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SEO Techniques which I Don’t Forget – Top 15 SEO Tips

SEO Techniques 2013

If we say that SEO is a very hot topic today in the whole world it won’t be wrong. The first page of Google is considered by everyone so more user see their page. There is a list made by me about the top 15 search engines which I usually forget. I guarantee if these techniques are properly followed then your page will surely be placed as top ranked in search engine query inflatable outdoor christmas decorations.

  1. First of all re=”not follow on low value tag should be used so that page rank juice is not passed. Like reading the remaining of the entry About, Contact.
  2. Proper Anchor text should be used for interlinks. There or here should not be used.
  3. It should be noted that alt tags and write descriptions should always be created and the images should be optimimized
  4. Permalinks used should be Search Engine Friendly. URL with characters “&,?,!” should not be used.
  5. Hyphens should be used between words to enhance readability.
  6. Hyphens (-) should be used instead of underscores ( _).
  7. URL with session id are not recommended.
  8. Sticky posts are appreciated.
  9. Tag Clouds to be used.
  10. Paragraph having category description
  11. Update to date content is preferred as outdated is not liked by visitors. Updating is also appreciated a lot by engine spiders who index web pages frequently.
  12. Category Specific RSS feed should be subscribed for the visitors.
  13. Research should be made on the audience which is targeted and appropriate site should be aimed.
  14. Internal linking should be used when is appropriate and possible.
  15. Using Sub Directories instead of Sub domains as sharing link is difficult with Sub Domains and is treated different from domain.

As I move forward I will try to optimize the list of web pages for search engine.

In which way You Drive Organic Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store Efficiently

When you deal with your brick-and-mortar store then you will have to do marketing a little bit for getting success. In this way you will have to put your store in a quite fine and highly traffic generating place then you will receive customers in large numbers. When they get good experience from your experience then they will also share with their families and friends and other acquainted people resulting into the arrival of their friends also. With the arrival of new people and from new locations, the traffic of people becomes increased. The people associated with ecommerce spend sufficient time for getting good traffic for their stores and in this way they can earn handsome amount of money.

Search Engine Optimization for your E commerce website

Search Engine Optimization for your E commerce website

About all of the ecommerce business owners spend sufficient time and money for generating good traffic. With the increase in the traffic, the income is also increased. In the organic trafficking, you will have to spend more time to increase your business. If you want to get more potential customers by adopting the way of organic trafficking, then you will have to give more time to your business to get success.

Here are some strategies you may want to try out:

1.         Comment back linking

When you want to enhance your store then you should build the page rank of your site in the way of giving comments on other blogs. You should also give an appropriate text concerning with your business which have links to your store.

When you want to get more traffic on your site then you should look for several months that what kind of gains you have received on this site. Your blogs should be written in well manner which attract the attention of the people. You also make links with various other blogs on the internet to enhance the trafficking on your site.

2.         Networking online

You can also make contact with other sites and links by making internet connections with other ecommerce sellers and bloggers. When you succeed in making links with other people online then they will link your store.

When you start working online then you should bear in mind that the relationships with other people work for you. The more you work on internet the more benefit you can get from their links. The more people know you the more chances of your connection with other people to refer you own store. It is the most convenient and easy way to generate more traffic and earn more income with the increase in number of people.

Boost organic traffic

Boost organic traffic

3.         Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is not working well for the benefit of the people on internet. If this social media marketing works well then it will be great but unfortunately it is like that. It is just like you work on the facebook for many hours but at last you find that you have wasted many hours on it.

If you use the social media marketing in an easy way and for the benefit of you then it will work for you a lot. You spend only 30 minutes in twitter and facebook and make good use of these social media marketing and connect with your friends, fans and other companions then you can develop your business. The people who want to get success in online business, they should try all three types of strategies for the enhancement of their business. In online marketing you will have to invest time and money to work efficiently. You should know that what of products people demand these days and try to provide them in time which is the realm of ecommerce.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Firstly make a social media strategy and get knowledge in this regard from the brightest name in the field of social media in this most remarkable online event and workshop.

