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Put up your products for sale on Twitter

For Sale

Woot, a $164 million online retailer company situated in Carrollton, Texas. The company is running online shops and offer discount products. Suppose a discounted GPS device. One product is sold only for one day.

I.                          Woot uses to tell their followers on twitter that what was on sale that day. Tweet is spread over night to 1.5 million followers. According to Dave Rutledge “We used to say that there’s a ton of people who’d visit Woot every day if they thought about it”. Who first helped out his brother in creating the company and is now calling the shot of its creative efforts. Once Woot sold 90 percent of its inventory of a particular product.  Rutledge uses to send a follow up message to the potential buyers who were waiting for the message that a product was approved by the community.

II.                       . Millions of the buyers click Woot’s twitter link every day and during the company peak sale day. Rutledge estimated the number to be in millions. That is the number of actual buyers and after the introduction on twitter the sale has been doubled.

III. How to get feedback II: keep your messages brief. The size or length should be up to 140 and provide a space for the comments of the community. Like in the case of RT @woot: $19.99: Samsung Bluetooth Headset WITH $20 mail in REBATE!!!!! < pretty awesome, just pay 5 bucks shipping!!” For Rutledge, the magic number to ensure lots of retweets should be 110 characters or below.

Make Creators of your Followers by the Following the Given Headings

Twitter bird

Skinny Corporation which owns an online T-shirts retailer Threadless and is based in Chicago; founded in 2000. Thread less sold approximately worth $30 printed shirts by asking community inexperienced designs. This threadless lower production got maximum votes after a favorite poll.

I.                          Thread less CEO Tom Ryan and the founder Jake Nickel thought of the twitter idea they were at the aim that it would work. In May, the company formed a web site initially there were 490,000 followers of the site to incorporate their own ideas about the designs of the T shirts. After a vote the winning slogan was printed on the T-shirts  $18 each. So, Jack Nickel said “We figured if we built something on top of , we’d drive participation really quickly”.

II.                       . As a result nickel was right. In the initial five months this experiment attracted some 100,000 followers and 3.5 millions votes, till recently the company has printed 23 successful designs like I’m huge on Twitter” and “Iowa: Cooler than California Since 2009″ are the two most famous shirts ‘ design. According to Ryan “This is not a bad idea for nascent company revenue”.

. Ask your followers to help you, how? Give them some incentives if they are helpful. . Nickell says one of the company’s most successful tweets came when it offered Twitter followers a chance to win $100 and if they were to sell 9 percent of the T shits to their friend that would be the hot issue of the day.

How to earn money from twitter

make money with twitter

Here are lot money and time losing website used by Kids and adult.

This is also a general opinion; according to millions of people that businesses are flourished actually they ravage it


Albeit, you know or you will, but Twitter is unlike these. It is used by many companies for out dated things.

How to use the strategies of making money don’t go that far just see the following hints: and we need your kind feed back.

how can i earn money through facebook

earn Money Through facebook

earn Money Through facebook

These days, Facebook’s struggle in the field of social media provides a new arena of marketing, developing and business. In these days of technological revolution one can easily come on this social and interactive net work and make money in a due course of time. If some one is with out account he/she can just sign up and make money. Online money making involves some hardships and mind game to pass through.

We can discuss some important points like;

1.      Radical buy

This application is for online selling of products on facebook. One will need to make a list of items being sold and put up on facebook for users. Even when can promote his/her product through different advertising agency, doing so he/she might be accessible to more well purchasers

2.      Café Press

This is the same way as that of Zazzle. One will need here to make the store wider. Café Press is a means of items selling on facebook, which might be either your own or manufactured by some one else

3.      Ether

According to this method one can advice people online or on phone. Ether is site is used the same way as discussed above-a medium between costumers and advisers. One can do the same, he/she will set the price, Ether will provide a number to you and you will contacted by consumers via this number.

4.      Music Blaster

Make a music stock on facebook and sell it through 5 percent of the song sold will be paid to you. You can promote your best band singers and help them expose.

