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5 Way Earn Money via Facebook

There are millions of users on facebook which visit the sites every day. Some of them monetize the facebook applications. It is very difficult to cope with the costly servers to provide support to millions of facebook users. In such type of problems how it is possible for a facebook apps developers to earn money. in this article we are going to share 5 suggestions to answer such type of question.

make money with facebook

make money with facebook

1.         SELL. You should develop applications and seek interested parties to purchase them as there are various parties who will acquire these applications from you.

2.         DEVELOP. This is an indirect source of generating funds. In this system you will have to work for a large number of companies to post their contract jobs while using the developer forums on facebook. It is also a cumbersome task to find desired customers to develop facebook applications at reasonable rates.

3.         ADVERTISING. For the advertising of the applications and other materials, you should work for different schemes including cross-promotion and affiliate marketing. As Javascript embedding is disallowed on facebook so Google Adsense cannot be used. iFrames are also against the norms of Google’s TOS which is also not feasible to run by Adsense. In this situation affiliate marketing is great on facebook which provides opportunities to display your advertisement there.

4.         MICROPAYMENTS. You can sell the services by making the transaction of micro payment. If you have attractive and handsome application which is being visited by a number of users and get reasonable income then you can made payment by PayPal payments.

5.         GET INVESTMENT. If there is any investor who can make investment for something incurring huge amount then apply through Bay Partners and like other links. In this way you can get handsome trafficking and earn handsome amount through facebook or beyond.



There are millions of people who use facebook around the world which are estimated about 29 millions of people.

The facebook is the perfect place to make link or present products for sale or provide services to the interested companies or individuals then you can use this medium for earning your income more and more. You may also develop your account or startup which provide more earnings from facebook applications.

Make Money on Youtube

Make Money on Youtube

One way to use YouTube is to use it as a tool to achieve knowledge yourself. In this era of YouTube and instant super stardom, it is not distant to obtain and think that you can be a star if you can sing.

Make Money on Youtube

Make Money on Youtube

YouTube and other video sharing sites give opportunities to anyone in discovering himself by recording label companies. How to make money on You Tube

Beginner Guide to Earn Money with Clickbank

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This is yet another guide to help you make money with clickbank. I saw many different guides floating around the internet and there was a good deal of variety of strategies to make money with clickbank.

Through trials and errors, I too have my own techniques and strategies for succeeding with clickbank. However, with the variations in the internet marketing industry, I have changed my strategy from time to time.

My own strategy isn’t really unique, but it’s a nice mix of different techniques. Clickbank, for me, has been the best service to make money promoting digital products. But, before I get into detail:

What is Clickbank and how does it work?

If you want this new, Clickbank, you may be thinking not. However, nothing’s  too complicated and scary, or is not a concern. This not only (the products to people) and a simple platform for publishers to  connect  Dealers  (help people and drive product sales).

Some publishers drive sales and promote the product when the seller, the seller pays the c

ommission of a publisher as a reward. This is pretty simple: The finished product, ready to sell the site and how to link the promotion of its products for all the help.

Commissions are usually from the sale of the seller that you receive more money, which means that range from 50-75%. Some products may be repeated, they have the right to a recurring commission.

You can use Clickbank’s Analytics service to check how many visitors you’re sending to the sales pages of the products and you can analyse other important data over there to find out what’s working and what’s not.

How to start off making money with Clickbank?

It’s really just a 5-step process:

  1. Register at
  2. Login and go to the ‘Marketplace’.
  3. Browse between categories to find the product that you want to promote.
  4. Create your hoplink for that specific product.
  5. Promote that hoplink and drive sales.

It’s all easy until Step 5. Promoting the hoplink and getting visitors is a tough task. Getting sales from those visitors is an even tougher task. Although, the vendors do a great job in creating a well converting sales page, it’s still hard to get a sale done if it’s a random visitor.

So, you need to get targeted visitors to your hoplink in order to drive interested people to the sales page that might actually end up purchasing. There are many ways to get targeted visitors.

How should I promote my hoplink?

Below is a list of ways you can promote your hoplink to drive targeted visitors to the sales page:

  • Use social media: Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are one of the most effective tools for driving sales through Clickbank. The bigger your friends list at Facebook or the number of your followers at Twitter are, the better chance you have driving sales. It’s a good idea to find out the interests of people (not friends :P ) and then try to market the product to them. You can make use of facebook pages and the information boxes of youtube videos to promote your hoplink and receive targeted traffic.
  • Use a blog: Some time ago, how can I make money with your blog setup, and wrote a guide. Blog by using the existing (or new to) the hoplink clickbank products, promotional banners could be related to the blog. If you have already received a visitors to this blog If you are running  a very  effective  method of  promotion, which requires less work. This is not, rather than the sale of online visitors to increase your chances of  a little faith can help to create a  blog for the development of hoplink.
  • Promote to a mailing list: You can build a mailing list by creating a splash page to get your visitor’s email addresses and then later emailing them your promotional links to make the sale.
  • Advertise on websites: You can also purchase targeted traffic through Google, Facebook and other similar websites. You’ll have to pay a set price per visitor

Promotion of technical, but is not limited, the above-mentioned methods. Creative methods to drive sales and traffic to the other, you can use. Unleash your inner sales person in your link and promote. :)

Clickbank guide you to that now, to work on it in your. Clickbank products to promote online and start chatting. This you will learn more quickly, and you start making money quickly you’ll start to learn. Best luck!

