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SEO Techniques which I Don’t Forget – Top 15 SEO Tips

SEO Techniques 2013

If we say that SEO is a very hot topic today in the whole world it won’t be wrong. The first page of Google is considered by everyone so more user see their page. There is a list made by me about the top 15 search engines which I usually forget. I guarantee if these techniques are properly followed then your page will surely be placed as top ranked in search engine query inflatable outdoor christmas decorations.

  1. First of all re=”not follow on low value tag should be used so that page rank juice is not passed. Like reading the remaining of the entry About, Contact.
  2. Proper Anchor text should be used for interlinks. There or here should not be used.
  3. It should be noted that alt tags and write descriptions should always be created and the images should be optimimized
  4. Permalinks used should be Search Engine Friendly. URL with characters “&,?,!” should not be used.
  5. Hyphens should be used between words to enhance readability.
  6. Hyphens (-) should be used instead of underscores ( _).
  7. URL with session id are not recommended.
  8. Sticky posts are appreciated.
  9. Tag Clouds to be used.
  10. Paragraph having category description
  11. Update to date content is preferred as outdated is not liked by visitors. Updating is also appreciated a lot by engine spiders who index web pages frequently.
  12. Category Specific RSS feed should be subscribed for the visitors.
  13. Research should be made on the audience which is targeted and appropriate site should be aimed.
  14. Internal linking should be used when is appropriate and possible.
  15. Using Sub Directories instead of Sub domains as sharing link is difficult with Sub Domains and is treated different from domain.

As I move forward I will try to optimize the list of web pages for search engine.