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The Real Cost of Web Content – Content Provider vs PLR Articles


As someone who has more than a few websites, I’m always on the lookout for web content. Not just any web content, but web site content I feel good about puting on the Internet. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Currently in my files I have over 20,000 PLR articles. I was a “member” at-PLR sites that give you PLR articles each month, plus I’ve bought PLR articles off by Webmaster forums. That being said, I used only about 15 of these members do not, 15k, but 15. Of these, I had to change all to get them internet ready. This is one reason I no longer buy PLR articles! By the time “editing” the damn things enough to make them unique and looks like one of my sites, I could write an article! Which leads me to believe ….

PLR Articles are One of the Biggest Rip Offs in Affiliate Marketing Today!

Try this the next time you’re tempted to use a PLR article on one of your websites. Take the title name and type it into Google with quotes around it so that Google will only search for that title. Now you can see how many other people are using the same article. Or better yet, after you’ve changed the article up to suit you, run it through Copyscape to see the results you get. You have to change sentence and paragraph structures of those PLR articles to get them unique.

Now if Copyscape can find duplicate articles within a few seconds, how fast do you think it takes Google? Can you say duplicate content penalty?

The Advantages of Quality Web Site Content

Now I come to content providers. No, not people who sell PLR articles or membership. Content providers are the people who actually write articles for you.

Some time ago I was in a webmaster forum and there was a post from someone who wants written articles. He asked to see what a 500-word article will cost to have written. The answers he received ranged from $ 3 to $ 25.

Then he made a follow up post saying that the two highest candidates 500 word article is not worth $ 20 or $ 25. He was not alone, other forum members said the same thing. I do not know who he chose to 500 word article written, but I’m sure it was at the low end.

It is I should think.

Why spend a great Webmaster many hours building and maintaining their sites, use the latest tools and technologies, and then refuse to put quality content on their sites? It’s like buying a Porsche and putting old lawnmower gas in it! Duh!

The Real Cost Associated With Web Content

Being curious, I decided to go and look at my Adsense account and picked one of my older sites to see what my most profitable page was. I keep logs from month to month (actually I just print out one from Google) so I can see what content my readers like. This particular site has an adsense channel name for every page. It’s a site that I do most of my experimenting on when it comes to Google Adsense.

My top page on that particular site made me $44.80 last month. The month before, $59.36. Now this is a domain that receives about 60 to 125 hits per day. This is only one of about 90 pages on that site.

So what’s so great about those numbers? That page makes me between $35 and $50 every month on average.

In comparison, my lowest performing page on that site made me $8.19 last month. (both pages get near the same number of impressions) It’s a PLR article that I modified. I should have just written the article on the keyword phrase I was trying to target, but I got lazy and it has cost me over the last two years.

So Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, this is certainly not to brag. These numbers are nothing to write home about. The reason this point is to make my point that good quality content does not cost you that pays you over and over again, month after month, year after year, as a good blue chip dividend paying stock.

So I paid $ 20 for a well written and researched article. How long will it take to make your money back from this article? One month? Two months? Even if it is 3 months (and should, if traffic), once this article has paid for itself, everything is first profit month after month, year after year. KaChing, KaChing, KaChing.

Similarly, this article PLR you do not realize the maximum amount of profit that it can be if it was written better. It cost you money every month, year after year. This is a shed sitting on valuable real estate.

Other Advantages of Quality Content Providers

I don’t use Content Providers to just write articles for my websites, I also use for article marketing plus I use the web content to build opt in email list. A Content Provider who can write captivating keyword rich content are worth their weight in Gold!

Any one use product specific landing pages and sale sheets? I have a few “go to” people for writing content for landing pages and sales pages. Again, it’s not what they cost, it’s about how much they’re going to make you in the long run.

A Good Content Provider Is An Investment

As with any investment, there are front costs associated with the content of the web site before you turn a profit. Of course, some investments fail, but if you know your niche and can spot good content when I see information from the sites will pay a short period of time.

Do not think about buying goods from the content providers just like “paying someone to write an article, you must think of it as investing in its website. Once you see the potential payout, well written and researched article is $ 20 Golden ATM. KaChing, KaChing, KaChing!

How To Find Good Content Providers

I’ve went through quite a few content providers in the last 10 years. I’ve found them in nearly every place you can imagine. I’ve paid family members, friends and others I know to write content for some of my sites. I’ve also used the Marketplace sections of most Webmaster Forums such as DigitalPoint to find others. On larger jobs, I’ve posted “help wanted” post at eLance and RentACoder.

I found one of my best Content Providers by taking out a small classified ad in the local paper. It simply said I needed people to write interesting and unique articles, I gave an email address and told them to apply with a sample article.

The ad me land a retired English teacher who wanted to make some extra money. I might pay between $ 10 and $ 15 per article. It lasted about a year and then moved back East with her children. I wanted her to continue writing, but obviously it did not have time with all the grandchildren around. Man, let me say that it is a sad day when she left!

Not all content providers are created equal. Let us send you a sample and give them a trial run. You will probably go through several before you find one you like. It takes time, but the payout will be worth it.

I know I’ve found a good Content Provider when their article holds my attention through the entire article. If I find it interesting, visitors to my site will also. Happy visitors click ads, sad visitors hit the “Back” button.