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Official Support of Google Adsense to Urdu Language Websites


Google made the announcement that it has included ‘Urdu’ to support this language for the AdSense program. With the new development, the Urdu websites in Urdu fonts will be allowed to display the Adsense ads and they can earn money with them.

It is worth mentioned that the Urdu publishers were not allowed to display the Adsense ads but it was expected that some selected publishers were allowed to use Adsense for the monetization of their contents.

Adsense is the Google platform and the websites and publishers use to display ads on the websites. When they click on the Adsense ads or view the ads, the publishers are paid on pay per click or pay per view basis. Google said that it included Urdu as the supported language after uptake of Urdu content on the internet.

Company said that the Urdu language websites can apply for the Adsense accounts and they are encouraged to check the terms of services so that they can enhance the chances of getting accepted into the program. With this new decision, a lot of Urdu websites will be able to monetize the content and growth in Urdu websites and its usage is imminent.

Earning 5$ daily from Google Adsense?

A lot of people work on Google Adsense for which they have to work hard but their earnings remain less and they cannot be up to the satisfaction. For your convenience, we are going to tell you the suitable and improved tips for which you can earn more and more money from Binary Options.

Ad Placement

Google adsense tips

Google adsense tips

It is very necessary for you to place your ads at the suitable place in the internet advertising. You should select the suitable place to place your ad which can be easily visible and come in the attention of the readers so large number of readers click on your ads. You can do this by adopting trial and error method. You should try to use all suitable methods and then you will find that which of the style is suitable for you to work on. I found all these ad placements suitable and useful which I am going to uploading for you.

You should act upon the instructions and then you will have to choose your blog or your website. You should keep in your mind that the darkest area represents as the area where CTR is high and on the other side the white area shows where you will not place your ads.

High paying keywords

You should select the high paying keywords and place them in your posts. If you get little number of clicks per day then you can get more out of these posts. Remember that you will not repeat the keywords frequently because you will be teased from it.

Ad types

You should insert link units and search the box too but do not place usual image/text ad units and through this you can enhance your income.

Quality content

The quality of your contents will be high which helps you in searching the results of your contents. If you select the quality contents then you can see the site/blog easily and you can see the Google search to find answers for giving them for their questions and their ambiguity. In this way your traffic will be increased and your income will also boost.

You should also consult the books which are good and help you for making money from Google Adsense. The points we have already discussed in this blog are taken from these books meant for this purpose. If you follow the instructions and act upon the points  discussed in these blogs then we will assure you that you can earn thousands of dollars per month from Google Adsense.

Latest Top 50 Adsense High Paying Keywords List

Google Adsense Highest Paying Keywords makingbuck

A few days back I wrote in a post that to make money with AdSense you don’t need high traffic, all you need is the right kind of traffic from organic search. I also talked about few niches that pays high CPC ( Cost per click ).

More about the implementation, where a list of keywords in different  niches  of the payment  under the  Top 540 am;

The average CPC of $ 100 to $ 200 a list of some of your keywords is to be a surprise to see. The amount of people to tell you more than a click for contextual ads on the site that offers.

Click on an AdSense ad, which the rich can mean $ 200 to $ 100.

I have compile this list using Google AdWords;

Not only the avg CPC but global monthly traffic and local traffic is also a considerable factor while deciding a niche that have high paying keywords; to sort the list by these term just click on them to get the desired results