5.      Garage Sale

It’s evident from its name but here is facebook garage sale rather. Make your own profile and add the list of items that is aimed at sale. When some body will purchase a product, he will be charged, from his credit card and Garage Sale automatically let you know when to take the products. Money will be directly deposited in your paypal account or you may request for cash through cheque.

facebook twitter

facebook twitter

6.      Shopit

Shopit is also a commerce site used socially online. It make essy for you to buy or sell or make your own business. At free store to your facebook profile and go ahead.

facebook credits gift card

facebook credits gift card

7.      Ebay

Another alluring way to earn money using facebook is to combine Ebay and facebook, this will help you out in promoting your products and increase the numbers of consumers. Handicrafts, jewelry, and many more products can be promoted

Ways To Earn more Money Part Time


One of the interesting results of my research into ways to earn extra money from home is the realization that not everybody wants to ‘quit their day job’.

Some of them certainly, but many, many people just want a way to earn a little extra time of the money – maybe a little more money earned at his home in the evening around their obligations, or when the kids went to bed.

You can not start work at home career, you may just want a way to earn extra money to pay the last bill or afford a nice holiday. And this is different from the situation, maybe 12 months ago, when most people were going online seeks to “quit your day job.”

Now, how many people just want to earn extra money because they lost their job, or need to earn extra money just to make ends meet.

But help is at hand in the form of the Internet. What the Internet has done is open up a whole new world of opportunities to earn, including ways to earn extra money, I bet you will not even thought of.

Here is my list of 20 ways you can earn extra money part time regardless of how much time you have to devote.

And if you work hard, and your business grows.. well, who knows how far you can take it?

Some may only earn a trickle, others have the potential to earn you lots. Some may suit you, some may not.

They may not all be day job quitters, but with a little application each of these could pay some of the monthly bills.

And if you earn extra money regularly with one, why not try another as well?

I would welcome any additional ideas or comments you may have

20 plus Ways To Earn Extra Money Part Time

1) Hobby Blogging

    Think about a hobby or interest and blog about it.  You can then monetize your blog in all sorts of ways, or you could guest blog for others or even become a professional blogger.

2) Article Writing

    - Write articles for a living.  You could either write articles (on almost every subject imaginable) for others on commission, or sell article packs to webmasters.  There are also sites which will pay you

    for your articles

3) Sell eBay Products

    For a commision by setting up an online EBay Store.  There are many ways you can do this, from your own products to products supplied by wholesalers direct (dropshipping)

4) Use Private Label Rights (PLR)

    Buy ebooks, videos and software with Private Label Rights (giving you the right to update them and sell them) and create new product to sell.  Alternatively create your own private label rights products for others to use.

5)  Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is where a lot of people start out making money online. This is basically where you sell somebody else’s ebook or software and receive a commission.  You could use your blog to do this!

6) Video tutorials

    Are very popular on the internet at the moment.  It is not difficult to create your own and make money from them – in any niche. Ironically, we have a video tutorial on …. video tutorials.

7) Create a membership site

    Membership sites are a great way of earning recurring income because you can charge monthly or annually for membership.  If you drip feed your content you don’t need to create it all at once.  Membership sites are surprisingly easy to set up.

8)Use your digital camera

    And sell photographs to webmasters and more specifically stock photography sites who provide images to webmasters.

9) Paid Surveys

    Tend to get a bit of a bad press but the truth is that people do make money from them. The key is to sign up to a reputable site.

10) Fiverr

    Fiverr is a site where people offer services for $5.  You can make money on Fiverr by offering a service which can be executed quickly and efficiently.

11) Become an Online Tutor

Another way of making money online is to become an online tutor for any age group in any subject

12) Website Design

    If you have a design bent consider website design. You could offer a service building  custom websites or use standard templates, or create and sell niches blogs…

13) Write an EBook

    (an electronic book) on any subject and sell it directly online.  The beauty of this is that there are no publishers involved and you can sell direct from your websites (oh, and include affiliate links to products in your ebook!)

