Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Every day we watch that various companies show good business models. The company which is interest acoord9ng to my view point is LogMeln which offers you the remote approach services. LogMeln not only offers application for remote control but they also do this function freely. It is quite right that LMI presents their fundamental versions totally freely which allows you safe remote control of your PC from any computer on the web.

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

The business model of the company present their service freely which will be liked most and also presenting a paid version of the service including some cool specifications such as remote printing. The company also manufactured various products and I use these free and paid products and I highly recommend them.

LMI is such company that bought an application named Hamachi which I would define as a peer to peer VPN client. Some tech people may have listened or used the Hamachi application. Rescue is another application which I used from LMI for which I provide helpdesk support to users without installing these applications on their systems.

I am an IT consultant and people frequently asked about controlling of their PC with the help of remote control. Normally people try to use software like pcAnywhere. Pc Anywhere is a quality product and it is convenient to configure and use. To open this software on the port on your firewall, also it is complicated for every user and it also create some security concerns.

I offer another procedure for my users who often ask me about RDC or built into Windows remote desktop. A port should be opened on the firewall to get access from anywhere on the web to get great RDC for remote connections within a local network. While introducing the Windows Home Server which will be available very soon, the part should be changed immediately.

LogMeln have some downsides, while the remote control application works on any platform which are window based computer systems and can only be controlled by remote control. It is worse for Linux and Mac users but LMI is busy in changing that process.

I also introduced with another remote application which I use is known as VNC. VNC is another open sourced remote control which works on Windows, Li9nux, and Macs. I often use VNC and I think it is good application which can be set up safely but is very difficult for the m=normal users.

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