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Fiverr Make Money Online with Step-by-Step Guide

Fiverr is the freelancing marketplace for the free money earning platform and it can become primary earning source for the freelancers. You can get the order and start work on your order and you receive the amount after completing the task. If you want to check some time tested tricks to get first order and bring more. There are some of the proven methods to grow your brand on Fiverr and make good recurring income through it.

Making Account of Fiverr

Make account

Make account

It is not a big deal to make the account on Fiverr and you log in with the Google or facebook account. When you continue with Facebook or Google, it takes your real name from the Google account or Facebook ID and most of the people can make mistake and they opt for particular name. you need to use your real name as brand and you can also run the account under agency or company name and they can also use some pseudonym, they need to stop for a moment and insert the proper name.

Personal Branding

Personal branding

Personal branding

The companies are active and they learn that various agencies outsource highly paid work to underpaid and substandard freelancers and they can earn $50 logo looks like $10. You should ensure that your profile should be under your own name with the real and professional photo. It is essential to talk about certain trend in Pakistani freelancers. They use VPN or RDP to make accounts of US or UK under their native names.

The behavior of the buyer on Fiverr becomes bias towards non native freelancers but there are huge number of Pakistanis and Indians, who are still on Fiver and they are still running their accounts under their real names and real profile photos. They are successful and they kept their standard as they were picked by Fiverr to show the Fiverr community in the relevant countries. You can also opt for the native English speaker name and it is not violation of Fiverr rules as they do not change proxy settings and maliciously change their location.


Fiverr has categories for different micro services and if you go to main category of Writing & Translation, you will find various sub categories like Press Releases, Business Copywriting, Articles & Blog Posts. They can also find some of the sub-sub categories under the sub-categories.

The category of Business and Copywriting, it shows more filters from which the buyer can narrow down his search like website copy, Ad Copy, Product Listings etc.

You should narrow down your approach to single main category instead of spreading the categories. You can make the 3 to 4 gigs in the sub category and it will cover all sub-sub-categories and the best way is that it goes deeper and tries to complete the expertise.

Quality Trumps Quantity Always



There are many people, who still think that Fiverr is nothing but $5 micro outsourcing website. Fiverr is evolved into one hell of melting pot of excellent talent and you can earn a lot with custom offers and new Pro Program of Fiverr, which is now introducing the handpicked niche experts.

Some people waste their time in finalizing order details and listen to grievances of each customer, they ensure the no one leaves the review less than 4.5 and ensure that their delivery does not get rejected. One buyer with enough pockets is convenient to discuss with him and you need to satisfy him and also turn him into repeat customer. You need to gear your research, keywords, gigs and efforts to get big buyers.

Ultimate Loophole

The loopholes are found as bad word and you can use it to make the customers happy and line up the pockets. The sellers find customers, get orders, deliver and dump the clients to serve the person next in the queue of sellers, which is the wrong approach. The right approach is that you put yourself in shoes of buyers and you can tell that they are inexperienced, young, ambitious and tight on budget internet entrepreneurs.

Most of them have idea of online business and they need graphics, website and business names and taglines, social media marketing, content writing and SEO and various other services.


Upselling is the skill to sell something, which are premium, additional or special to customers and in most of the cases, the new level of same service that they have sold them.

We suppose that you have sold a script to customer for whiteboard explainer video they needed. You can upsell with the offer of whiteboard explainer video and place the order by asking them for authentic native English voice over to arrange for them. You need to shoot some samples and change the order and you upsell $20 worth of video + $15 worth of voiceover but at that time the actual order was $5-10 video script.

Approach towards Buyer Requests



Most of the people, who worked on Upwork will find Fiverr gig system excellent or they can offer the total unfair advantage to the successful sellers. You need to go to Buyer Requests under selling tab, when you sign into Fiverr account and find out Buyer Request according to the categories that you are dealing. Most of the buyers, who fail with Upwork or Fiverr Buyer Requests are such clients, who will:

  • They look for highly priced requests
  • Choose the request to require somewhat different expertise
  • Load offer with unnecessary details.