14) Start an Online Virtual Store

    The best and most popular way of doing this is as an Amazon affiliate but you can just as easily do it using your own products.  One of our videos shows you how

15) Start a Translation Service

    If you have linguistic  talent this could be ideal for you.  Documents audio,video, even conferences and conference calls are good for  translating.

16) Start an Editing and Proofreading Service

    For others – checking books, online documents, plans etc  the scope is great

17) Writing Search Engine Optimised Articles

    Is a really great idea, especially if you sell them to webmasters at a premium price if they are unique. Or keep them for yourself and build a website.

18) Custom Create Photoshop Products

    Not everybody knows how to use photoshop. If you do you can create banners, headers, logos for webmasters or anybody that wants them

19) Buy and Sell Expired Domain Names.

    Domains regularly expire as webmasters fail to renew them. Pick a premium one and sell it on for profits

20) Forum Posting.

    Did you know that owners of forums will pay people to post on their forums as a  way of “warming the forum up”…. …?

Free Earn Money Online without Investment: A clear Guide

PTV sports live

It’s a natural orientation of people worldwide to look for something free. No exception when it comes to earning money online, beginners want to find out the free ways to build an online business & without any sort of investment.  Reason is simple, average per capita income is low enough to restrict them from buying stuffs online.

Anyways, I believe your search will end here for this particular query. Have a bit of patience please. Another aspect is some earn-money-online aspirants lost hope & belief after they got scammed by online fraudsters.

Before you read this guide I want you to go through the existing major ways to earn money online to get a generalised idea.

Points to keep in mind :

1. No bloody shortcut is there to build an online income

2. Clicking Ads, Reading emails, Filling up forms, data entry scams will not earn you any money.

3. You have to work smart & hard as well.

4. You can’t earn only sleeping. That’s possible after uncountable sleepless nights.

5. You have to have the learning curve.

6. Good communication in English is a must.

7. You are assumed to be having a computer connected to Internet.

Blogging on Blogspot : Blogger is a product by Internet giant Google allows you to create blogs for free on their domain. You would get a sub domain like and the hosting is free by blogger.

Maybe you are thinking, ” heck, i knew this way”. If so then my question is how many rupees have you earned from your blogger blog? Only creating blogs will not do, you have to do it right. I know lot of logger earning good money from free blogs without any investment. You can also build your profitable work from home job with proper guidance and proper implementation

Your ultimate aim is to run Google AdSense ads in your blog in order to earn money. First thing first, you need to make a plan now. Plan about what would be your blog about.

Choosing your Topic : This is extremely important for your online success. If you do it wrong, you are finished before you even start. Ideal topic is something you would love to blog about and a profitable market is there. Most of the times it does not happen, because you might not know anything about a topic where lot of advertisers are there and a lot of buyers as well. One thing here to keep in mind , chasing profitable markets only will not do any good if you do not know the subject assuming you can not hire people to work for you.

Just to help you brainstorm to find a topic I recommend you to visit Topic Ideas

And you need Google Adwords Free Keyword tool to find specific keywords you would write upon.  Those who do not know what keyword research is, I recommend reading this.Write your keyword in the keyword field.  Put the captcha and click on column to get more options, click on the box left to average CPC, and search.

Now let assume you have put ” Banking Jobs” in the keyword field because you would like to post different latest banking jobs in your blog. Good Idea.

Now let us see what you see in the result after you click search.

Now it’s time to make a crucial decision. See the suggestions of keywords for the free tool and see what feels comfortable area to write, check availability of the advertisers, if no advertisers or less, you should not go for that. Now check search volumes, both globally and locally. The search volume is very important because you can not afford to write about something that people are not looking at all. Check the average CPC or cost per click on the value of the desired keyword because its ultimate goal is to make money and not just write blog posts.

Update : You will get to see the the average CPC column if you sign in to Adword with your gmail account. Otherwise not.

This value implies the average CPC of the keyword value to advertisers when they place ads on Google. More what is best for you, because you can earn more from Adsense.

still not finished with keyword research, you have to check the competence of webmasters and bloggers of the keyword you are targeting. Suggested keyword search on Google and see the page ranks (PR) for the first 10 pages of results / domains. to check the PR have to install the Google toolbar in your browser. Green bar after dialing option shows the PR. If it is 3 or less, you can go for it. Otherwise, it would be harder to qualify for your specific keyword.

