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AdBrite Finishes Business on Feb. 1- Once Called “Google Adsense Alternative”

AdBrite is the largest and independent online ad exchange company which is now stopping its business on February 01, 2013. The company has sent an email to all of its publishers and advertisers in which they said that due to some liabilities they are going to cease their business. Their email is
updated on the Wikipedia records.Nowra

Ad Exchange adBrite Closing Friday

Ad Exchange adBrite Closing Friday

Dear adBrite Advertiser,

Over the last few weeks, adBrite and its management have been evaluating the go-forward plan for the mobile business (see for more on this). Given market conditions and certain financial liabilities, in working with our lenders, we have decided to cease operations on Feb 1, 2013.

This is a difficult decision for all of us at adBrite. However, after much deliberation this seems to be the best course of action despite the impact it will have on all the employees, clients and partners who helped build this business. There will be a team in place as needed to assist with winding down your campaign, and final reporting and invoicing.

Thank you for being part of the adBrite community.

The adBrite Team

AdBrite started their business online during 2004 as an advertising network and in 2008 they also started as an ad exchanging company. The number of their US customers reached to about 160 million which made this company the largest independent ad exchange company with offering of transparent marketplace, give direction for access to superior campaign data and provides analysis. They have firm grip on all matters which were important and they also produced results.

AdBrite Ad Exchange Will Close

AdBrite Ad Exchange Will Close

It is thought that “Google Adsense” was the good ad exchange company. But AdBrite was considered the strong competitor by some publishers. This company provided good text ads, banner ads or inline ads. The test ads prepared by them were CPC based and banner ads are paid on CPC or CPM basis.

Now the publishers of AdBrite are looking for another AdBrite alternative who will be the proper substitute of it. The payout of AdBrite in net is 60 term which is most longer than various other companies.

Use Affiliate Marketing and Make Money

As you have already learnt different ways and means for earning money for which Urdu tutorial video has been added with it. You will learn some new ways and techniques for earning money with binary options (more info at Some of the people among you do not know the affiliate marketing business but some will surely know how about this marketing industry. There are different types of earning money online and it should need your attention that what kind of business you should start with this affiliate marketing. The articles are also available on the internet which will help you understanding the affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing is a business which you can do with other companies by making affiliation with them and work for them. In this way you can do business for the selling of products of other companies through your own sources without investing your own money. the people who do not have money and they do not set up their own business then they make affiliation with some prominent companies and present their products for selling. When a deal is done through your own sources then you are eligible for commissions. You can use some other sources on the internet including blog or social media websites for the sale of products. You can get commission from the individuals or from the company when a deal is matured.
When you start business of affiliate marketing with certain company then you will have to fulfill some requirements which are:

  • You should create your own blog or website and try to receive some decent traffic. If you have achieved traffic from the developed countries like USA, UK and Canada and other western countries then your affiliate marketing will flourish very soon. The main cause of the rapid flourishing of your business is that the people belong to these countries have Paypal accounts, credit cards or some other online shopping facilities. Then you will not face any problems in finalizing the deal with the people belonging to these countries.
  • There are some other social profiles on the internet like i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on.
  • You should have some enough number of readers who believe in you and can easily be convinced for making any deal with you. Then you can offer some good quality products to them on your blog or website and earn handsome amount from them

The potential resources for Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

There are many websites available on the internet which provides their services freely for making affiliate marketing of their products. You will have to present these products on your blog or website in interesting way with complete detail in order to convince the customers or potential readers. There is a complete detailed list of websites from where you can find the details of the products banner or link and then insert these information or products into your blog. You can also share these products on the social media networks. The list of the website is appended below:


If you want to work for affiliate marketing then you should visit these websites as there will be various chances of affiliate marketing. Presently, internet is the best tool for earning through affiliate marketing. The aforementioned websites provides you the opportunity of earning $65 commission for a single sign up and if you referred 10 people in the month then you can earn about $650. The IT specialists and professional people are earning a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

Online Make Money 6 Easy Ways

Information Technology brought a revolution in the life of common man. The people who know information technology and other related computer activities can earn a lot of money through internet. The modern study shows that the blog and website owners earned about $2.1 billion in 2008. This business is done by affiliating marketing which provides you a lot of opportunities to earn money online as you have invested very small amount but you earn handsome amount in quite short period of time.