There are some of the best ways to get the jobs from the Buyer Requests is to:

  • Get the least expensive orders
  • Double check as the clients wants is within ambit of skills
  • Add bullet points to offer and those points should show why you should be picked e.g; unlimited revisions, 3 years of experience of Java, 100% money back warranty.

Importance of Keywords

When someone starts working on Fiverr, they should know about gig titles, search tags and descriptions, which are needed to be infused with proper focus keywords. Most of the writers do not know the difference between slogan and tagline but Americans know it well. If you are copywriter and you are offered the Business Names and taglines (slogans) and in return you choose slogan then how do you think it is for your gig to reach to the American entrepreneur, who look for taglines in the search box of Fiverr.

Gig Photos / Videos

gig photo

gig photo

Gig is actually a skill on Fiverr and you can sell it to the prospective customer. If coding is gig, voiceover is gig and every skill can sell is a gig. There are thousands of the gigs in ‘deep web’ of Fiverr that never appear on the surface and you ensure that your gigs are noticed when you make it. There are some of the tricks which can help you as there are very important gig photo / videos.

Gig Description

You can get the portability of getting first order trickles down to gig description. If you have completed everything carefully, but the gig description does not have quality of good sales copy and you will not sell it.

If you are selling on Fiverr and there is none to sell it without cheesy, corny and compelling the sales pitch. There are the proper uses of option including Bold font and it is needed to highlight the important phrases. They need to start with the establishment of authority, e.g. coming from savvy business card design expert, who made business stationery designs for over 15000 buyers on Fiverr, they can tactfully explain the detail of service and finish the description with the impressive and catchy style.

Google Announces New Rules for YouTube Monetization

YouTube is facing some serious issues from the advertisers, who do not follow the policy of Google and they started appearing with improper and flagged content. The Logan Paul controversy has brought the technology giant, YouTube under fire for not vetting the content properly. Now Google has raised the bar for monetization policy for YouTube through the new and strict regulations.

Revised Monetization Policy

YouTube has announced it YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and the users should follow the criteria to fulfill the needs to earn money:

  • The channel must have over 100 subscribers
  • Total watching hours must be over 4000 in previous 12 months.

If any account violates the community guidelines of YouTube three times, then they will be removed automatically. The channel needed only 10,000 views previously so that they could become eligible for monetization and participate in YPP.

Transparency and Manual Reviews

Now Google has introduced its new policy and now it will review the videos manually by adding the human reviewers in this process. It will observe every video in the Preferred Creators program of Google, which can access to the top video makers only.

Google is working with the trusted vendors to provide the third party brand safety to increase the transparency. It is in the beta phase and it will help the advertiser content, which is being displayed at the correct place. The new and old channels will need to follow its new and revised policy, which will be implemented from 20th February 2018. Google hopes that it will be able to prevent the bad and inappropriate content from being monetized through its new and revised policy.

WordPress Shares Various Social Media Sharing Options


WordPress is the online publishing platform and it is getting much needed updates. There are many additions, which are aimed at the social media with this update, they can say goodbye to the social media sharing plugins, which they are using. Now they can do it all for the convenience of their dashboard.

Advanced social media is the feature, which can let you to schedule the Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn posts from the admin interface.

New Features

The new features are included with:

  • This updates has the new features like resurface of the older ‘evergreen’ posts to share them to their new followers.
  • They can plan their social media posts in large number to save their time.
  • Craft such messages, which are fit to the profile or network, where they are posting.
  • They can preview their new coming tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates.
  • They can also see the last shares of the post.

This update is provided to the Premium or Business users. If you are on free or personal package, you will use it. It works with Jetpack plugin if you use Premium or Business packages.

Scheduling helps you that you share the multiple posts over the course of the day to make it look like there is always some activity on social media accounts.

