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Use Affiliate Marketing and Make Money

As you have already learnt different ways and means for earning money for which Urdu tutorial video has been added with it. You will learn some new ways and techniques for earning money with binary options (more info at Some of the people among you do not know the affiliate marketing business but some will surely know how about this marketing industry. There are different types of earning money online and it should need your attention that what kind of business you should start with this affiliate marketing. The articles are also available on the internet which will help you understanding the affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing is a business which you can do with other companies by making affiliation with them and work for them. In this way you can do business for the selling of products of other companies through your own sources without investing your own money. the people who do not have money and they do not set up their own business then they make affiliation with some prominent companies and present their products for selling. When a deal is done through your own sources then you are eligible for commissions. You can use some other sources on the internet including blog or social media websites for the sale of products. You can get commission from the individuals or from the company when a deal is matured.
When you start business of affiliate marketing with certain company then you will have to fulfill some requirements which are:

  • You should create your own blog or website and try to receive some decent traffic. If you have achieved traffic from the developed countries like USA, UK and Canada and other western countries then your affiliate marketing will flourish very soon. The main cause of the rapid flourishing of your business is that the people belong to these countries have Paypal accounts, credit cards or some other online shopping facilities. Then you will not face any problems in finalizing the deal with the people belonging to these countries.
  • There are some other social profiles on the internet like i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on.
  • You should have some enough number of readers who believe in you and can easily be convinced for making any deal with you. Then you can offer some good quality products to them on your blog or website and earn handsome amount from them

The potential resources for Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

There are many websites available on the internet which provides their services freely for making affiliate marketing of their products. You will have to present these products on your blog or website in interesting way with complete detail in order to convince the customers or potential readers. There is a complete detailed list of websites from where you can find the details of the products banner or link and then insert these information or products into your blog. You can also share these products on the social media networks. The list of the website is appended below:


If you want to work for affiliate marketing then you should visit these websites as there will be various chances of affiliate marketing. Presently, internet is the best tool for earning through affiliate marketing. The aforementioned websites provides you the opportunity of earning $65 commission for a single sign up and if you referred 10 people in the month then you can earn about $650. The IT specialists and professional people are earning a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

Gets a Fresh Update of Google+ for iPhone

Senior Vice President at Google, Mr. Vic Gundotra  through his Google+ blog post said that an update for iPhone for Google+ application have been received the previous day. The latest version of the application consists of various user experience enhancement such as larger profile images, convenient browsing of photos and videos and visual cues makes clear your options.

Gets a Fresh Update of Google+ for iPhone

Gets a Fresh Update of Google+ for iPhone

Google+ is trying to improve the mobile offerings along with XXX. The latest update for iPhone is the fresh news on that mobile front and depicts a wish by Google to concentrate on the most personal computers like your mobile phone.

The latest application upgrade consists of some visual and financial elements. The visual ones are:

  • Whatever you post like photos or articles or text, we are making then look good.
  • We are including crisper fonts, larger profile images and a delightful homescreen
  • We are making the stream convenient to scan, and befriended for the eyes with overlays, gradients and other visual elements.

These alterations, obviously influenced by the addition of Men in Black link, may seem minor, but with the passage of time we can watch applications like Google+ and Facebook slowly iterating their visual design on mobile to be more accessible, and crisper fonts will help users distinguish apps like Google+ from other mobile social networking apps that may not be putting as much effort into visual polish.

The working updates which are mostly concerned with the news feed and stream, and are listed below:

  • Conversations fall into view as you move forward and backward in time
  • Optical cues just like parallax help the mind linger on individual posts
  • Important actions like +1 now float atop the stream, making convenient to endorse all your favorites

You can take a look at the original blog post here, and let us know that you will be using Google+ on your iPhone?

Make Money via Talking to Business

Business man talking with his customer

Business man talking with his customer

Companies always try to make their business good and they always try to adopt such methods which boost their companies. If you are expert and have sufficient knowledge for handling of offices and companies then you can start your business by finding out the week points and mistakes they are doing while executing their official duties and help them to develop their company.

Translation Business

Now with the development of information technology, different areas of life especially in telecommunications have converted the ways in which people deal with companies. In the recent past, advertising and marketing of the products were bound the country of its origin because language creates hindrance in expressing about the products.

Earn Money via Translation Business

Earn Money via Translation Business

Now it has changed and you can buy or sell any product by translating the required reading material or information about products into related language. You may also get translated other documents into different language you want. You may seek help of translator for translation of advertising and purchasers marketing message to the language which they understand, allowing your products for new markets.

Translation Business

Translation Business

Web helps you to learn new language very simply and inexpensive way. You should make awareness of new languages and exploit your talent and skill to earn more money.

Earn Money via Trade Forex

This is a little bit risky and should work on it cautiously. You may earn a lot of money quickly if you know what you are doing.

Earn Money via Give Tips

If you have a lot of tips and advices then share it with other people by using of sites and earn money

Convert Money Online

Get a percentage of money from the people to convert their EGold money into PayPal or any other.

Earn Money via Install Applications

A lot of people who do not know how to install software’s and applications. You can offer your services in return of some money.

Earn Money via Directory submission

Blogger’s and webmaster forward their sites to web directories in order to get more business and increase search engine ranking which is time take n process. You should offer your services for directory submission for some money.

Earn Money via Keyword Research

You should learn using of Google Analytics and a few other keyword research tools and present your services to webmasters and small online businesses.