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Fanbox Convenient and Confident Earning site

There are various methods for earning money online, some are popular and some are still to become popular. Fanbox is a site from where you can earn money by using it like facebook. You can start working on this site and start earning money without investing any amount. You can do all this simply as you spend your time on facebook.



You should spend one hour daily and keep comments and likes and start posting on Fanbox. Through all these activities you can earn money. In the beginning, you will start earning money from 5$ to 10$ daily and with the passage of time, you can earn more and more and in this way your earnings will be increased and stepped up to 50$ to 100$. This is the best earning website which I ever found.

When you start working on this site, you keep in mind that you will 2 or 3 days to understand it that how can it works. When you understand the whole method of earning money from this site then you should relax and start working on this site without any fear. As the time passes, your income will be increased and I will also guide you if you feel any problem in understanding this method of earning money online.

Earn 2$ Daily Trick just 1 Second Work

WITHIN NO TIME EARN 2$ DAILY- Hi friends, we want to express our valued readers that we got a real interesting work for our readers, after a long time,  we can earn not less than 2$ in 2 minutes easily with 100 percent guarantee. I have received payment yesterday  and I can give you proof of it. Without wasting of time, I am going to tell you step by step procedure and method how to work.

Daily earn 2$

Daily earn 2$

Like Face book(pays 0.05$)

  • As the Rewarding ways pages and get 0.5$  per page.

Other surveys(Pays 0.50$ to 2$)

  • You can earn up to 2$ by completing different types of surveys, some emails and submitting  jobs offered by rewarding ways.
Earn Money Payment Proof

Earn Money Payment Proof

As per Survey Head Daily –  WHICH CAN BE COMPLETED 4 TIMES PER DAY worldwide,  you can withdraw money from your Alertpay account as your account balance reaches 1$. If you follow step by step this daily, you will get per day payment.  You can earn easily above 2$ within 2 minutes and this money will be online transferred to your given account within 2 hours.

5 Way Earn Money via Facebook

There are millions of users on facebook which visit the sites every day. Some of them monetize the facebook applications. It is very difficult to cope with the costly servers to provide support to millions of facebook users. In such type of problems how it is possible for a facebook apps developers to earn money. in this article we are going to share 5 suggestions to answer such type of question.

make money with facebook

make money with facebook

1.         SELL. You should develop applications and seek interested parties to purchase them as there are various parties who will acquire these applications from you.

2.         DEVELOP. This is an indirect source of generating funds. In this system you will have to work for a large number of companies to post their contract jobs while using the developer forums on facebook. It is also a cumbersome task to find desired customers to develop facebook applications at reasonable rates.

3.         ADVERTISING. For the advertising of the applications and other materials, you should work for different schemes including cross-promotion and affiliate marketing. As Javascript embedding is disallowed on facebook so Google Adsense cannot be used. iFrames are also against the norms of Google’s TOS which is also not feasible to run by Adsense. In this situation affiliate marketing is great on facebook which provides opportunities to display your advertisement there.

4.         MICROPAYMENTS. You can sell the services by making the transaction of micro payment. If you have attractive and handsome application which is being visited by a number of users and get reasonable income then you can made payment by PayPal payments.

5.         GET INVESTMENT. If there is any investor who can make investment for something incurring huge amount then apply through Bay Partners and like other links. In this way you can get handsome trafficking and earn handsome amount through facebook or beyond.



There are millions of people who use facebook around the world which are estimated about 29 millions of people.

The facebook is the perfect place to make link or present products for sale or provide services to the interested companies or individuals then you can use this medium for earning your income more and more. You may also develop your account or startup which provide more earnings from facebook applications.

Promote Your Blog For Free Through Social Bookmarking Sites


It is best option to get popularized the Social Bookmarking sites or blog freely. There is no need to throw money for advertisement.

It is very powerful tool to promote your website or blog for free by social bookmarking. The social bookmarking may also give additional traffic to your sites by permitting you to submit your posts for additional exposure. The social bookmarking will increase the contents and gather potential to readers along with improvement in SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website. Index pages will be helped by them which will not crawled by the search engine. It will also increase your page rank in search engines and also help to create free back links for your sites. You will have to register freely in order to submit your post to these Social Networking sites. Their service carries no fee.

Hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites are available on the internet. Watch these sites on search engine and you will find it. You may also use it effectively to promote your site but never spam them.


