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How To Become YouTube Star Making $100,000 Plus Per Year

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YouTube isn’t profitable yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money on the video sharing site.

We recently profiled 10 YouTube star, who has figured out how to make hundreds of thousands of  dollars  in his video. We rated one star, Philip DeFranco, is $ 181 000 per year.

As easy as people like Philip, to make it look, however, a way to make money from YouTube is not smooth. It takes time, patience and luck to see the benefits of any kind.Sydney

To make life easier for the average YouTube user, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to become the next Philip DeFranco and begin making money on YouTube.

Before you even pick up your camera…

YouTube will NOT let you make money off your video if it…

  • ” … contains content that you didn’t create or get permission from its creator to use.”
  • ” … shows people from whom you did not get permission.”
  • ” … has content that would be inappropriate for children.”

Affiliate Marketing Magic – Earn Quick Money

Have A Hundred

For some of us “code challenged” affiliate marketers, we feel disadvantaged when compared to those who can write code as easily as they can type a sentence. Fortunately for us, there has been affiliate marketing software such as Webmerge and affiliate marketing services like GoldenCan to help us make huge affiliate marketing sites without the need to know programming codes.

Now another service into the affiliate marketing industry and it is as good, if not better, than anything I’ve seen on the Internet.

This is called PopShops. PopShops generates product pages for you based on your selection. I signed up for the free version last week just to see how it worked. I’ve never seen anything easier or quicker. Within 15 minutes of registering, I was ready product page uploaded to one of my websites.

The longest part of the process, my decision was affiliated to enter numbers on the program.

To say I was blown away by how easy the control panel was to use an understatement. I’m the type of person who correctly and start messing with something I read before reading the instructions. Lucky me, I did not need the instructions on this panel control as it is so easy to use.

How easy is it?

Take a look at this video of a 3 year old making an affiliate site about bulldozers.


By the way, and trying to get my number LinkShare affiliate, I was reminded again why I hate them and do not use a service unless I have to do it. I could not log on to the damn site even though he was telling me that I was logged in!

Try the free version of PopShops. Guessing you’ll be like me and sign up for their pay service, which starts at a whopping 5 bucks per month. For each additional benefits you get over the free version is well worth it! Now, if they would only accept paypal!

Creating affiliate marketing sites or adding a page of affiliate products to your blog has never been easier! Now you have no reason not to succeed!

Improving Your Search Skills: Google Tips


All of us are accustomed to using Google on daily basis, either directly or indirectly (like the search feature which is powered by Google).

If I ask what is the number of cancer patients in Pakistan? Almost all of you readers will jump on Google or any search engine and query response. Google is good at understanding natural questions like “What is it,” what is it, and Google is able to understand some other statements that can help you make your search less time is needed here few.
Take Time World:

Can you call someone who lives in Canada, say, but do not know weather there. Here’s the easiest solution is simply time Canada “Google. A screenshot of the result:

Currency Convertor

Want the currency exchange rates or the exchange value? Just Google Currency A in Currency B.

Local weather?

No problem.

If your score does not come directly to the city, use the “City Name time channel, this time to open the first link of their reports are quite sophisticated and clean.

Get Definitions

Want the definition of potpourri but don’t want to read the Wikipedia article or lengthy explanations? Use this keyword, ‘define: DesiredWord’

A little calculation?

Search From a Particular Website:

So you want to search MMS Prices Site Warid, but search you can not have the desired result or a web site that is search engine. Here’s how Google can help write your search term keyword site: followed by the desired site.

You read an article about blocking SMS on Telenor last week on ProPakistani, want to find it? Use the Search Tools on the left to limit your results to a specific time (last week in our case).

  • More search features are here on Google’s website:
  • And yes you can always check Google Labs for any other of their upcoming projects and to-be-added new features, link:
  • Check this Google Labs India project that helps you in finding Hindi Music:

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Perfect Nothing To Lose Internet Home Business

When an Internet home business you must be willing to lose money before you actually start money. In reality, many people never make money online and stop to stop.

If you want financial losses from the beginning, there must be looking at becoming an affiliate marketer. This is a real internet home business has nothing to chance when there is nothing to lose you’ll ever encounter.

Here are a few good reasons to join us, making money in affiliate marketing.

1. It is free to affiliate programs.This activity is the reason why you have nothing to lose financially. You will have to work, so that means an investment of time mean.

