more than a bad review. There was this forum member who kept baiting by the site open on the forum. Post after post he wanted to know everything about the site authors. There was really no need to know the site authors because of the huge amount of positive feedback received books on the forums. Fortunately, the author never reveal his website. (You should never disclose your website to anyone if your interested Abu their reverse engineering and copying your success!)

You will piss away some money in this, or any, business. It just happens. I’ve bought advertising for my brick & mortar stores that did not pay, I’ve bought tools that did not work as advertised, bought software that was useless….it happens!

If you’re so afraid of losing $10 or $20, then this isn’t the business for you. This is also true if you find yourself saying “but I can’t aford to lose $20.” It’s better you get a good paying job, save up your money and try the Internet business later on.

The Value of an eBook

Ebooks are valuable in that they put a load of information at your figertips. Unless you have unlimitless free time to spend hundreds of hours searching and compiling information, an ebook on the topic you’re interested in is a very good value. How much of a value? How much is your time worth?

I’ve bought scores of ebooks ranging up to $50. Several up to $100 and 1 at $200. I’ve never bought an ebook and thought that it wasn’t worth the asking price. I have learned something valuable from every one. Some of the sorriest ebooks I have are the free ones (that’s why they’re free :) )

Ebooks are also valuable in teaching you new techniques and strategies.  It’s not to say you’ll never learn new techniques on your own, but again, how much is your time worth?

I typcially print out the ebook and read through it. I mark it up as I go through. Highlight this paragraph, make notes on this sentence, etc. I then can come back to a certain tactic should I need to.

Sure, there are poorly written ebooks out there. There are certainly some people running around selling rehashed info and touting it as a new discovery. But if you’ll due your research, you’ll soon know if it’s a good buy or not. Bad ebooks and bad Authors are singled out quickly in the Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing fields. Just keep you eyes peeled in any of the forums.

If you are just starting to start your online business, plan to spend money on books that interest you. They will save you much more than they cost. Think of them as investments. And after you download them, use them! Most people buy these books, they are loved and never fulfilled any of the tactics mentioned in the book. Now that is a waste of money!

Good Luck in your Internet Business. Now go forth and make money!


P.S. Just for the record, I’ve never published an ebook and I’m not selling any ebooks, although I do plan to in the future. In fact, I have many ideas written down for ebooks. (I keep spiral bound notebooks and write down ideas, tactics and plans as they come to me, you should do this also!) Trust me, you’ll be the first ones to know when I write an ebook! :)

How Affiliate Network Marketing Works earn good revenue


If you are looking for an extra stream of income, the net is a big place of opportunity. Go online and browse thru tons of cash making potentials.

One of the most popular ones is affiliate marketing. It’s a business model where merchants pay people for bringing in customers or visitors through their online efforts.

You may be overwhelmed with knowledge that you’ll find over the web on how Affiliate Network Marketing works. It is really a very easy method after you look the big picture. Remember, the more you complicate things, the harder cash will come your way.

Here are 3 straightforward steps how Affiliate Network Marketing will facilitate you pocket some profits:

Select a good product to push

This may be the most basic rule that you must follow. Affiliate Network Marketing will be your cash cow, if you are sensitive to promote the merchandise. Need for research and to be terribly sensitive to  the needs  of the market.

The competition in affiliate marketing, as in any business alternative, it is very hard. Remember that competition is a good gauge how popular a product and how the market reacts to it. It can be an awfully good chance of being the first, but going to sell what they already pay too well.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Traffic will be the blood of your business. Without the shoppers who will pay interest to the product you’re pushing, there could be no profits to take.

Learn the various ways to bring in traffic. Some of the foremost standard ways that are Pay Per Click, Blog commenting, Forum posting, and article marketing.

You will build your wealth once you master how to create your list and have a base of buying visitors or followers.

Get Paid for Your Efforts

Bringing home the bacon is the concept of affiliate marketing. The activities that help you through your commitment will share the revenue they get.