(Tip: Do not go for high competition keywords, try to choose medium or even low competition keyword with a respectable search volume)

Create your Blog:

Now it’s time to register your free  domain in Blogger and getting your blog ready. Go to Blogger and sign in with your Google account. Try to get a domain name with your exact keyword  like

Give your blog a name. Create your blog. Now go to settings-basic and write a keyword rich description of your blog. Go to template designer and design as you like. You can give your blog a custom look, you need to edit blog template code for that.

Put  privacy policy, About me, Contact pages. Start blogging.

Before you start writing you need to remember certain things. On Page SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

I recommend you reading this basic onpage SEO tips for blogger blog

Start writing now with the knowledge you have got. Keep updating your posts. And start doing off-page SEO for your blog. This is all about getting links from other webpages to your blog home page or posts.

If you are in a low competition zone, you could easily rank with basic link building like, blog directory submission, writing on article directory and getting links, guest posting in other related blogs, commenting on related blogs, participating in related forum and getting signature links and directly requesting others to link to you.

gradually you will build up visitors to your blog.

Its time to Apply for Adsense : Go to AdSense and sign up for it. They will send you welcome mail and you can start displaying Google ads in your blog. You will be earning for every click on the ads which you can see in Adsense reports after you sign in. But One thing to keep in mind is, you are eligible to apply after six months from the date of registration of your blog’s domain name.

You will get every guidance regarding insertion of ad code inside your template or customizing the look & feel of the ads for free. Lot of free resources. Not only AdSense you would get lot of other money making programs for free to earn money online without investment.

Things to avoid :

  • Do not copy articles or any content from other online resources. You will never succeed. Google and other major search engines will dump you.
  • Do not click your own ads or provoke someone to do this.
  • Do not start writing about making money online until & unless you make a good amount of money online.
  • Do not spam on your blog. Blogger police could remove your blog from their server without any sort of notification. Better read their TOS before you begin.

Another easy way to earn is by writing and publishing articles in different Adsense revenue sharing sites using the same techniques explained above. You don’t have to maintain the blog this case. And it’s easy to get your articles indexed in an already established domain like  Hubpages, Bukisa, StudyChannel etc. These websites have records of paying AdSense revenue to the publishers (you) without demanding any investment from you.

Go ahead with proper planning like I have laid out, keep updating your blog, interact with readers, get clicks, earn a lot of money without investment working from home.

Update : Those of you who like to work for others indepently (working as a freelancer) you must create your profile at independent sites like Odesk.Com, Elance.Com, etc. offcourse Guru.Com without spending money. Get a Job in Odesk.Com is easier than the other independent site because Odesk.Com has several freelance jobs at low cost. Basically oDesk is a marketplace where frelancers (You) and employers (who outsources their jobs for freelancers) can deal with each other. But the mind, only the creation of a profile does not guarantee freelacer win Odesk.Com jobs. You need to follow certain steps and strategies for employment. You have to create your profile as an expert of a certain type of jobs that are available on oDesk. For example, you can create your profile as a web designer with your portfolio (if any) and other details.Odesk has certain tests that must appear and try to get a good score. Thus, it would become an independent professional certificates oDesk and easier to gain employment that is due over a period of time by their employer. Pay structure is good enough to live a lifestyle.

How earn Money Online-Long Term and Short Term Goals in Money Making Business

online job boards

Make money online via the program is a Internet marketing business online. However, this does not mean that income is automatic. There are many Internet marketers are operating throughout the world to make money through jobs at home. The computer and the Internet make it possible for a chance to make money for everyone. Today, the global economy is running in a turbulent situation. Therefore, all family members must participate to earn money to meet the challenge of financial crisis.