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Use Social Media to Market Your Business

More than eight weeks you will take part in an exclusive online event enabling yourselves for weekly video webcasts, take part in continuing forum discussions, complete strategic assignments and work with small group to collect one-on-one feedback to your social media plans.

How does this work?

This is a tremendous online conference and workshop which will bridge the best of conferences and online learning:

Social Media to Market Your Business

Social Media to Market Your Business

  • Speeches leaving keynotes by the social media pioneers of world-class, with interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Sessions for practically showing you how-to put big ideas into immediate practice.
  • Design your home work to get your social media strategy up and running quickly.
  • Peer interaction: Work closely with a small group. Get feedback from an advisor. And make meaningful connections with the entire attendee roster.

By the end of the online conference & workshop, you’ll have:

  • A comprehensive social media marketing strategy in place across various sites and platforms, consisting of a content strategy and replace track traffic to monitor tools, engagement, and conversion to sales.
  • You will also get continuous guidance from the instructors of your boot camp instructors, special guests and business partner in your small group sessions.

Keep in your mind always that once your social media strategy is in the right direction then you will get feedback from your audience, users, and clients.

Make Money via SEO

Make Money via SEO

The rapid growing of online marketing is continuously contributing to the company of seo. For the net users to become impressive in their business, it is imperative to give their products maximum exposure or exhibition. You can acquire good information from search engines like google, which means get more contact with your items more acquiring of new clients. By becoming more effective your search engine optimization excessive number of people could make your sites very prominent that are seen on top of the lists which catches viewers’ attention.

Make Money via SEO

Make Money via SEO

There is a continuing interest in e-commerce that does not need any formal education and may be easily learnt. Acquiring of more than 3 hundred million daily customers of search engines like google which will enhance your possibility of moving forward rapidly.

Promote Your Blog For Free Through Social Bookmarking Sites


It is best option to get popularized the Social Bookmarking sites or blog freely. There is no need to throw money for advertisement.

It is very powerful tool to promote your website or blog for free by social bookmarking. The social bookmarking may also give additional traffic to your sites by permitting you to submit your posts for additional exposure. The social bookmarking will increase the contents and gather potential to readers along with improvement in SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your website. Index pages will be helped by them which will not crawled by the search engine. It will also increase your page rank in search engines and also help to create free back links for your sites. You will have to register freely in order to submit your post to these Social Networking sites. Their service carries no fee.

Hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites are available on the internet. Watch these sites on search engine and you will find it. You may also use it effectively to promote your site but never spam them.


1. Pay attention to small number of Social Bookmarking sites because it is convenient to manage.

2. Social Bookmarking sites should be suitable for your special type of work. It helps to offer your contents to your audience.

3. Bookmark is surely the high quality concerned content which can be shared with others.

4. Taking Part is very necessary in various Social Bookmarking sites. Therefore give your comment, submit stories or humors and join the discussions in a community. This will help you to increase traffic to your sites. The more visible your contents are then the chances are improved to give popularity to your contents.

5. Always use particular tags. These tags describe your contents. Tags not relevant will make low the reputation of your site.

6. If you use Social Bookmarking sites as a tool to drive more traffic to your sites then you will be considered an active user to really make an impact.

How can earn Money online with Google Adwords


If you are financially strong enough to run ad continuously then you can conveniently make money online with Google AdWords. Firstly you will have to learn how to create adverts that will help you for highest returning on your investment. In the absence of sufficient k knowledge you can face financial loss. A large number of persons are associated with it to make money online by using Google AdWords to run the campaign for different items.

Getting the Best Results from Adwords

You will have to associate with the people who are working with AdWords successfully by using these marketing tools for the last many years. It is essential to learn using of these tools to create your campaign. It is quite possible to win the AdWords game if you adopt the correct procedure.

You can also earn money online with Google AdWords apart from your experience in internet marketing. AdWords is reasonable for all network users. If you adopt impressive strategy then you can get enough money. Then you will understand that why a large number of experienced marketers use PPC advertising.