How to Use it

You should select the ‘Share’ button under the post if the posts list, if you want to have access of the above mentioned features



You can share the post at the same time or schedule it for date and time after that.



You can preview your post to make sure you got everything. You can make sure the message and the features images are not out of place.



Life Saver

WordPress has social media sharing for long time and you could do to connect Twitter, Facebook or linkedIn profiles with the WordPress account. Then you can send the tweet or update, when you published the post. It would use same old message in every tweet or update and there was no way to schedule the post or share it in multiple times.

Vending Machine to Make Likes on Instagram in Russia

vending 1
Moscow, The race of getting more and more likes and followers on the social media has made the young generation the psychic patients. They look for more and more likes and likes on their social media accounts. The young generation can get more and more likes and followers on the Instagram by paying some amount in the Russian shopping centers. This machine is installed in the popular shopping centers in six big cities of Russia like Moscow, Saint Petersberg, Saratough, Owafa, Cheborusky and Peterozosk. This machine is called the Instagram likes and followers machine. If you insert 60 Robles (88 Pak rupees) in it then you can get 100 likes on your picture but they will be fake. If you pay 100 Robles (180 Pak rupees), then you can get 100 fake followers on the instagram.
The Esnatap company has prepared this machine and this machine is called the Instagram like vending machine. A journalist in Russia protested on it and tweeted that the capitalism is on the peak with this machine in Russia. If you think that these likes are less, then you can buy the whole machine for just 25 thousand Pakistani rupees. But they did not tell how long you can take this machine with you.
On the other side, the experts of the Cornell University warned that the people, who like to get more and more likes on the social media can lose the purpose of their life, which can be dangerous for them but the wise and decent people give the priority to the comments and feedback.

Moscow, The race of getting more and more likes and followers on the social media has made the young generation the psychic patients. They look for more and more likes and likes on their social media accounts. The young generation can get more and more likes and followers on the Instagram by paying some amount in the Russian shopping centers. This machine is installed in the popular shopping centers in six big cities of Russia like Moscow, Saint Petersberg, Saratough, Owafa, Cheborusky and Peterozosk. This machine is called the Instagram likes and followers machine. If you insert 60 Robles (88 Pak rupees) in it then you can get 100 likes on your picture but they will be fake. If you pay 100 Robles (180 Pak rupees), then you can get 100 fake followers on the instagram. The Esnatap company has prepared this machine and this machine is called the Instagram like vending machine. A journalist in Russia protested on it and tweeted that the capitalism is on the peak with this machine in Russia. If you think that these likes are less, then you can buy the whole machine for just 25 thousand Pakistani rupees. But they did not tell how long you can take this machine with you. On the other side, the experts of the Cornell University warned that the people, who like to get more and more likes on the social media can lose the purpose of their life, which can be dangerous for them but the wise and decent people give the priority to the comments and feedback.

British Pakistani Boy Rejects Offer of 5 Million Pound

Mohammed Ali

A British-Pakistani teenager has rejected an offer of 5 million pound for his website as he think he can earn lot more through this website.

West Yorkshire is the living place of M Ali while he spent six months to develop his website for price comparison. The money was offered by an American investor but the teenager had the opinion that there is no competition for this site and he is going to start on this site by himself. Ali told that the offer was rejected December last month in London while the offer was made by a global data driven company.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

The youngster said that the offer was mainly rejected as its worth was in millions even before its launch and it can reach several folds later after its usage by people. He added that there is a risk in declining that offer but he wants to achieve real worth of the website and also to make this website known in every house.

This website is jointly produced by Ali and his business partner Chris Thorpe who is an entrepreneur from Scarborough. WeNeed1 is the name of reverse marketing platform founded by Thorpe in 2009 with a purpose to introduce buyers to sellers of goods in the UK and he did that after meeting Ali.