The companies will appreciate visitors who buy from them, and this can be paid a percentage of their earnings. These gains will be sent by check or directly deposited into your bank account.

Affiliate Network Marketing will definitely increase your income. It is not a magic system to make money though. As an affiliate, you will have to work your ways up and take pleasure in a glass of champagne on arrival!

The Correct Use of Twitter to Get Traffic

Registration is usually free. After registration you will have a chance to meet many people online who are on Twitter for different reasons. The main reason why Twitter is popular is because it provides a platform for people to continuously stay online and connect with family members, friends and business partners for free. There are still some who are there on Twitter for the purpose of doing business. The steps below are going to show you how you can effectively make use of Twitter for different purposes.

1) Be visible on Twitter as often as you can.

Exposing your brand on Twitter is very much essential. Set times on a daily basis to respond to tweets sent to you and writing new tweets to your followers. This is one of the ways you can increase traffic to your business. You need a term that will help you deal with your Twitter account  needs  effectively. You can set aside one hour or so for daily tweet. Try these new people every time and try to convince them to follow you too. You will also need to consider how to respond to the tweets using your mobile phone. Although this process of actively tweets can be time consuming it will surely increase your presence on Twitter and more people see and hear from you the more they  will start you and what you do.

2) Interesting profile

Registration in Twitter should be followed by the establishment of a good looking profile that tells much about you. The aim of the page should be the reflection of your personal character in a very unique and interesting manner. A great looking profile needs not be boring but informative in nature. If you can do that to your profile then you will receive almost instant reactions from different members many with the aim of connecting with you.

3) More tweets

You must live a topic in your tweets and the events that are happening in your everyday life. Everything in your life no matter what or what type of experience you have something that can be used as a subject of tweeting. Here’s a quick response to every message sent to you. Make a point of showing appreciation  for each tweet that focuses  on your account. You can use Twitter to a message that  you just pass over.

4) Use of Videos and Images -

Many people often ignore this Twitter avenue but its one of the most significant part of this social network platform. You can share videos and images. It helps people to know you with your user name well and gives Twitter followers an impression of what you represent and who you are. These are some of the things that you need to observe if you want to use your Twitter account effectively for any kind of business.

Affiliate Marketing Magic – Earn Quick Money

Have A Hundred

For some of us “code challenged” affiliate marketers, we feel disadvantaged when compared to those who can write code as easily as they can type a sentence. Fortunately for us, there has been affiliate marketing software such as Webmerge and affiliate marketing services like GoldenCan to help us make huge affiliate marketing sites without the need to know programming codes.

Now another service into the affiliate marketing industry and it is as good, if not better, than anything I’ve seen on the Internet.

This is called PopShops. PopShops generates product pages for you based on your selection. I signed up for the free version last week just to see how it worked. I’ve never seen anything easier or quicker. Within 15 minutes of registering, I was ready product page uploaded to one of my websites.

The longest part of the process, my decision was affiliated to enter numbers on the program.

To say I was blown away by how easy the control panel was to use an understatement. I’m the type of person who correctly and start messing with something I read before reading the instructions. Lucky me, I did not need the instructions on this panel control as it is so easy to use.

How easy is it?

Take a look at this video of a 3 year old making an affiliate site about bulldozers.


By the way, and trying to get my number LinkShare affiliate, I was reminded again why I hate them and do not use a service unless I have to do it. I could not log on to the damn site even though he was telling me that I was logged in!

Try the free version of PopShops. Guessing you’ll be like me and sign up for their pay service, which starts at a whopping 5 bucks per month. For each additional benefits you get over the free version is well worth it! Now, if they would only accept paypal!

Creating affiliate marketing sites or adding a page of affiliate products to your blog has never been easier! Now you have no reason not to succeed!

1 Little Secret That Can Explode Your Blog’s Earnings

Are you satisfied with the money you’re making off of your Blog? Are the Adsense dollars pouring in? How about those Affiliate links? If so, stop reading, this post is not for you. Now if you’re in the group that is not satisfied with your Blog’s earnings potential, I have on technique that will likely be more profitable than Adsense and Affiliate links combined.