Earning money with AdWords will give result after working with it consistently. Yo9u can take help of guide which will lead you what to do and in this way you can earn a lot of money. With the growth of your knowledge and experience your income will also boost up. You will to learn different strategies including working hard with internet tools, creation of effective campaigns and tracking of your campaigns top get more profit.

Some Basics need Quick Look

Every click by anybody that you received from AdWords will cost you some money. Keeping remember carefully to carry on your campaigns ensuring you can earn profit from the money that you spend. If you spend $20 to get 100 c lick for a key word along 3% to 5% conversion rate then you need such item that can give you at least $10 per sale in order to gain profit. If you make three sales it means you earn $30 but if you sell up to 5 then you get $50.

Optimism of your ads and landing pages

It is essential to write high quality and charming ads to get more clicks from concerned buyers. If your ads are not charming then you will fail to get attraction of a lot of people to your ad. If your ads are not properly optimized then you cannot convert a lot of clicks. Another charming aspect of PPC marketing is that you can earn money online with AdWords without any website or not having knowledge of web design skills. When you got a lot of experience you will feel how it is convenient to make money online with Google AdWords.

Customized and Shared Google+pages


Google proposed business holders to use Google+ pages. They are at the opinion that Google was a bit time consuming and with introduction Google +Pages time factor is now no problem.

Google +Pages are currently used by the promontory of the business like Dell, Toyota or other prominent names like Muppets. Anyhow, Google has proclaimed that Customized and Shared Google+pages will be available to all other users and business companies who will be longing for this facility. Albeit, the announcement, still it will take time to come to the front line.

At last you w

ill be able to create your own Google+ Pages.
”+” modifier is the symbol used by Google to search a particular Google +Page. Suppose, to search a query about Toyota’s Google+ Page, just type +Toyota in Google’s se

arch engine.

Suggestions for Creating Google+pages

  1. If you have a Google+Account just click here
  2. You can also visit to create your own


And lastly, select the category of the business to which you belong

8 Creative Ways Find Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

“Why are all the good domain names already taken?”

They aren’t. You just have to know how to create a great domain name that is available. If you want to get a great domain name for your new website or e-business, you’ve got to get creative. Here are a few methods I recommend you try to find the perfect domain name for a new website.

For the purpose of this article, we will assume you are starting a new e-commerce site selling widgets.

The Basics: Keyword-Based Domains

These are the easy, desirable names that are typically taken – names like,, greenwidgets, com, etc. You can try different variations, but in most niches you’ll need to get a little more creative to find an available name.

1. Communicate The Concept, Not The Keyword

Brainstorm and create a list of concepts that might be relevant to your website. Get away from keywords, product names, and other obvious words. Two great examples of this are DeskAway and BaseCamp, both project management platforms. Both names convey the concept of project management software, without using the common keywords.

2. Keyword + Description Word

Start with your main keyword, plus a word that describes your website. Since your website is an online store, start with the words “widget” + “store”. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for both words, then combine them to find possible domain names. Examples:,,,, etc.

3. Keyword + Generic Word

Start with your keyword, plus a generic word that could be relevant to your website. For example, start with the words “widget” + “planet”. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for both words, then combine them to find possible domain names. Examples:,,, etc.

4. Cropped Words

Some words that you find in your searches may be suitable to use in a shortened format. For example, emporium could be shortened, creating

5. Modified Words

Other words may be suitable to be modified. For example, you could create variations on the word “widget” to create domain names such as,,, etc.

6. Combined Words

Try combining, slicing, dicing, and rearranging words to create entirely new words. For example, “red” = “widget” could create “”. Be careful what words you create and what they may mean to website visitors from other countries or cultures.

7. Dead Words

Latin, Gaelic and other seldom-used languages can be a great resource for creative names. Find relevant words in these languages, and see if they might be suitable to use in creating a new word or phrase. Look for words that are easily pronounced and sound neat.