Online Make Money 6 Easy Ways

Online Make Money 6 Easy Ways

You should create your own site and turn your own trafficking to other site to buy their products and services. The more people from your site involve in shopping with that sites the more amount of commission you will earn in this way. This is such type of business which you can do in your spare time but if you are successful in this business then you can start this business as a full time business. The more time and effort you put in this business the more successes you can get from this business. There are six points if you act upon them then you can earn more and more money.

1. Create a website or blog

To start this business as affiliate marketers, you should create your own website and place links to the services or products which you consider reasonable and recommend them. The website services like GoDaddy and Hostgator are very cheap to create new websites and place links with them.  You may also set up free blog through Google’s Blogger blog network and start your affiliate marketing.

2.         Decide your product/service niche

In affiliating marketing, companies and other business departments sell their products from jewellery to general store items, cell phones, laptop, computer and its accessories and health caring products. You should produce these products to the customers in certain area for sale and express the specifications of the products and related information as to why a customer buys such kind of product.

3.         Find products and services to promote

There are various companies which do business as affiliate marketers through their affiliate networks. These networks help them to sale their products and in return get their commission.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

  • The websites like Commission junction who deals in the business of traditional wares including travel related business to property estate business.
  • There are various websites like PayDotCom, Clickbank and E-junkie which provide their services for making connections between creators of e-books and software to sell their digital download products.
  • The web link like Google AdSense is a link which works as pay per click basis which leads the traffic to the site of the company. Some of the websites or web links are cost less for making your connection with other sites or deal the product sale.

4.         Affiliate site content

To provide affiliate site contents, there are normally two methods which will provide help to start your own affiliate marketing business.

  • There are some resource sites which provide help you to get articles and posts and will help to get affiliate links or banner ads. Fresh content should not be added in the article as they will click your money making article.
  • There are some review sites in which you should write down the names of the products which you offer and their rates to help the buyer in shopping. You should attach a link or banner ad which will provide details to your merchant partner’s site.

5.         Affiliate sites must attract lots of targeted traffic to succeed

There are a lot of people who visit your website but they do not click your affiliate links. This situation will create problems for you but you do not worry and find the tactics to increase the traffic on your website or link. There are four main methods to get more exposure of your site and get more trafficking on your site.

  • Paid Advertising. You should copy your ad headlines then call to action message and graphics and in this way let the customers to visit your site and buy the products which you have placed for selling.
  • Free Advertising. There are some sites like US Free Ads and Craiglist which are the suitable places which will accept links and banner ads and make their advertising free and earn more and more money.
  • Article Marketing. This is another popular way of marketing and posting different types of articles and gets various benefits. You can create your niche and with the help of search engine and increase the number of links to your site. In this way you can draw more and more traffic to your website and earn more and more money.
  • E-mail Marketing. You should make the name list of your customers and their email address which will help you in making contact with them and produce your affiliate products to them for sale. You may also make arrangements through opt-in subscription box for the customers of your own and issue them newsletter and in this way you can earn more and more.

6.         Learn the ropes in forums

If you want to work with affiliate marketing then contact with the sites who share their experience and knowledge with you. To get benefit from the free affiliate marketing, you should join them.

You should contact with well reputed website like Digital Point which will provide you tremendous affiliate marketing tips. These all advices will boost your success in making your links and SEO.

There are various other affiliate marketing forums like eBestWeb which have more than 100 sub forums. All these forums and sub forums have tremendous affiliate specific subjects along with other businessmen and sincere affiliates who want to work with you with zeal and enthusiasm.

The affiliate forums like warrior which is best for the new comers. You can start your working by making your profile, if there is any query then contact with the concerned and provide increment to your business.

When you make up your mind to start affiliate marketing, then get sufficient knowledge about the work, the techniques and the way of executing your work, consult with your family members and friends who are well acquainted with such type of affiliated marketing and chose the desired destination from where you are going to start your business. The more work you do the more knowledge and experience you will gain which will be resulting in to your success.

Make Money via Event Planning

Event management is another business of today which is getting better and appealing for anyone. Especially with the ever increasing population in the cities, no space is left to organize different type of functions just like wedding, birthday or school examination ceremonies or get together parties. If you have the ability of organizing the event according to its demand and by creation of effective demonstration of celebration, a lot of people can remember the function and give priority for arranging their own functions there. People possessing the skills of arranging the event can earn a lot of income from this business.

Earn Money Be a Cartoonist

Today cartoon is really a strong and effective source to convey the message you want top deliver your readers. Cartoon is really a freehand drawing which oozes out funny message to its readers. There are various type cartoon found in newspapers or magazines which includes political, editorial and caricatures. Cartoons are also broadcast on TV and other electronic media for different purposes.