To maximize their income blogging, you should offer your own information in the form of Ebook or Special Report . Yes, some of you that may sound corny, but it happens to be fact. Why else would people visit your blog, but to obtain the information it has to offer?

What is a niche blog? You should now have an answer to this, if not, here is the definition of a niche blog in a nutshell.

A niche blog is very focused blog about one aspect of this issue. Let’s say you have a car blog. The blog will be a niche blog about muscle cars. No VW or Pontiac Sun birds. Muscle Cars from the late 60′s and early 70′s and that’s it. This is a niche blog, pure and simple.

I have two niche blogs, I’ve been experimenting village Both are ho hum performers with Adsense and affiliate links. Then had the idea to write a little Ebook (is more like Minority Report) on one side of the niche. I wrote a 24 page report and then hired a writer from Elance to write another (16 pages). Needless to say, which I wrote much more professional looking, but it did take longer to pay for themselves. Only I wrote is making money on the first sale.

Both books were sold for $ 10 each from their blogs.

I pressed my marketing efforts for these two niche blogs for a period of 1 month. These two blogs make anywhere from $ 3-7 $ per day with Adsense and affiliate links before adding books.

After the eBooks were added, the Adsense and Affiliate link income remained basically the same, however I was selling between 2 and 5 ebooks per day. Now I know that’s not earth shattering, but then again, neither was the traffic to these sites. These sites only average about a couple hundred hits per day. The conversion rate was extremely good I might add (no pun intended ;) ). One benefit of traffic to a niche blog is that your traffic is interested in what you have to say or they wouldn’t be there in the first place!

Is this really a “secret”? It should be. Have you ever visit the site who is interested and hours if not days or weeks click around looking for more information and be caught thinking “Heck, why not just put all this information in one place that is easy to get to? “and I bet you have too. But they do not make this information easy to get at. Click here click here on this link. I want information in one place, it is easy to win and I’m willing to pay for it! Guess what, to have your readers!

If you’re looking to maximize your niche blogs income seriously looking to offer your own information product. You do not need to be a great writer to do it. You can hire your own great writer to do it for you. Do you think that all the Guru’s write any Ebook or the entire contents of their websites? In any case. They all use the paid writers to increase their time and profit potential your site at some point will have to consider hiring your own as well.

But for the mean time, write down several ideas for an information product that you can include on your niche blog. Begin the research and start writing. Give yourself a time line of one week to finish this project, otherwise it may be one of those projects that never get done. I finished one eBook in about 3 hours working on it part time for 3 nights after getting home from my “real” job.

Good luck, go out there and make some money with your blog!

The Real Cost of Web Content – Content Provider vs PLR Articles


As someone who has more than a few websites, I’m always on the lookout for web content. Not just any web content, but web site content I feel good about puting on the Internet. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Currently in my files I have over 20,000 PLR articles. I was a “member” at-PLR sites that give you PLR articles each month, plus I’ve bought PLR articles off by Webmaster forums. That being said, I used only about 15 of these members do not, 15k, but 15. Of these, I had to change all to get them internet ready. This is one reason I no longer buy PLR articles! By the time “editing” the damn things enough to make them unique and looks like one of my sites, I could write an article! Which leads me to believe ….

PLR Articles are One of the Biggest Rip Offs in Affiliate Marketing Today!

Try this the next time you’re tempted to use a PLR article on one of your websites. Take the title name and type it into Google with quotes around it so that Google will only search for that title. Now you can see how many other people are using the same article. Or better yet, after you’ve changed the article up to suit you, run it through Copyscape to see the results you get. You have to change sentence and paragraph structures of those PLR articles to get them unique.

Now if Copyscape can find duplicate articles within a few seconds, how fast do you think it takes Google? Can you say duplicate content penalty?

The Advantages of Quality Web Site Content

Now I come to content providers. No, not people who sell PLR articles or membership. Content providers are the people who actually write articles for you.