8. New Words

You can also impersonate Noah Webster and just create new words. Who ever heard of a google before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google? Create a new word and the brand is yours to own and build!

SEO Link Wheels: Dominating the Competition

SEO is certainly not a new concept (or phrase) to those involved with the Internet.  In fact, even those who have little or nothing to do with websites, blogs or anything else related to the online environment have at least some familiarity with what SEO implies.

Most SEO “experts” offer their services at a premium, and you give no information on the operation of these services. In fact, they like to do the whole process seems as magical as possible. However, wants to take the mystery of the process and give you the highest rank possible thanks to the Google page. Is this really work, though?

What Are Link Wheels?

Link building has been an important consideration in search engine optimization for a very long time, and is not really news.  However, the way that SEOLinkWheelers works is a bit different, and deserves some attention.  In fact, the link wheels created here are the key to online success and work very differently from most link-building campaigns that you might have experienced in the past.

At heart, link wheels are all about connections – these connections form the spokes of a wheel, bringing everything full circle.  SEO link wheels start out with several different components, including:

  • Made of Micro-Sites
  • Blog Posts
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Sites

How Does It Work?

Each of these components is an integral part of the wheel.  For instance, micro-sites are built around a specific keyword that applies to your business or product.  A link to your site, as well as a link to another micro-site, randomly generated.  Each blog post, article submitted to a directory or Web 2.0 site is a link in the wheel.

Blogs wheel route are generated on blogs and PR 3 created by skilled writers. Each message contains a link to your website and a link to another site in the wheel. Articles submitted to directories contain a link to your website and a link to another part of the wheel well. Finally, Web 2.0 sites are used to house additional items with the same pattern of links.

In essence, a wheel link can provide up to 119 backlinks to your website viable, contributing to generate traffic congestion and provide better page rank Google through natural search results.

The Importance of Diversity and Randomness

Many link-building programs fail because they fail to take into account the importance of diversity and randomness.  Google knows how to spot artificial links, based on where those links originate, as well as the servers on which they are hosted. takes a proactive stance here.  For instance, the randomly generated links within each article and blog post ensures that there is no discernable pattern for spiders to pick up on and possibly punish you for.  In addition, each blog post is housed on a separate C-Class server, which means that there is incredible diversity within those link originations.

Summation – Does It Really Work?

For years now, SEO “experts” have been preaching the importance of link building, without really giving any information about how to circumvent some of the more problematic situations that these programs can create.  However, it appears that’s link wheels really do work – they even offer transparent reports about the completion and operation of your link wheels, as well as very fast turnaround – orders are completed within 7 to 10 business days.

The Truth About Generating Traffic To New Online Stores

“If you build it, they will come”

It’s a great voiceover for a movie, but it hardly translates to the online world.  There are countless entrepreneurs out there who think that all they have to do is get some products together, create a website, and – BOOM! – they’re swimming in profits.

Guess what?  They’re all wrong.

The world is not waiting on bated breath for your new online store.  Once you launch, you will not see tons of traffic rushing in.

Rule #1 of owning an e-store:  traffic is everything.

Rule #2 of owning an e-store:  traffic is not guaranteed.

You have to work hard to get traffic, and the real work begins after you have the site up and running.  So, how do you get it?

Follow the principles of SEO

At least 70% of online shoppers head a search engine to find the right online store. If you’re nowhere to be seen on search engines, you will never get off the road. Make sure your site is optimized for targeted keywords, and get links to your site to help build the search engines.

Content, content, content…

Both on and off site. You need good product descriptions and other information relevant to the scene. Use content off-site to get your name out there. Social networking sites are great for short bursts of traffic. For the long-term traffic, article marketing and make some guest blogging. All links will help you improve your ranking in search engines.

Focus on the soft-sell

Any off-site content needs to focus on the benefits of your products, not a hard sales pitch.

Take advantage of all sales opportunities

Have a ‘related items’ list for each product.  Also, encourage shoppers to join your email list.  Email them any time there’s a sale or other promotion, and they’ll be much more likely to come back.