To make your online money making opportunities a success, must be taken into account in the Internet marketing business and make a strategy to meet both long-term goals and short term. The following are the guidelines for experienced internet marketers how to set your career online and make money consistently year after year.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-Long Term Financial Solutions: -

To make money online streaming, you have to build a website using the techniques of search engine optimization. The website is the online platform to demonstrate the goods and services you want to sell and earn income. However, their website is one of the thousands of millions of websites of billions working on the Internet. Now, the query is how your website visitors. The number of visitors come to know your online presence? The only solution is to make your website search engine friendly. Although it is a process that takes time but its presence will be awarded in the future.

There are several ways to monetize your website with SEO marketing your business online. SEO is the first steps online. The online SEO includes optimizing the template, web page titles, use of keywords in domain labels, title, content and ALT in the images according to the guidelines of search engines. The height and width will be determined in accordance with instructions to search engines. The other measures will be taken to put the anchor text, link building, meta tags and meta description page and other things. Search engines crawl web pages at regular intervals and the website in its search index pages and search engines make available to viewers when looking for products or services using the keywords you have optimized web page. Therefore, the optimization of the website as search engine is essential for successful online business.

The other step is the optimization online. In this method, you have to build inbound links. Can be achieved by the publication of articles relevant to your products and services, in writing for review and publication in public relations sites, writing on forum sites, commenting on blogs, the registration of social networking sites, sites social bookmarking and more.

PPC (pay per click) – Short term financial needs: -

PPC (pay per click) is a program that the money and is the best form of online marketing as needed for the immediate return of your work online. Making money immediately is possible due to the instant traffic for bidding on keywords. The PPC will suffer in the event of any inaccuracies. If you bid for the keyword long tail you have to pay $ 5 or more per click. So far, it has received $ 100 as commission or its conversion rate is 1:5, then it can be declared profitable online business. It is advised that you have to learn a basic course in PPC online before the start. Otherwise, they are frustrated and their faith that the program will lose money.

Now it is up to you income opportunity you decide. However, you must provide lots of efforts on an ongoing basis. The business of Internet marketing is an attractive and rewarding. You can opt for SEO and PPC, in a time when money online program. The business of making money online encourages everyone.

Home Online work part time or full time and earn money to realize it is possible for them to really try.

How to earn Money with YouTube


This method is not new at all, but I only found time recently to try it myself. is the # 2 site around the internet lately about Google in terms of transport it. This is a great opportunity to earn some money quickly and easily.

Here is a quick guide on how to harness the power of YouTube to cash in

First Download popular music videos or viral videos with YouTube Catcher (free) and save it in FLV format.
Second Convert FLV to MPEG video using SUPER software (for free).
Third Adding watermarks to videos with your website address on it promoting your affiliate offer using VirtualDub (free). Read the instructions on how to watermark video using this software.
4th Cash and checks again!

Here is a criticism, I personally like it in the correct order (to be simple and understandable for you) …

* Download YouTube video and save it in FLV format
* Convert FLV to MPEG (using SUPER)
* Create watermark bitmap image in Photoshop (see instructions above)
* Import MPEG into VirtualDub, add a BMP image on the video
* Export and save video as AVI
* Convert AVI to MPEG in SUPER

Watermark image should be simple text promoting your affiliate offer. I had the most success in promoting PPL (pay-per-lead) offers, such as ring tones, or by e-mail. Be sure to hide your affiliate URL using the redirect service such as It will be easier for your audience to remember the URL as well. If you do not already belonging to the affiliate network, check out my money making guide.

Upload video to YouTube video with a descriptive name. In the Description box, enter the URL you just created, and text describing your offer. Example: “Get this FREE ringtone music video!”

It is important to always adhere to the conditions of each partner offer you support. Some offer limited use of the word “free”, “best”, “guaranteed”, etc. When their support. Make sure you are not violating any of these conditions. It’s also best to use YouTube videos that are cheap. Failure to follow these rules, and video recording copyright can get your video removed from YouTube and your account deleted. Your affiliate network account may also be terminated if the report viewer you for support provided in respect of infringement of copyright. Play by the rules and do not have any problems. Your cash flow will also be suspended.