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How Much internet marketing That eBook In The Window?


Ebooks. Some people love them, some hate them. For the beginning affiliate marketer, ebooks can mean a shortcut on the learning curve to success.

I visit many internet marketing forums and affiliate marketing. It never fails, someone will ask questions about the book and soon several members of the forum  will jump and say the person asking the question: “You do not need that book, all you need to know in the forums and the internet.

What is likely to be right, but the person or position statement like that never stopped to realize that maybe the person who asks questions, do not want to spend days, months and weeks to fill stupid message in the forum only to be removed nuggest more wealth. On the other hand, the person placing this response may already know about it and hope the person who asks questions will lose heart and quit.

The  Other Type Of Forum Poster

This kind of person really gets under my skin sometimes. This is the kind of guy who goes into a forum and ask “Has anyone read XYZ eBook by ABC Guru?”. “If so, can you tell me what’s in it or what’s it about?”

A majority of the time, these people want the information in the ebook but either

  • does not have the money to purchase the ebook, or
  • has the money but doesn’t want to spend it

In any case, they should not be cruising the forums looking for someone to give them free information. If you can not afford $ 20, $ 40 or even $ 100 dollar book, you’re probably in the wrong thing.

I know you are afraid to “get used”. If so, just ask quietly, people will tell you what they think about the book. But be prepared, there are a lot of debris that say about the book regardless of how good they are. Some of these people bought the book as information and want to discourage anyone from buying it. Others can not accept the idea, “Guru” book sales, and prevents any of the purchase, even if he / she never read it.

Just a few weeks ago was a guy selling $ 10 book on one of the forums. The book was about how he did a couple thousand dollars a month with one of their websites. Many people, including me, bought the book and liked it. In fact, it sells more than a bad review. There was this forum member who kept baiting by the site open on the forum. Post after post he wanted to know everything about the site authors. There was really no need to know the site authors because of the huge amount of positive feedback received books on the forums. Fortunately, the author never reveal his website. (You should never disclose your website to anyone if your interested Abu their reverse engineering and copying your success!)

You will piss away some money in this, or any, business. It just happens. I’ve bought advertising for my brick & mortar stores that did not pay, I’ve bought tools that did not work as advertised, bought software that was useless….it happens!

If you’re so afraid of losing $10 or $20, then this isn’t the business for you. This is also true if you find yourself saying “but I can’t aford to lose $20.” It’s better you get a good paying job, save up your money and try the Internet business later on.

The Value of an eBook

Ebooks are valuable in that they put a load of information at your figertips. Unless you have unlimitless free time to spend hundreds of hours searching and compiling information, an ebook on the topic you’re interested in is a very good value. How much of a value? How much is your time worth?

I’ve bought scores of ebooks ranging up to $50. Several up to $100 and 1 at $200. I’ve never bought an ebook and thought that it wasn’t worth the asking price. I have learned something valuable from every one. Some of the sorriest ebooks I have are the free ones (that’s why they’re free :) )

Ebooks are also valuable in teaching you new techniques and strategies.  It’s not to say you’ll never learn new techniques on your own, but again, how much is your time worth?

I typcially print out the ebook and read through it. I mark it up as I go through. Highlight this paragraph, make notes on this sentence, etc. I then can come back to a certain tactic should I need to.

Sure, there are poorly written ebooks out there. There are certainly some people running around selling rehashed info and touting it as a new discovery. But if you’ll due your research, you’ll soon know if it’s a good buy or not. Bad ebooks and bad Authors are singled out quickly in the Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing fields. Just keep you eyes peeled in any of the forums.

If you are just starting to start your online business, plan to spend money on books that interest you. They will save you much more than they cost. Think of them as investments. And after you download them, use them! Most people buy these books, they are loved and never fulfilled any of the tactics mentioned in the book. Now that is a waste of money!

Good Luck in your Internet Business. Now go forth and make money!