1. Pay attention to small number of Social Bookmarking sites because it is convenient to manage.

2. Social Bookmarking sites should be suitable for your special type of work. It helps to offer your contents to your audience.

3. Bookmark is surely the high quality concerned content which can be shared with others.

4. Taking Part is very necessary in various Social Bookmarking sites. Therefore give your comment, submit stories or humors and join the discussions in a community. This will help you to increase traffic to your sites. The more visible your contents are then the chances are improved to give popularity to your contents.

5. Always use particular tags. These tags describe your contents. Tags not relevant will make low the reputation of your site.

6. If you use Social Bookmarking sites as a tool to drive more traffic to your sites then you will be considered an active user to really make an impact.

FaceBook’s Top 5 Games

  1. Farm Ville

Farm Ville is was made by Zynga. It appears the top 1 popular game. The game was used by 76.1 million players per month. This game is about the establishment of a virtual farm house by planting and harvesting plants using different implants even rearing animals. The user is referred to as the farmer. He/she can also make a community by making friends.

  1. Café World

This game was also made by Zynga. Café World was ranked the second most played game. The game though, was launched on September 2011 still it managed to gather 30.3 million users monthly.

  1. Happy Aquarium

Happy aquarium is a way of fishing on face book with Crowd Star Happy Aquarium. The game has gathered 26.6 million players a month. Normally, we use to take a shovel for farming. Here you can change the out look of your aquarium. Just leave fishes in the ponds feed it and sell at later in the market.

  1. Fish Ville

The format of Fish Ville is just like Farm Ville but works like Happy Aquarium. The number of the players in a single month is 25.3 million. This game was also made by Zynga.

5. Texas Holdem poker

Gambling is a fun and it is another form of becoming socialized. Zynga destined to put the Texas HoldEm on facebook face book by creating a high quality poker game. This game also got immense fame among the users with 25.3 players in a month.

how can i earn money through facebook

earn Money Through facebook

earn Money Through facebook

These days, Facebook’s struggle in the field of social media provides a new arena of marketing, developing and business. In these days of technological revolution one can easily come on this social and interactive net work and make money in a due course of time. If some one is with out account he/she can just sign up and make money. Online money making involves some hardships and mind game to pass through.

We can discuss some important points like;

1.      Radical buy

This application is for online selling of products on facebook. One will need to make a list of items being sold and put up on facebook for users. Even when can promote his/her product through different advertising agency, doing so he/she might be accessible to more well purchasers

2.      Café Press

This is the same way as that of Zazzle. One will need here to make the store wider. Café Press is a means of items selling on facebook, which might be either your own or manufactured by some one else

3.      Ether

According to this method one can advice people online or on phone. Ether is site is used the same way as discussed above-a medium between costumers and advisers. One can do the same, he/she will set the price, Ether will provide a number to you and you will contacted by consumers via this number.

4.      Music Blaster

Make a music stock on facebook and sell it through 5 percent of the song sold will be paid to you. You can promote your best band singers and help them expose.

5.      Garage Sale

It’s evident from its name but here is facebook garage sale rather. Make your own profile and add the list of items that is aimed at sale. When some body will purchase a product, he will be charged, from his credit card and Garage Sale automatically let you know when to take the products. Money will be directly deposited in your paypal account or you may request for cash through cheque.

facebook twitter

facebook twitter

6.      Shopit

Shopit is also a commerce site used socially online. It make essy for you to buy or sell or make your own business. At free store to your facebook profile and go ahead.

facebook credits gift card

facebook credits gift card

7.      Ebay

Another alluring way to earn money using facebook is to combine Ebay and facebook, this will help you out in promoting your products and increase the numbers of consumers. Handicrafts, jewelry, and many more products can be promoted

12 unique Ways To Make Money On Facebook!

facebook earnmoney

Making money with facebook! If you are a facebook user or have been around social networking sites for a while, you probably have heard that. But, is it really possible to make money with facebook? How would you go about making money on facebook?