Revealed:The Secret To Making Big Money Online

We can not go to a doctor, a lawyer, a rocket scientist, a mason, a teacher, a construction worker or an accountant, became a night. . . It takes preparation. Your first step is learning and training. There are specific skills you have to learn. Skills that you have learned and mastered in.

The same is true in online marketing. To become an internet marketer, you have the skills and techniques needed to become successful learning. These are not difficult or complex skills, yet they are essential skills.

You must learn and understand how the Internet works, how the different pieces fit together. You must learn how to build a website and the ways of free traffic to build your website. You have the marketing process and the psychology involved in the marketing process to understand. You should also understand how online relationships. And, you should learn how to find out what people are looking for.

These skills are not complex and can be learned through good training programs available online. A word of caution, however, there are a number of online marketers promoting it “no skills. “Be wary, with a view to a permanent internet business build, you want to learn and experience in your internet marketing skills become.

Sure, you are able to go online, join a ‘money from home “program that provides you with an affiliate website and that website advertising safelists, list builders, and traffic exchanges. But the truth is this. . . 97% of all online marketers never a dime. Why? Because they never learned the basic skills needed to earn money from your computer.

Once you learn these skills, you can add more money in one month than the majority of people in an entire year. However, to do this, you must first master the skills required. If not, then you will find yourself in the 97% who had never a dime.

Once you have a basic understanding of these skills, you can start formulating your business. It is best to start applying these skills to a topic or product that you are familiar with. A pleasure to take you and have some enthusiasm for. The people you advertise to feel your excitement and want to know. After this point, you’re well on your way to developing a sustainable online marketing company.

A wise man once said, if you do what you like, you’ll never work a day in your life. If you start your Internet marketing company with a product that you have an interest in and to enjoy, learn how to market that product will never work. You’ll look forward to learning these skills.

In case you do not have in mind, a specific product or topic you want to start marketing, start searching online. Plug in keywords on topics you’re interested click on websites, research information, conduct some research. The Internet is an information highway.

An additional element is crucial to Internet marketing success is this. . . promoting something many people want or need. A solution to a problem many people have questions. Get involved in online forums. There are literally thousands of online forums on every conceivable question that people ask questions and want answers. If you answer questions people ask, success will come much faster.

How To Make Money On The Internet When You Don’t Know How

Have you ever thought about how to make money online if you do not know how? The answer may well be niche training.

Each month, tons of people come on the internet with one goal in mind … some way to make money online, one way or another.

Some are looking for an extra $ 200 per month. Maybe they want a little more money per month to cover their bills. Maybe they need new furniture or new devices.

Some have $ 10,000 per month. Maybe they want to replace their jobs, or perhaps they lost their jobs and income needed desperately.

Anyway, they all have the same common. They want to make money online, but have no idea how.

Learn to make money on the Internet is no different than learning anything else. There are certain skills that must be learned. To a teacher, an accountant, a cook, a dentist, a banker, or a nurse, you must first learn the necessary skills.

There are specific skills needed to be a successful online marketer. These skills are not difficult or hard to learn, but they are required.

First, there must be a product for sale. This is a digital product, or it may be a physical product.

Second, is a website. Not just a website, this is an optimized web site created to sell a product.

Thirdly, a marketing system be created and executed. The marketing system to attract prospects (potential customers interested in the product), building a relationship with these prospects, explain the benefits of the product to prospects, then complete the sale to prospects when they are ready to buy.

This seems a daunting task, but with newly developed software tools, and an excellent niche market training programs available on the internet today, even a brand new marketer can choose a product, build a website, implementing a marketing system, and making money a very short time.

Many of these niche courses learn through step by step, easy-to videos that literally take a brand new marketer on hand to follow from beginning to end. They completely do away with the guesswork, to automate the process, and remove the tedious and time consuming tasks that were at one time is needed for a successful niche marketing business build.

Tasks such as market, product and keyword research, website and blog building, and effective sales copy composition can all be achieved with easy to use software.

There are even niche market training programs that are ready-made niche packages to offer. These packages can include market analysis, keyword research, optimized website, pre-written articles, a sales page, an email newsletter, and step by step traffic generation and methods, everything a brand new marketer needs to complete a niche business start within days.

For the most part, these companies, once the installation, function on a complete autopilot. They are set and forget.