Some time ago I was in a webmaster forum and there was a post from someone who wants written articles. He asked to see what a 500-word article will cost to have written. The answers he received ranged from $ 3 to $ 25.

Then he made a follow up post saying that the two highest candidates 500 word article is not worth $ 20 or $ 25. He was not alone, other forum members said the same thing. I do not know who he chose to 500 word article written, but I’m sure it was at the low end.

It is I should think.

Why spend a great Webmaster many hours building and maintaining their sites, use the latest tools and technologies, and then refuse to put quality content on their sites? It’s like buying a Porsche and putting old lawnmower gas in it! Duh!

The Real Cost Associated With Web Content

Being curious, I decided to go and look at my Adsense account and picked one of my older sites to see what my most profitable page was. I keep logs from month to month (actually I just print out one from Google) so I can see what content my readers like. This particular site has an adsense channel name for every page. It’s a site that I do most of my experimenting on when it comes to Google Adsense.

My top page on that particular site made me $44.80 last month. The month before, $59.36. Now this is a domain that receives about 60 to 125 hits per day. This is only one of about 90 pages on that site.

So what’s so great about those numbers? That page makes me between $35 and $50 every month on average.

In comparison, my lowest performing page on that site made me $8.19 last month. (both pages get near the same number of impressions) It’s a PLR article that I modified. I should have just written the article on the keyword phrase I was trying to target, but I got lazy and it has cost me over the last two years.

So Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, this is certainly not to brag. These numbers are nothing to write home about. The reason this point is to make my point that good quality content does not cost you that pays you over and over again, month after month, year after year, as a good blue chip dividend paying stock.

So I paid $ 20 for a well written and researched article. How long will it take to make your money back from this article? One month? Two months? Even if it is 3 months (and should, if traffic), once this article has paid for itself, everything is first profit month after month, year after year. KaChing, KaChing, KaChing.

Similarly, this article PLR you do not realize the maximum amount of profit that it can be if it was written better. It cost you money every month, year after year. This is a shed sitting on valuable real estate.

Other Advantages of Quality Content Providers

I don’t use Content Providers to just write articles for my websites, I also use for article marketing plus I use the web content to build opt in email list. A Content Provider who can write captivating keyword rich content are worth their weight in Gold!

Any one use product specific landing pages and sale sheets? I have a few “go to” people for writing content for landing pages and sales pages. Again, it’s not what they cost, it’s about how much they’re going to make you in the long run.

A Good Content Provider Is An Investment

As with any investment, there are front costs associated with the content of the web site before you turn a profit. Of course, some investments fail, but if you know your niche and can spot good content when I see information from the sites will pay a short period of time.

Do not think about buying goods from the content providers just like “paying someone to write an article, you must think of it as investing in its website. Once you see the potential payout, well written and researched article is $ 20 Golden ATM. KaChing, KaChing, KaChing!

How To Find Good Content Providers

I’ve went through quite a few content providers in the last 10 years. I’ve found them in nearly every place you can imagine. I’ve paid family members, friends and others I know to write content for some of my sites. I’ve also used the Marketplace sections of most Webmaster Forums such as DigitalPoint to find others. On larger jobs, I’ve posted “help wanted” post at eLance and RentACoder.

I found one of my best Content Providers by taking out a small classified ad in the local paper. It simply said I needed people to write interesting and unique articles, I gave an email address and told them to apply with a sample article.

The ad me land a retired English teacher who wanted to make some extra money. I might pay between $ 10 and $ 15 per article. It lasted about a year and then moved back East with her children. I wanted her to continue writing, but obviously it did not have time with all the grandchildren around. Man, let me say that it is a sad day when she left!

Not all content providers are created equal. Let us send you a sample and give them a trial run. You will probably go through several before you find one you like. It takes time, but the payout will be worth it.

I know I’ve found a good Content Provider when their article holds my attention through the entire article. If I find it interesting, visitors to my site will also. Happy visitors click ads, sad visitors hit the “Back” button.