Well, thanks to some very useful and user friendly applications, today almost everyone has a Facebook page, make money on the truth way. With a simple installation, you can be on your way  to make  money  on facebook. Of course, like all other  methods of  earning  money, especially money online, it takes hard work and perseverance  to make a decent amount of money on facebook. Although these applications make it very  easy to get in the way of making money  with face book, its strategy and a well thought out  plan, combined with persistence and hard work, which ultimately factors in your success or failure in making money with facebook. Here are some programs you can use to make money on Facebook:

1. Radical Buy This is almost like a facebook made ​​ebay. You can sell just about anything on your Facebook page with the help of this unique app. List an item and have it visible to all Facebook users instantly. Now it’s cool you think you can offer commissions to others who will sell your items on their Facebook page, so you can reach more potential buyers. Of course this means that even if you do not have any entry for sale, you can view other peoples items on your Facebook page and earn money with the Commission, you get to sell the stuff.

Sadly RadicalBuy has discontinued its widgets and apps and doesn’t work any more. I will try to find another good app that can be help you make money with your Facebook account, as soon as I can.

2. My Merch Store If you have red my 9 Website To Make Money With By Designing & Selling … article, then you know about zazzle. Well, now zazzel allows you to create and design any product on their site(which is free) and sell them on your face book. Think about the potential buyer base for customized t-shirts and hats and etc, specially if you have a lot of facebook friends. You can also sell product created by other artists and earn a commission on those. So, even if you don’t want to deal with designing, you have a way to make money on face book using zazzle.

3. Cafe Press It’s the same idea as zazzle, but with a much bigger and well known online store. Cafepress lets you easily sell any product from anti Obama Shirts to pro Obama Shirts, on your facebook and make money, whether it was created by you or someone else.

4. Ether Ether is a website you can make money by giving advice to people over the phone  or by chat. But now you can use its new application on Facebook to make money while giving advice to people over the phone. If you are good at giving advice, this may be a way for you to earn some extra money on facebook. Even if you know a second language, this app makes it easy to teach others  and make money. You set prices and Ether provides a number that individuals can make. The call will then be sent to your personal phone number.

5. Music Blaster With MusicBlaster you can put a simple little music store on your facebook, and sell music from You earn 5% for each song sold. The cool think about this app is the fact that you can help your favorite band or singer to sell their music while you make money, as well as helping them to gain more exposure.

6. Garage Sale The name says it all, its the good old Garage Sale, but a “facebooky” Garage Sale. Simply add Garage Sale to your profile page and list every thing you want to sell. When someone buys something, Garage Sale automatically bills the buyer’s credit card and lets you when to ship the item. Your money is deposited directly into your Pay Pal account, or you can request payment by check. However they charge a 5% commission on the total sales price, but that’s all. No other fee for setup or anything like that.

7. Shopit Shopit is a free Social Commerce Network that gives users the ability to buy, sell or trade any product or service. Simply add a free store to your facebook and sell anything you like. Another easy way to make money on facebook.

8. FlameTunes FT was founded in 2007 by an Iranian-American named Nima Khakpour. This app is more for the artists to sell their music. So, if you are an artist, FlameTunes enables you to sell your music on your facebook. You can also use it to sell music on myspace.

9. Lemonade Remember when you setup your first lemonade stand in your community? Well, this app allows you to use the same concept, combining commerce and community, and have a lemonade stand in a digital (facebook) neighborhood. Basically you add what you want to sell to a lemonade stand, and put it on your Facebook. It’s free and easy.

10. Ebay Who knew that was coming? Yep, you guessed it. Now you can get your eBay on Facebook. This application allows you to add eBay auction listings in your profile. Sell ​​stuff to your Facebook friends from crafts, jewelry to diary entries, underwear and date dinner or just what you sell on eBay! You also have the option to add a charity auction to support you on your Facebook profile. I think it’s a very clever way of combining eBay and Facebook, and you do not even need an eBay account!

11. Lending Club It’s almost like prosper, where you land money to others and make money with the interest you make from the loan. Not to worry though, lending club has all the detail covered. So, it’s completely safe, and the whole legal and trust issues are taking cared by lending club. If you can use it safley, it can be a good way to make money with your facebook.

12. e3buy Auction Buy, sell or trade anything. Auction your used or new things. With e3buy you can open a custom shop, upload your logo and start selling things. unlike ebay, there are no commissions or fees to be paid. it is completely free to use. It is also fully integrated with PayPal, so you can get paid quickly.

If you know of any app that makes it possible for one to make money using facebook, let me know and I will add it to this list. There you have it, 12 Free applications that you can take advantage of to make money on facebook.