Sr. No Keyword Estimated Avg. CPC Competition Global Monthly Searches Local Monthly Searches
1 e&l insurance $308.30 0.45 5400 5400
2 swift cover car insurance $272.74 0.35 18100 18100
3 swift cover insurance $254.35 0.36 22200 22200
4 no win no fee accident claim $250.05 0.80 390 390
5 e and l insurance $204.75 0.46 4400 4400
6 national accident $200.11 0.45 9900 9900
7 no win no fee accident $183.43 0.79 2400 2400
8 uk accident helpline $152.48 0.47 590 590
9 swift car insurance $152.17 0.63 9900 9900
10 insurance line $146.72 0.68 201000 201000
11 maryland mesothelioma attorneys $139.70 0.70 390 390
12 accident helpline $137.85 0.79 8100 8100
13 direct car insurance $136.64 0.71 110000 110000
14 utah mesothelioma attorney $130.30 0.49 170 170
15 delaware mesothelioma lawyers $130.03 0.51 210 210
16 accident at work compensation claim $127.36 0.35 2900 2900
17 georgia mesothelioma lawyers $127.22 0.53 260 260
18 louisiana mesothelioma lawyers $125.39 0.58 91 91
19 baltimore mesothelioma attorneys $125.12 0.74 170 170
20 work accident claim $124.67 0.58 4400 4400
21 austin dwi attorneys $123.29 0.80 1900 1900
22 california mesothelioma attorneys $118.54 0.54 1000 1000
23 accident at work claim $118.45 0.58 4400 4400
24 minnesota mesothelioma attorney $113.59 0.58 320 320
25 work accident compensation claim $112.45 0.36 2900 2900
26 accident line $110.66 0.17 5400 5400
27 car accident injury claim $108.92 0.67 1300 1300
28 swift insurance $108.73 0.54 22200 22200
29 mesothelioma attorneys san diego $107.32 0.36 390 390
30 asbestos mesothelioma legal information $107.23 0.76 110 110
31 what is mesothelioma $106.12 0.68 1900 1900
32 illinois mesothelioma lawyers $104.53 0.62 260 260
33 minnesota mesothelioma lawyer $104.42 0.60 140 140
34 pennsylvania mesothelioma attorney $103.90 0.72 320 320
35 austin dwi lawyers $103.79 0.79 1300 1300
36 mesothelioma claims $102.87 0.65 1000 1000
37 maryland mesothelioma lawyers $102.34 0.64 260 260
38 mesothelioma $101.94 0.64 201000 201000
39 accident at work claims $101.65 0.58 6600 6600
40 illinois mesothelioma attorney $101.10 0.64 480 480
41 symptoms of mesothelioma $100.88 0.69 6600 6600
42 georgia mesothelioma lawyer $99.24 0.52 210 210
43 mesothelioma lawsuits $98.90 0.64 1000 1000
44 mesothelioma attorney tennessee $97.60 0.55 210 210
45 accident direct $96.92 0.32 4400 4400
46 mesothelioma statistics $94.73 0.56 320 320
47 dwi austin tx $94.70 0.73 320 320
48 orange county dui attorney $94.59 0.71 3600 3600
49 accident at work compensation $94.46 0.44 6600 6600
50 diffuse malignant pleural mesothelioma $92.36 0.62 91 91
Showing 1 to 50 of 540 entries

How to Make Money From Your Website

Now that you’ve created a website, how do you make money from it? There are at least two ways in which sites can make money:

  1. Advertising Revenue
  2. Selling Goods and Services

I shall deal with the second case, “Selling goods and services”, in another article. In this article, I will address the issue of how your site can actually make money from advertising.

Making Money From Advertising

If you look at many websites, you’ll probably find that there are advertisements that appear on most pages. If you are a newcomer to the scene, one might think that you must be a company or that your site must be famous before you can get advertisers, as well as in the case of printed publications.

In fact, anyone with a website can get advertisers. While it is true that if your site is well known, can get companies to contact you to offer to advertise on your site, you can get advertising revenue even if you are just starting and your site is relatively unknown.

The way is to join as a “subsidiary ” of various sites, either directly or through an affiliate network. An affiliate network is simply an intermediary where you can choose from a variety of advertisers.

Payment Schemes

Before joining any program, you should probably be aware of the different payment schemes available.

  1. Pay Per Impression (CPM)

    Here, you are paid according to the number of times the advertiser’s banner is displayed on your site. The amount you earn is typically calculated based on the number of thousand impressions of the banner (impressions = number of times the banner is displayed), often abbreviated CPM (cost per thousand, with the M being the Latin numeral for thousand). That is, $5 CPM means that you get paid $5 for 1,000 displays of the banner. In general, the amount paid is usually small, but it is easy to earn since everytime a visitor loads the page, you earn. This is known as a “high conversion rate”. Needless to say, this method will allow you to automatically earn more if your site attracts a lot of visitors.

  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

    When you are paid per click, you are only paid when visitors click the advertiser’s banner on your site. The amount paid is usually higher than the pay per impression scheme. Whether you get a high conversion rate here depends on the banner (whether it attracts people to click it), although in general, it has a higher conversion rate than the pay per sale method. A high traffic site will probably enjoy a higher click rate than a lower traffic site, although you will probably get better results if your banners are carefully selected to suit the target audience of your site.

  3. Pay Per Sale or Lead

    While you will probably get the highest payment rates with this method, it has the lowest conversion rate of the three schemes. You will only earn if your visitors click through the banner and either purchase an item from the advertiser or take some other prescribed action (eg, sign up for a service). Like the Pay Per Click method, you get much better results if you carefully select your advertisers to suit the target audience of your site.

In general, to avoid wasting resources in issuing cheques for very small amounts, advertisers will usually accrue the amount owing to you until it reaches a certain level (such as $25) before they pay you.

Tips on Making Money With Google Adsense

If you have a website or blog, you should definitely sign up for Google Adsense. It is one of the few programs that you can truly “set and forget” – once it’s there you do not really need much else.

