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For Sale

Woot, a $164 million online retailer company situated in Carrollton, Texas. The company is running online shops and offer discount products. Suppose a discounted GPS device. One product is sold only for one day.

I.                          Woot uses to tell their followers on twitter that what was on sale that day. Tweet is spread over night to 1.5 million followers. According to Dave Rutledge “We used to say that there’s a ton of people who’d visit Woot every day if they thought about it”. Who first helped out his brother in creating the company and is now calling the shot of its creative efforts. Once Woot sold 90 percent of its inventory of a particular product.  Rutledge uses to send a follow up message to the potential buyers who were waiting for the message that a product was approved by the community.

II.                       . Millions of the buyers click Woot’s twitter link every day and during the company peak sale day. Rutledge estimated the number to be in millions. That is the number of actual buyers and after the introduction on twitter the sale has been doubled.

III. How to get feedback II: keep your messages brief. The size or length should be up to 140 and provide a space for the comments of the community. Like in the case of RT @woot: $19.99: Samsung Bluetooth Headset WITH $20 mail in REBATE!!!!! http://www.woot.com < pretty awesome, just pay 5 bucks shipping!!” For Rutledge, the magic number to ensure lots of retweets should be 110 characters or below.

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