How does Facebook Make Money

They say its free. They also say that Mark Zuckerberg – the guy who started Facebook – is one of the richest people around – a billionaire apparently. So how the hell does this guy give free accounts to its users and yet sit happily atop a goldmine? The figures going around about Facebook’s annual revenue are heart-stopping to say the least. The numbers that did the rounds were all around the US$ 500 million mark, which means that since 2007, they’ve been more or less doubling their revenue. All this from a free website! So where is the money coming from? This article will answer the question, how does Facebook make money and solve the mystery for you.

How Facebook Makes Money?

Free account notwithstanding, Facebook is making money. And lots of it. How does Facebook make money? If only you knew how does Facebook work financially!

I’ll solve the mystery for you in one simple word – ads. The same thing that runs most websites across the world. That is the big secret behind Facebook’s burgeoning revenue. If you open your Facebook profile, you will see that the while right hand side of the page is full of ads. You can give the thumbs up to the ad or the thumbs down. The thumbs down will remove the ad and it will not come back.

How do these ads work? Well Facebook being a decidedly smart social networking institution knows which ad to put where. Like the Google AdSense, Facebook too provides ad to the pages based on the interests and the overall profile of the user. So, if you mention in your profile that you are a fan of Nike or any other sportswear brand, the related ads will appear on the right hand side of the page for companies and websites selling them. Facebook ads are not intrusive and hence people do not get annoyed with them, unlike we do with those super-irritating pop-up ads.

And their advertising system makes sense, since it ensures that the right ad is displayed to the right customer, since the ads are selected for an individual page based on the interests and likes of the user. This avoids unnecessary waste of adspace on the page where the chances of the ad being ‘hit’ are theoretically pretty low. Also, the ad system of Facebook, gives the user a ‘thumbs down’ option, which ensures that the particular ad does not appear again. That too is a pretty interesting thought, given that the ad hasn’t a chance of being clicked and letting it sit in front of the users will continue to rile them.

Facebook Gifts
Ever sent a virtual gift on someone’s birthday? You must have at some point, if you knew how to use Facebook. Well you do pay for some of them and a big slice of it goes into coffers of the company. While simply writing ‘happy birthday’ suffices for some, the ‘send a gift tab’ on your friend’s wall encourages others to send a virtual gift – paid for online. All the money almost always goes to the company, but if the gift is provided by an outsider, then a portion of it goes there. But much of it is still retained by the website.

Application Performance
The beautiful thing about companies like these which work on different platform are the plethora of business ideas that they bring to the table. Performance advertising is a unique answer to how does Facebook make money. Let us take the example of Farmville, which is doing reasonably well on Facebook. Now the application is provided free for use for the users of Facebook and the parent company (Zynga) is getting a lot of traffic because of the game’s popularity on Facebook. So isn’t Facebook entitled to take a slice of that pie? After all, they are providing a platform for gaming companies like Zynga to their burgeoning user base. So Facebook makes a bit of money there too, as a ‘rental’ for using their users.

I guess that answers your questions about what is Facebook and how does it work and how does Facebook make money. Now this information on how Facebook makes money is largely speculative. Facebook is a privately held company and has the complete liberty to not disclose their financial details – and they don’t disclose their revenues and the sources of their revenues either.

Make Money From Facebook Using FREE Tools – Hidden Secrets Revealed Here

Being known for doing a lot of Facebook marketing I run into a lot questions daily on how to actually make money from Facebook.

For example, Oscar from Wallingford, CT contacted me through email asking for help on how to save his business from going under.

He was lacking traffic and enough customers to keep his business open.

He knew that Facebook had a lot of his target market on there but he had no clue on how to reach them and get them to buy from him instead of his competitors.

I gave him a full system on everything I knew about getting your targeted audience to your website or business faster than any other form of advertising. He still thanks me til this day and that was 2 years ago.

I kept his business from failing just by showing him how to capitalize on free traffic.

Now I want to give you a little tip to make money from Facebook that you can use to get you started on the same journey as Oscar and that’s refueling a business back to success or starting a new one for success.

If you haven’t already signed up for a Facebook account please go do that. Next if you haven’t already heard of Facebook Applications such as Mafia Wars or Farmville, that’s where I want you to focus for this tip. These applications alone see more traffic a day than most website generate in months.

Go engage in some of the applications learn them, don’t get addicted though I know it will be easy to do so because I have done some of them myself and man can they can kill time.

Learning these applications is the first step to making money from Facebook and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I have shown tons of people how to make money from Facebook and you are no different.