But there are ways and means to maximize your income from Google Adsense, and if you more about it you can start with a decent income that will be rolling in month after month to keep this generation. It is a true passive income, which is why so many people use it.

Most people have heard of Google Adsense, but not everyone understands exactly how to use it to its best advantage. So we start with how to use it in its most basic sense, and then progress to more advanced benefits you can get from the program.

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Basically if you have a website or blog, you can sign up for a free account with Google Adsense and put contextual ads on your website to boot. What I mean by contextual? It simply means that the ads shown on your site will be relevant to your content. So let’s say for example that your website is about tropical fish. The Google ads will be related to tropical fish in one way or another.And because of the information you give to Google will also display ads relevant to your environment. So if you are based in the United Kingdom, the ads that appear will be relevant for British buyers, if your site or company is located in Australia, the ads will appeal to Australian buyers.

All this is carefully worked out for you the maximum possible for your website and clicks your ads to attract. Every time someone clicks on an ad you will get a few pennies in your AdSense account, so it is logical that the more attractive and relevant your ads to your visitors, the more money you will make.

Now let’s take a look at the appearance of your ads, as this may affect amount of click throughs you get. You can choose the color and the borders of your ads to the right fit the color scheme on your site if you want, but it’s worth experimenting with having no boundaries all around your ads because it makes them mix with your content more seamlessly and may encourage more click throughs on a subtle but effective way.

How well your Google Adsense integration with your existing blog or website, however, there’s obviously a limit to the amount of money you can make a site. If you have thousands of people visiting your site every day you can expect a good income from it but many people do not get this number of visitors and that is where you need a separate strategy to try and your numbers.

In this case you can go to the advanced level of Adsense revenue and start thinking about the different sites, all based around yet another popular topic. Do you think this essentially as content sites, because they are often filled with articles and useful content that is carefully keyworded much to attract search engine traffic on that particular subject. The Adsense ads are then placed in the optimal position for the best click away from (the AdSense pages give you ideas about where she stands, but it’s worth experimenting to see what works best for you), and The site goes live for people to find and read.

You can also add affiliate links for products in these sites to get more revenue as you want, but they are often known as Adsense sites simply because they are designed for visitors and click throughs on a specific topic to attract.

Some people end up with dozens of sites like this, and the beauty of them is that once they are built and you bought your domain name and hosting plan you really need to do much with them, except to encourage them. Update them fairly regularly good if you want to get a higher position in search engine results but you get more visitors as a result.

You can also make your site more frequently updated (and encourage repeat visitors) by inserting RSS feeds of news stories related to the topic of your website. Something that will get people returning to read – and possibly click on more ads as a result – is worth a try.

A final note here – wisely choose the topics of your AdSense sites.It is tempting to go for what’s in the news at the moment but once the story die down so will your traffic. You want something that people will always want to know about – saving money, getting a better job, earn more, and several other more personal topics such as care and successful dating for example. There are plenty of options to choose from, you just need to get your thinking cap to find them.

In short the best place to start making money from Google Adsense is integrated into your existing website or blog. As you gain experience and discover the best ways to use it then you can start thinking about adding extra places in the mix. You could end up as an Adsense guru and raking in plenty of money for little work indeed. That’s the best thing about it – “set and forget” advantage that keeps working even when you do not.

If you enjoyed this article, or have any questions or comments, please leave them using the form below. Once you’ve done it is time for Google’s AdSense site to visit to get started! Good luck.

Google Adsense Tips & Blogger Tips For New People

In my article “Tips for earning through Adsense”

I will show you in a very simple way how to maximize earning money through Google AdSense program. It is assumed that you use Google AdSense program terms and conditions. You have already visited the google adsense tips. AdSense program, advertisers pay when users click on ads and Google gives you a portion of the amount paid for clicks on Google ads on your site.Google is as interested as you to perform better. I think you have some tips adsense sites visited, but you are surprised about what exactly to do. Giving you the summary of the Adsense tips. I will mention what has to be wise in a very limited number of words.OK. Let’s start earning through AdSense quick tour.
a. Try to get targeted traffic to your site by following the search engine optimization tips. More traffic means more revenue.Promote your blog in the right way.
b. Write a unique and relevant articles. Content may not be too small or too large.
c. Do not change google HTML code or do not ask any body to click on it. Google can disable your AdSense account.
d. First few lines are important to determine what kind of ads will be advertised in your site. So concentrate on the first few lines very carefully.
e. Add Google search box in the upper right. Generally people prefer their right hand in the search box.
f. Use 336×280 large rectangle 160×600 wide skyscraper ads (in the sidebar). Large rectangle is the highest paying ad.
g. Prefer text ads. Text ads do better than image ads.
h. Use relevant color palettes. Colors tend to blend into your content do better.
i. Place the ads just above the content or the middle of the content.For these are the prominent and viewers to navigate.
j. Always make sure that the first ad unit is displayed in the best location.
k. In general, older websites do better in the search engine.Continue your site for a long time.
l. Use channels to know what ads are making money and what ad position is the most profitable. Analyze and act accordingly.
m. Block low paying ads with filter. If you see an ad that is not better to run one week, to replace other high-paying ads.
n. Not reload your pages often.
d. Not more than three ad units and one link unit.
p. Not place ads on a blank page.
q. Last but not least testing, always testing, keep testing, you will find the best way of optimizing Google AdSense.
r. Join adsense Group for more assistance.

