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Ways To Earn more Money Part Time


One of the interesting results of my research into ways to earn extra money from home is the realization that not everybody wants to ‘quit their day job’.

Some of them certainly, but many, many people just want a way to earn a little extra time of the money – maybe a little more money earned at his home in the evening around their obligations, or when the kids went to bed.

You can not start work at home career, you may just want a way to earn extra money to pay the last bill or afford a nice holiday. And this is different from the situation, maybe 12 months ago, when most people were going online seeks to “quit your day job.”

Now, how many people just want to earn extra money because they lost their job, or need to earn extra money just to make ends meet.

But help is at hand in the form of the Internet. What the Internet has done is open up a whole new world of opportunities to earn, including ways to earn extra money, I bet you will not even thought of.

Here is my list of 20 ways you can earn extra money part time regardless of how much time you have to devote.

And if you work hard, and your business grows.. well, who knows how far you can take it?

Some may only earn a trickle, others have the potential to earn you lots. Some may suit you, some may not.

They may not all be day job quitters, but with a little application each of these could pay some of the monthly bills.

And if you earn extra money regularly with one, why not try another as well?

I would welcome any additional ideas or comments you may have

20 plus Ways To Earn Extra Money Part Time

1) Hobby Blogging

    Think about a hobby or interest and blog about it.  You can then monetize your blog in all sorts of ways, or you could guest blog for others or even become a professional blogger.

2) Article Writing

    - Write articles for a living.  You could either write articles (on almost every subject imaginable) for others on commission, or sell article packs to webmasters.  There are also sites which will pay you

    for your articles

3) Sell eBay Products

    For a commision by setting up an online EBay Store.  There are many ways you can do this, from your own products to products supplied by wholesalers direct (dropshipping)

4) Use Private Label Rights (PLR)

    Buy ebooks, videos and software with Private Label Rights (giving you the right to update them and sell them) and create new product to sell.  Alternatively create your own private label rights products for others to use.

5)  Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is where a lot of people start out making money online. This is basically where you sell somebody else’s ebook or software and receive a commission.  You could use your blog to do this!

6) Video tutorials

    Are very popular on the internet at the moment.  It is not difficult to create your own and make money from them – in any niche. Ironically, we have a video tutorial on …. video tutorials.

7) Create a membership site

    Membership sites are a great way of earning recurring income because you can charge monthly or annually for membership.  If you drip feed your content you don’t need to create it all at once.  Membership sites are surprisingly easy to set up.

8)Use your digital camera

    And sell photographs to webmasters and more specifically stock photography sites who provide images to webmasters.

9) Paid Surveys

    Tend to get a bit of a bad press but the truth is that people do make money from them. The key is to sign up to a reputable site.

10) Fiverr

    Fiverr is a site where people offer services for $5.  You can make money on Fiverr by offering a service which can be executed quickly and efficiently.

11) Become an Online Tutor

Another way of making money online is to become an online tutor for any age group in any subject

12) Website Design

    If you have a design bent consider website design. You could offer a service building  custom websites or use standard templates, or create and sell niches blogs…

13) Write an EBook

    (an electronic book) on any subject and sell it directly online.  The beauty of this is that there are no publishers involved and you can sell direct from your websites (oh, and include affiliate links to products in your ebook!)

14) Start an Online Virtual Store

    The best and most popular way of doing this is as an Amazon affiliate but you can just as easily do it using your own products.  One of our videos shows you how

15) Start a Translation Service

    If you have linguistic  talent this could be ideal for you.  Documents audio,video, even conferences and conference calls are good for  translating.

16) Start an Editing and Proofreading Service

    For others – checking books, online documents, plans etc  the scope is great

17) Writing Search Engine Optimised Articles

    Is a really great idea, especially if you sell them to webmasters at a premium price if they are unique. Or keep them for yourself and build a website.

18) Custom Create Photoshop Products

    Not everybody knows how to use photoshop. If you do you can create banners, headers, logos for webmasters or anybody that wants them

19) Buy and Sell Expired Domain Names.

    Domains regularly expire as webmasters fail to renew them. Pick a premium one and sell it on for profits

20) Forum Posting.

    Did you know that owners of forums will pay people to post on their forums as a  way of “warming the forum up”…. …?