Be a Cartoonist

Be a Cartoonist

When you are stressed or something like that goes completely wrong throughout your day, humor and funny caricature set your mood right and fresh your mind and body and feel very light. Some institutions offer short-term courses to hopefully draw cartoons. After learning this art you may be able to work as free lance cartoonist and sell your stuff to newspapers, magazines and books etc.

Business of Talent Agency

It is also an interesting type of work in which you can help other to search talent hidden in them. A lot of people will contact you for necessary suggestion seeking from you on the topic that what type of talent they possess and what should they do to become successful in their lives.

Business of Talent Agency

Business of Talent Agency

The talent agent will help you for controlling your conferences, auditions and other concerned matter.

Business of Beekeeping

Business of Beekeeping

Beekeeping is really an interesting business which will help you to earn sufficient money by doing it part time or full time job. It is really reasonable profession with greater possibilities for earning more.

It can be adjusted in small piece of land and easy to take care of it. It can also be transported easily even in metropolitan area.

Promote Your Blog For Free Through Social Bookmarking Sites


It is best option to get popularized the Social Bookmarking sites or blog freely. There is no need to throw money for advertisement.

It is very powerful tool to promote your website or blog for free by social bookmarking. The social bookmarking may also give additional traffic to your sites by permitting you to submit your posts for additional exposure. The social bookmarking will increase the contents and gather potential to readers along with improvement in SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website. Index pages will be helped by them which will not crawled by the search engine. It will also increase your page rank in search engines and also help to create free back links for your sites. You will have to register freely in order to submit your post to these Social Networking sites. Their service carries no fee.

Hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites are available on the internet. Watch these sites on search engine and you will find it. You may also use it effectively to promote your site but never spam them.


1. Pay attention to small number of Social Bookmarking sites because it is convenient to manage.

2. Social Bookmarking sites should be suitable for your special type of work. It helps to offer your contents to your audience.

3. Bookmark is surely the high quality concerned content which can be shared with others.

4. Taking Part is very necessary in various Social Bookmarking sites. Therefore give your comment, submit stories or humors and join the discussions in a community. This will help you to increase traffic to your sites. The more visible your contents are then the chances are improved to give popularity to your contents.

5. Always use particular tags. These tags describe your contents. Tags not relevant will make low the reputation of your site.

6. If you use Social Bookmarking sites as a tool to drive more traffic to your sites then you will be considered an active user to really make an impact.

How can earn Money online with Google Adwords


If you are financially strong enough to run ad continuously then you can conveniently make money online with Google AdWords. Firstly you will have to learn how to create adverts that will help you for highest returning on your investment. In the absence of sufficient k knowledge you can face financial loss. A large number of persons are associated with it to make money online by using Google AdWords to run the campaign for different items.

Getting the Best Results from Adwords

You will have to associate with the people who are working with AdWords successfully by using these marketing tools for the last many years. It is essential to learn using of these tools to create your campaign. It is quite possible to win the AdWords game if you adopt the correct procedure.

You can also earn money online with Google AdWords apart from your experience in internet marketing. AdWords is reasonable for all network users. If you adopt impressive strategy then you can get enough money. Then you will understand that why a large number of experienced marketers use PPC advertising.

Earning money with AdWords will give result after working with it consistently. Yo9u can take help of guide which will lead you what to do and in this way you can earn a lot of money. With the growth of your knowledge and experience your income will also boost up. You will to learn different strategies including working hard with internet tools, creation of effective campaigns and tracking of your campaigns top get more profit.

Some Basics need Quick Look

Every click by anybody that you received from AdWords will cost you some money. Keeping remember carefully to carry on your campaigns ensuring you can earn profit from the money that you spend. If you spend $20 to get 100 c lick for a key word along 3% to 5% conversion rate then you need such item that can give you at least $10 per sale in order to gain profit. If you make three sales it means you earn $30 but if you sell up to 5 then you get $50.

Optimism of your ads and landing pages

It is essential to write high quality and charming ads to get more clicks from concerned buyers. If your ads are not charming then you will fail to get attraction of a lot of people to your ad. If your ads are not properly optimized then you cannot convert a lot of clicks. Another charming aspect of PPC marketing is that you can earn money online with AdWords without any website or not having knowledge of web design skills. When you got a lot of experience you will feel how it is convenient to make money online with Google AdWords.