An algorithm to provide real time quotes was developed by Ali which is unique as pre-fixed quotes are provided by other insurance sites. This website alerts both buyers and sellers and provides updated prices from electronic items to properties and many more.

Before this project, Ali developed Project 2006 named videogame which worth 30,000 pound. So far, Ali has earned around 41,000 pound and his biggest expenditure is 14,000 pound for decorating living room of his parents.

Ali is proud of his inventions while he advises others that they can start a small project and make it huge with their effort instead of taking big loans for bigger and expensive projects.

Top 10 Richest Businessmen in Pakistan

Shahid Khan

Top 10 Richest Businessmen in Pakistan check here:

1.      Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan is the US based Pakistani business, who is the owner of different businesses like Jacksonville Jaguars, English Premier League team Fulham F.C and the automotives Flex-N-Gate in Urbana, in Illinois. His assets have total worth of $8.6.

Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan

He has the wonderful personality and he won many USA awards and he set the net worth of $8.6 billion approximately. Shahid Khan is present at 349th position in the wealthiest person in the world and his company got the 120th position across the world in the list of the biggest companies of the world.

2.      Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mian Muhammad Mansha is the industrialist and entrepreneur and he is included in the richest and billionaire in Pakistan and the total worth of his assets is about $2.5 billion. He belongs to wealthy Chinioti family and he is the owner of many business groups like Nishat Group, Muslim Commercial Bank, Nishat Chunian Power, Adamjee group and he also takes interest in the transport industry. He is going to start the business of MCB on the international basis and he started his budgeted infrastructure projects in Pakistan like seaports and energy production.

3.      Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari is the well known Pakistani politician and co chairperson of PPP. He belongs to the family land owned by Baloch tribes and he got famous after getting married with former Pakistani leader, Benazir Bhutto.

After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, he came into active politics and he was elected at the 11th president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013 and he became the first democratic president and he also completed his five years tenure. He also made the investment in agriculture and now he is included in the richest Pakistani people and total worth of his assets is $1.8 billion.

4.      Sir Anwar Pervez OBE

Sir Anwar Pervez is the founder of Bestway Group being located in United Kingdom. He started business by developing the first convenience store in earls Court in London in 1963. He is the supporter of Conservative Party in UK and he served as the Deputy Chairman of UBL, Trustee of memorial Gates Trust and Patron In-Chief of Bestway Foundation in Pakistan.

Sir Anwar Pervez O.B.E

Sir Anwar Pervez O.B.E

He got various UK based awards due to his support and successful business activities like EMMA business personality of the year, Barclays Business & Commerce Excellence Award, and Grocer Cup for Outstanding business achievement. He was honored by the Award scheme of Duke of Edinburgh and GG2 Entrepreneur of the year. His assets have total worth of $1.67 billion.

5.      Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif is the prime minister of Pakistan head of his own political party, Pakistan Muslim League-N. He is the veteran politician and he is also owner of Ittefaq Group, which is the leading steel producer in Pakistan and it also holds the investments in sugar, agriculture and transport. It is reported that the net worth of his assets are up to $1.4 billion.

Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif

He was born in 1949 and he stepped into the politics in the period of former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and he was nominated as the Chief Minister of Punjab in 1985.

6.      Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani is the chairman of Hashoo group and he was born in 1940 and is the well known businessman in Pakistan. He made investment in various well known and successful businesses. He is running the industry in Pakistan like travel, tourism, real-estate, pharmaceuticals, oil industry, information technology and gas.

Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani

He has made the investment in Marriott Hotels and Pearl Continental Hotel. He has the company, Ocean Pakistan Limited, which is the prestigious oil and gas exploration and production company.

7.      Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz is the real estate contractor and he is also founder of Bahria Town. He is the wealthiest person in Pakistan as he developed many residential societies. His estimated assets are about $1.1 billion. He is the well known personality and he also built number of hospitals and houses for deprived people of the country.

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain

He expanded his real estate business and he also developed the big communities in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad during 2000s and he also developed them in the combined area of 45,000 square acres.