P.S. Just for the record, I’ve never published an ebook and I’m not selling any ebooks, although I do plan to in the future. In fact, I have many ideas written down for ebooks. (I keep spiral bound notebooks and write down ideas, tactics and plans as they come to me, you should do this also!) Trust me, you’ll be the first ones to know when I write an ebook! :)

How To Make Money Selling E-Books

Make no mistake – e-books are big business online. Regardless of what you are looking for someone who will sell the e-book.

But the best thing about them is that one of the most lucrative businesses you could ever hope to launch online. As long as you do your homework and not try and cut off in advance can make this business a few days after the decision to get started. There is plenty to learn, but none of them than you – even if you do not think you plan to work, there are many people you can call on to help.

If you’re thinking of selling e-books to make money online, your best bet is to write your own.

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But why do that when enough of affiliate e-books around that you can promote and earn a cut from?

The answer is simple. If you write and create your own e-book no one else will be selling something very nice. You have a unique product that will draw attention because no one will have seen. As long as you do research first, you could make a lot of money from an ebook alone.

So the first thing first – how do you determine what to write an ebook about?

Think about what topics are currently popular online. Making money is always a nice subject (check out this blog for example!) So everything to play in this area, which does not cover the same ground as many other e-books can do well. Try and focus on a specific niche in order to get the best results, you could start by thinking about what you find interesting and see if one of your hobbies can provide fertile ground to explore.

Once you have some ideas to see whether an online e-books do well on that subject. If there do not seem to be all around you need to dig a little further to see if your subject is popular enough to be a lot of sales to attract. A place of keyword research and easy retrieval of related searches on Google can help reveal the answer to that.

Okay – so let’s assume that you have an idea for an e-book that you think will be popular. Next up you need to plan the content and think of a major title. Titles are very important because the potential buyer an idea of what to expect from the e-book giving themselves.It must be specific and intriguing – and full of promise. Do not worry if you do not immediately occur to you, often you only think of once the book is almost written.

The biggest problem when it comes to writing the book itself is staying on topic. It is very easy to veer off course if you’re not careful, that’s why having a pre-written outline to follow you stay on track. If you plan this out before you start writing your will the whole process much easier to manage found. If you lack self-confidence to write it yourself can be a ghostwriter to do it for you rent, there are plenty of sites online where you a freelancer for a fixed fee that you decide to take over. This gives you complete control over the project.

Incidentally, the word “e-book ‘may be somewhat misleading for newbies to the business. An e-book can indeed be a hundred pages or more long, but it is nothing more than a dozen pages or so. The price for a shorter e-book will obviously be lower, but it is still more than the length of you might think given the book itself.

Obviously you have more than just the e-book if you want to sell many copies of thinking. You need to get the word out, and you have a great mini-site to show it have. These mini-sites are really single page sites to promote your ebook in a long sales letter. You would do well to get as much time writing the sales letter as you did the e-book itself, because it has a very important job to do.

First, you have a great headline that will grab attention. You should really sell it to anyone who lands on your website so do not be afraid to shout about the benefits of e-book! You’ll notice I said there and not have benefits, it is because the benefits will tell your readers what your book will do for them. This is a very important point to understand because it can make the difference between getting a reasonable amount of sales and is buried under an avalanche of them!

Think about your price too cautious. Do not be greedy – yet not too low. You want to give an impression of quality. Do some research and see what similar titles in your field for sale.

You can also sell more copies by offering bonuses, along with the e-book itself. Would you write a number of special reports as well, each a few pages long, covering the main subject of your book?Something like this will encourage more people to buy from you instead of going elsewhere for a similar title.

The ultimate goal must be for you a series of e-books, each with its own website to sell out to write. If you write any sales letter you need lots of keywords and phrases include a larger volume of search traffic to attract to your site. Choose a domain name also good and relevant – it will help to draw in more people.

The most difficult step in writing the first e-book. Once you go and you have some experience you can start writing them faster, better picking titles and subjects, and to sell more copies as a result.Before you know it you have a great business on your hands.

To respond to this piece, please leave your message using the form below. Then get writing – your first e-book is there, you just get it out.