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Facebook Introduces Watch Video Service in Comparison to YouTube



California, Facebook has introduced the ‘facebook watch’, which is the video service and it has been introduced around the globe. Now the viewers can watch the tv shows and other videos on the line of video on demand.

Now the facebook has introduced the video service, ‘facebook watch’ on the style of YouTube platform of Google and it was run in America on the experimental basis for one year and now the people around the world can get the benefit from it. Now a play button is added below the facebook app and you can watch it from today.

The correspondent of facebook said that the video on demand service is presented for the whole world from today and it is prepared as the substitute of YouTube. Facebook wants to help the video makers and publisher through it across the world in two ways, firstly they can earn so money through it and secondly they can watch now their videos are effective. Facebook has issued a statement that

The Hoda Boss show of Hoda Cayton associated with the Read table talk and beauty industry is being shown at this time. The matches of the PGA tour and major league baseball of the sports competitions are also included. According to facebook, about 50 million viewers have watched them at least one minute in a month. In the next stage, the programs of Christiano Ronaldo and Katherine Zeita Jones are also included through this service.



Facebook will show the advertisements in its middle and it will earn the money and one portion of the income will be shown to the video making departments. Facebook has provided the convenience in the conditions of earning money for the video channels and said that they must have at least 10 thousand followers or people must have watched their videos for at least one minutes for 30 thousand times in a month.

How to earn Money with YouTube


This method is not new at all, but I only found time recently to try it myself. is the # 2 site around the internet lately about Google in terms of transport it. This is a great opportunity to earn some money quickly and easily.

Here is a quick guide on how to harness the power of YouTube to cash in

First Download popular music videos or viral videos with YouTube Catcher (free) and save it in FLV format.
Second Convert FLV to MPEG video using SUPER software (for free).
Third Adding watermarks to videos with your website address on it promoting your affiliate offer using VirtualDub (free). Read the instructions on how to watermark video using this software.
4th Cash and checks again!

Here is a criticism, I personally like it in the correct order (to be simple and understandable for you) …

* Download YouTube video and save it in FLV format
* Convert FLV to MPEG (using SUPER)
* Create watermark bitmap image in Photoshop (see instructions above)
* Import MPEG into VirtualDub, add a BMP image on the video
* Export and save video as AVI
* Convert AVI to MPEG in SUPER

Watermark image should be simple text promoting your affiliate offer. I had the most success in promoting PPL (pay-per-lead) offers, such as ring tones, or by e-mail. Be sure to hide your affiliate URL using the redirect service such as It will be easier for your audience to remember the URL as well. If you do not already belonging to the affiliate network, check out my money making guide.

Upload video to YouTube video with a descriptive name. In the Description box, enter the URL you just created, and text describing your offer. Example: “Get this FREE ringtone music video!”

It is important to always adhere to the conditions of each partner offer you support. Some offer limited use of the word “free”, “best”, “guaranteed”, etc. When their support. Make sure you are not violating any of these conditions. It’s also best to use YouTube videos that are cheap. Failure to follow these rules, and video recording copyright can get your video removed from YouTube and your account deleted. Your affiliate network account may also be terminated if the report viewer you for support provided in respect of infringement of copyright. Play by the rules and do not have any problems. Your cash flow will also be suspended.

How Content Creators for Earn Money On YouTube


When you first start out on YouTube views are everything. The rush you get when you log on to YouTube to see that you’ve broken 10,000 then 50,000 then 100,000 views is like nothing else. However, when you are consistently getting thousands of video views, what’s the next step? How do content creators take their videos to the next level and start making money on YouTube?

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their video platform YouTube. There are several prerequisites, including requirements  that need to download  the creators of original  content, get thousands of views and resolution  to monetize content. However, if these requirements  are met, the creators have been known to  make hundreds and  even thousands of dollars off the video they upload to YouTube.

YouTube Partner Program

Become a part of YouTube’s Partner Program is one  of the  best ways to make money on YouTube. Partner program has many advantages, the most attractive of which is monetizing. Partners share of income that comes from InVideo overlay ads and lease. Partners also have the opportunity  to participate  in branded entertainment  opportunities  as well.

In addition to monetization, partners can take advantage of higher video quality, branded channel options, and Insight Analytics, to help partners learn about their audience and increase their audience. Partners are also at YouTube, which leads to more ideas and more opportunities for monetization.

Some of the most popular YouTube Partners include Nigahiga, Fred, Shane Dawson TV, Smosh, Ray William Johnson, and Universal Music Group. If you are already uploading original, creative content on a regular basis and getting thousands of views then apply to become a partner. If accepted, you could turn your hobby into your full time job.

According to MediaPost, YouTube’s head of product management Hunter Walk says, “We have hundreds of people making thousands of dollars, and dozens are making tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands. People are quitting their jobs to build content for the site.”

YouTube Individual Video Partnerships

When YouTube first started our affiliate program, they focused on cooperation with experienced users  – users that new content out regularly and consistently  received a  lot of opinions. However, they have expanded their partnership to include features popular video from their individual Partnership  Video  (IVP)  program.

YouTube turns to the creators of the video, the accumulated points of view – video, as David After Dentist and otters holding hands – and to invite the creator of video and monetize the share of income derived from it. This is the perfect way for creators who do not download new content often enough for the affiliate program for profit on YouTube.

YouTube Video Rentals

MediaPost reported that YouTube engineers are currently working on a self-service rental method. This will give content creators the ability to provide their content for rent and to share in a portion of the profits. It is currently unclear about whether this service will be available to everyone or just to specific types of users. However, once users are able to charge rental fees for their videos a whole new way to make money on YouTube will be born. Rentals could signify a new era for web video revenue share.

Have you partaken in revshare on any of the video sites? What was your experience like?

How To Become YouTube Star Making $100,000 Plus Per Year

community channel natalie tran waving

YouTube isn’t profitable yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money on the video sharing site.

We recently profiled 10 YouTube star, who has figured out how to make hundreds of thousands of  dollars  in his video. We rated one star, Philip DeFranco, is $ 181 000 per year.

As easy as people like Philip, to make it look, however, a way to make money from YouTube is not smooth. It takes time, patience and luck to see the benefits of any kind.Sydney

To make life easier for the average YouTube user, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to become the next Philip DeFranco and begin making money on YouTube.

Before you even pick up your camera…

YouTube will NOT let you make money off your video if it…

  • ” … contains content that you didn’t create or get permission from its creator to use.”
  • ” … shows people from whom you did not get permission.”
  • ” … has content that would be inappropriate for children.”