But that’s no matter what kind of business you start. When you start from scratch, you must work hard to build your business.

2. You do not have experience to work. There are thousands of people make money at this time who had no experience when they started.

You can learn everything you need to know that you can do at your own pace. There are many discussion forums, memebership sites, and free training, you can access trained.

3. You create your own schedule. You have no boss telling you when to work. This is perfect for people with busy schedules.

It is also perfect for anyone who wants to spend a little time each week with their own internet home business. The Internet never sleeps and you always have access to the internet to work on building your online business money.

4. Available throughout the world. As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer, you can affiliate marketing. If you ever dreamed of traveling and working together is perfect for affiliate marketing.

5. You can make money in several ways. As an affiliate marketer can be paid by the leadership, by the click, or by the sale.

You can even join two-tier affiliate programs and make money on the sales of people you recruit. Some affiliate marketers start their own affiliate programs and get paid on the sale of thousands of affiliates.

6. It’s a lot of fun. It is certainly a challenge to a successful affiliate business to build. However, it’s a very fun to work for yourself!

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Streams To Add To Every Web Page

Do you have a website you are earning income from affiliate marketing? Hopefully you are not only using the replicated site of the affiliate merchant. Increasing your affiliate marketing revenue streams you need to add these items to any Web page you build.

1. Pay per click ads. Google Adsense is the King of PPC affiliate programs. However there are plenty of other options if you want to look at companies like 7Search and BidVertiser.

These strategic locations are easy to place on every page. You do not have to sell something to make money, because if someone clicks on one of the ads you earn a commission from the affiliate merchant.

2. Cost per action ad for your web pages. They can be simple little forms no more than one e-mail address and name required. You make money on more of these forms get filled.

Again you are not selling anything, so this is easy money is. Joining an affiliate network is a way to gain access to multiple companies at one location.

3. Selling physical products. eople spend billions of dollars online buy everything from bottled water to clothing. Chances are you have a physical product that you can add to almost any page on your site.

4. Selling digital information products. You can find an affiliate networks like ClickBank.

PaySpree is a network that currently commissioned digital products you can sell it. These are great because people will pay for information that answer the questions.

5. Residual income selling products. It’s nice to get paid in the future for work you’re doing. With this type of product you make on the sale and continue to earn your commissions over and over.

6. Lifetime sales commission products. When a customer can continue to get more assignments to worry about the future of other products they buy to get. Many affiliate programs do an excellent job of back-end sales for you.

7. Add two tier affiliate programs. Recruit affiliates and earn money when a sale. If you enjoy working with people, this is a good way to network and develop revenue streams from the sale of your personal recruits.

Important Auto-Blogging Tips

I’ve done some tests on auto-blogging. This is a concept I have not even tried until recently. I can already see that this is the key to helping ordinary people make money online if you do it right.

What if you get it wrong? Here are a few tips I have learned so far.

1. blogs. Almost every blog I created using Google’s free blogging platform is quickly shut down because of spam.

I really do not see how auto-blogging do with a blogspot blog. I mean using automatic software to PLR articles and RSS feeds. They do not want duplicate content clogging up their system.

This does not mean you can not make using free blog from Google. I have money with them in the past, but the key to a niche with very little competition to choose, and then a small amount of fresh content to add on a regular basis.

If you think your blog Google will find and rank highly for keywords related to the niche you are in. Because there is less competition these blogs rank very quickly and can bring in some decent quality traffic.

2. Joining a membership site, as Even if you have a pretty good background in Internet marketing is amazing how much you can learn from people who have been doing it for a while.

Plus what I like about this is that they have videos to guide you through step by step how automatic blogging in the right way. And they have a members only discussion forum where you can go and ask questions.

The whole program is very impressive and worth the small investment required. They have different levels of membership, but nothing more than $ 67 a month.

3. Be consistent in setting up new blogs that you host yourself. There is no doubt that building a blogging empire much of work. At first you want to do the work yourself on a part-time basis to a system in place.

Then you can outsource much of the day to day aspects of your business. The whole point of blogging is not the car with too much time devoted to a specific blog, so you want to automate as much as possible as you can.

I can really see that anyone can make money blogging on the internet does automatically if you just learn how. Once you get the hang of it is actually quite simple and can be a lot of fun.

As long as you are willing to provide a coherent effort may be the answer to making money online that many of you are looking for put.

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