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Get Paid to Tweets

For promotion of products online, tweets are becoming more popular.

Take a lead on Twitter

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Rose Associate, an 80 years old real estate marketing and management company situated in New York City. This company posses some 200 employee and holds some 20.000 luxury apartments.

I.                          . Bob Scaglion Rose’s senior MD of residential marketing uses twitter; took lead on twitter that proved useful. Because many peoples sent their feedback on twitter.” Our clientele is young and upwardly mobile”and” Twitter is where they are.” Bob Scaglion said. The easiest way is to promote your goal is just go on search and type the key word. The customers will find it pretty easy while searching a particular thing.

II.                       . As a result there are fewer users or followers of Rose but it still works pretty well. Bod uses to send messages to a few targeted people and gets reply every day. According to Bob half of these leads convert to actual rentals but it sill lucrative.

. To find the leads faster there are thousands of applications on twitter how to use key words on twitter and keep you updated. The application used by Scaglion Comp[-any is called Tweetdeck and Web service called demandspot both are free of cost

Make Creators of your Followers by the Following the Given Headings

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Skinny Corporation which owns an online T-shirts retailer Threadless and is based in Chicago; founded in 2000. Thread less sold approximately worth $30 printed shirts by asking community inexperienced designs. This threadless lower production got maximum votes after a favorite poll.

I.                          Thread less CEO Tom Ryan and the founder Jake Nickel thought of the twitter idea they were at the aim that it would work. In May, the company formed a web site initially there were 490,000 followers of the site to incorporate their own ideas about the designs of the T shirts. After a vote the winning slogan was printed on the T-shirts  $18 each. So, Jack Nickel said “We figured if we built something on top of , we’d drive participation really quickly”.

II.                       . As a result nickel was right. In the initial five months this experiment attracted some 100,000 followers and 3.5 millions votes, till recently the company has printed 23 successful designs like I’m huge on Twitter” and “Iowa: Cooler than California Since 2009″ are the two most famous shirts ‘ design. According to Ryan “This is not a bad idea for nascent company revenue”.

. Ask your followers to help you, how? Give them some incentives if they are helpful. . Nickell says one of the company’s most successful tweets came when it offered Twitter followers a chance to win $100 and if they were to sell 9 percent of the T shits to their friend that would be the hot issue of the day.