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WordPress Shares Various Social Media Sharing Options


WordPress is the online publishing platform and it is getting much needed updates. There are many additions, which are aimed at the social media with this update, they can say goodbye to the social media sharing plugins, which they are using. Now they can do it all for the convenience of their dashboard.

Advanced social media is the feature, which can let you to schedule the Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn posts from the admin interface.

New Features

The new features are included with:

  • This updates has the new features like resurface of the older ‘evergreen’ posts to share them to their new followers.
  • They can plan their social media posts in large number to save their time.
  • Craft such messages, which are fit to the profile or network, where they are posting.
  • They can preview their new coming tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates.
  • They can also see the last shares of the post.

This update is provided to the Premium or Business users. If you are on free or personal package, you will use it. It works with Jetpack plugin if you use Premium or Business packages.

Scheduling helps you that you share the multiple posts over the course of the day to make it look like there is always some activity on social media accounts.

How to Use it

You should select the ‘Share’ button under the post if the posts list, if you want to have access of the above mentioned features



You can share the post at the same time or schedule it for date and time after that.



You can preview your post to make sure you got everything. You can make sure the message and the features images are not out of place.



Life Saver

WordPress has social media sharing for long time and you could do to connect Twitter, Facebook or linkedIn profiles with the WordPress account. Then you can send the tweet or update, when you published the post. It would use same old message in every tweet or update and there was no way to schedule the post or share it in multiple times.