8.      Danial Schon

Danial Schon is the president of Schon properties and it is part of Schon group. This group is included the businesses like National Fibers, Pak-China Fertilizers, Schon Equities. He is the 2nd generation leader of Schon Group and he is also known as top business leader in Pakistan.

Danial Schon

Danial Schon

He developed the Schon Properties in Dubai and also developed over 8 million square feet in the city. Danial Schon has increase the portfolio of Schon Properties to $2 billion since its start. He also developed the Schon Business Park, which is added with 1.6m sq feet of office/retail space in Dubai. Danial Schon has launched iSuites, a Hotel, Apartments project, which is located near to Dubai Expo 2020 site. He made investment in the property and fertilizer companies through Schon Group.

9.      Abdul Razzak Yaqoob

Abdul Razzak Yaqoob was born in 1944 and he was the owner of ARY Group of Companies. He was included in the list of richest people of Pakistan with the total worth of about $1 billion. He completed many social and philanthropy projects.

Abdul Razzak Yaqoob

Abdul Razzak Yaqoob

He was the lifetime head of World Memon Organization and they migrated to Pakistan after its establishment. After about 25 years, he was shifted to Dubai to expand his business there. He was died in London on 21 February 2014.

10.    Tariq Saigol

Tariq Saigol is the leading and well known businessman of Pakistan and he belongs to influential, industrialist Saigol family. They shifted from Calcutta to Pakistan and they started their business in Faisalabad. He is also owner of Kohinoor-Maple group and he is included in one of the richest people in Pakistan with the net worth of $850 million.

Tariq Saigol

Tariq Saigol

He also made the investment in Pak Elektron Limited, Kohinoor Textile Mills and Kohinoor Power Company with other partners. He also has the Saigol Motors and Sajeel Motors. He has his residence in Lahore but he spent his most of the time in foreign countries to look after his business.

Google Code Jam Offers $15,000 Prize Pool


If you can accept a bigger challenge like solving logic puzzles or speed programming competitions then you can test your skills in Google Code Jam 2017.

What is Google Code Jam?

Code Jam is a programming competition famous all over the world since last 14 years. In this global contest, algorithm puzzles have to be solved. Online registration is open for everyone after which they can participate in qualifying rounds. Passing these rounds will take the winner to next round. A time limit is given to solve each round with 3 to 4 problems.

Last year in 2016, there were 7 rounds in the Code Jam which ended with World Finals. Apart from the World Final, all the other rounds are contested online. In August 2017, the World Final will be held in Ireland at Google’s office.

In order to get the grand prize of $15,000 and achieve the title of the “Code Jam World Champion”, 25 best code jammers of the year will compete with champion of last year. Apart from that, Code Jam T-shirt will be given to top 1,500 performers this year.

How can I register?

At the official site of Google’s code jam, registration is open for everyone. It only requires a Google account. 7th April 2017 is the last date to register for this competition.

Two hours before start of the contest, you can load the contests’ dashboard but problem will only be provided after the official start of the contest.

How to prepare for it?

At the official site of code jam, Google has uploaded previous competitions since 2008. You can test your skills by solving these problems in the allotted time.

Information about programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python is important for taking part in this competition but Google recommends not to use Python while solving large datasets as this language is slow.

If you know to solve algorithms without any knowledge of programming even then you can take part in the contest. You can solve a problem by hand in this case.

Most of us only consider Google as a search engine but it can be seen almost everywhere from making phones to self driving cars and mapping the world. Apart from Code Jam, the company is holding several other such competitions that are held from time to time.

New Way To Earning Money with YouTube Super Chat

You tube
You tube

You tube

It may be some people watch livestream on Twitch and there are huge numbers of viewers on it so they can get comments in every 10th of second. Sometimes it becomes impossible to the streamers to get notice of the comments. YouTube worked out the solution to this issue and if you are watching the livestream on YouTube, you get noticed by the streamer, which they have to do to Super Chat in their message in the stream.



Enter Super Chat

You have to pin the message in chat and the streamer and other can watch it at any time. They message remained pin there for 5 hours and it is pinned at the top of the chat box. It works for web version of YouTube and the Android app and iOS will get Super Chat support.

The users will have to pay something so that they can use Super Chat and the fans get noticed and let the streamers to cash in on it. But it is not told how this amount is divided between YouTube and streamer. Super Chats stand out from the message in following two ways.

  • They can highlight their Super Chat in different color
  • Pin the Super Chat in ticket for set period of time.

How carry out Super Chat

It is easy to send the Super Chat and they have to tap $ icon, which is provided on right side of chat bar. Then the users can select amount, which they want to pay for their Super Chat and also mention time and length of message, which is specified. The length of maximum message, color of Super Chat and period of time to stay pin in the ticket are determined by amount, which they purchase. The $5.00 Super Chat stays pinned for 1 minute and it allows 150 letters for message.

Same to Twitch Cheers

Twitches are carried out I the same with the ‘Cheer’ feature and the users have to type Cheer to enter the amount of Bits they like to cheer for. The bits are money and it goes to Twitch and the streamer and 1 Bit is equal to 1.4 cents and the streamer can get 1 cent for every bit and Twitch gets the 0.4.

The Cheers have the animated GIFs and there is different GIF for 1 bit and there is another for 100, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 bits, which can help fans to get noticed by streamer like Super Chat. Now the Super Chat is limited to select YouTube streamer and it will be rolled out on 31 January for creators in 20 countries and for the viewers in about 40 countries.

Google Enables YouTube Monetization in Pakistan


Google has started the monetization of the video contents on the YouTube in Pakistan after including in its market. Now the content creators can monetize their videos, which they have checked.

Google did not allow Pakistani content creators to get monetize their videos on YouTube previously and with this development, they are allowed to upload their videos on YouTube and Pakistani content creators can monetize their accounts to make money through videos, which they can upload there.

The users should keep in their minds that YouTube does not allow the users YouTube Monetization in all markets. This move is made before the planned launching event of YouTube in Pakistan. Now Google is going to get the attention of the content creators and it has announced the incentives for them. it is necessary to mention here that the original videos will be monetized and the copy or fabricated videos will not be allowed to monetize.

How to Enable YouTube Monetization in Pakistan

  • Login in your YouTube account
  • Go to this URL:
  • Enable First card that says “Monetization”
  • Follow the wizard by accepting terms and conditions
  • Connect your AdSense account with YouTube
  • And you are done.

The users keep in their minds that they must have AdSense account so that they can be able to monetize the YouTube for their account. If they do not have any AdSense account, then they can apply to get one AdSense account. Any type of violation like copy of videos can result in ban of the AdSense account.

Another Major Site of Torrent has Shut Down


There is another big torrent site was shut down voluntarily and the founder of the website has confirmed the closing down of TorrentHound through his email. He sent this email to Torrent Freak with the simple message ‘Finito’.

They gave the insight as why the website, TorrentHound was shut down and the founder has revealed the falling revenue with the constant pressure from anti piracy with the reasons behind the closure of the website.

It is combination of few revenue, few traffic and bills, which are accumulating. Then they started adding the bug of the anti piracy agents that was not worth the headache anymore. The message, which is given on the defunct website directs the visitors to remain active the torrent sites.

With the sudden closure of TorrentHound, there are total three top torrent sites, which are shut down during the last three months in which two other sites are KickassTorrents and Torrentz. When the Department of Justice of US arrested owner of the website, KickassTorrent in July, then this website was shut down. The other website, Torrentz decided to close down the services in early August this year after about 13 years of service.

The website, TorrentHound was found in 2007 and it is about near a decade and it had millions of visitors per month and it has never been able to reach to the status of the torrent giants like Torrentz, The Pirate Bat and KAT.