You’ve taken great pain to your blog. You can make money through your blog. You will need to participate in Google AdSense program. Google Adsense is the best way for your website to relevant Google ads and earn money. AdSense delivers relevant ads targeted to your site and your site content. To participate in Google Adsense program opens an account for adsense. The program is free and google will pay you for valid clicks on the ads.After opening AdSense account you get a message from Google.Please read carefully the Google program policies. You need a simple job to do. Just open your account, a copy of a block of HTML and targeted ads and paste the appropriate place in your website template. You may be interested in how much you earn through the program. In fact advertisers pay only when users click on ads. You will receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on Google ads on your website. Learn adsense support. You’ll be able to reduce the total number of impressions, clicks on the ads, click through rate, CPM effecteive and your total earning through your report tab. You can visit adsense adsense help.

5 Recommendations On Being Successful With Google’s Adsense Program

As you use Google’s AdSense for more and more time you begin to learn from the blunders of the past, and you gradually begin to understand which of your actions kept your site from reaching its full potential. But an important part in producing an error for an individual to tell and teach them how to avoid the exact same mistake. So this is a list of the top five mistakes people using AdSense make.

You have to read and see if one of them applies to your content. If it is, you must stop and try to repair such errors as quickly as possible. The first big no-no that everyone seems to refer to one point or another has to do with breaking the rules. Google’s AdSense is a great program, but it relies on you respecting a few set rules. Once you increase website traffic and have a large proportion of site visitors you can produce a great deal of money just from their clicks.

The first essential is not “artificial clicks” through any means possible to make. Never click your own links in no way ask your friends or relatives and never click on the links, by a means that your content to encourage visitors to the link. You risk being permanently banned, and that will definitely damage your revenue.

Not with Google’s terms could have your AdSense account suspended. And this is actually the reason why this rule is by all means probably the most important of all. It is because this is the difference between life and death. The second thing users get wrong a lot of time is a bad color palette for ads get. Many times this occurs simply because the publishers are not informed enough to change default color palettes.

Others just can not seem to spend enough time in changing the standard. After notice is definitely bad publicity to push away from individuals to click, while having something that clearly will not distinctive. Third, of course, the position of the ads is probably the most important element you should be good to get you to maximize your earnings with AdSense. This is shown in a large proportion of the sites on the web and Google talks about it as well. Google may provide you with statistics which illustrate what positions work particularly well on your website.

Fourthly, banner ads are also a very bad idea if you’re using AdSense. 480 × 60 such ads are a sure way to drive away many people like most Internet users have a natural resistance to such means of advertising. And last but definitely not least, is not taking care of the site running the ads. Simply because ultimately it does not matter how cool the website itself. If it does not have updated content and a large part of the daily visitors to the site will probably never earn a serious AdSense revenues.

So these are probably the most essential points five individuals to get wrong while using the AdSense program. But of course if you do not mean the expression of such issues, here are the top five points you need to do to ensure your AdSense ads are constantly bringing in that revenue. No way to break Google’s policy. Do not make visitors produce “artificial clicks” on your website, regardless of the person or so the reason. Make sure your ads have the right colors that blend with your site and make sure they are in the right places to attract as many customers as feasible. Often try to avoid using banner-like (480 x 60) adds unless you really know what you are doing and constantly keep your site fresh and up to date.

Google Cash And Other Income From Blogging

For many people who do not fully understand the whole concept of blogging, the idea of accessing Google’s cash via an online diary seems a pretty remote prospect. What they do not realize is that today, blogging is a serious matter and may reduce the scope for people to leave daily life to stop going to work in an office, factory, warehouse or other routine daily work and to work from home.

So how do they do this, well first of all you need to consider exactly what it is that blogging is all about. It means understanding the different types of blog platforms available, the more revenue can be made of how blogs and search engine optimization to track the traffic to your blog so that you can cash in on the many ways to earn income through blogging.

Ideally, a number of niche market that nobody else has spotted and make the topic of your blog. If you do not succeed, at least make sure you choose a topic for each of your blogs and stick to it so that you can stay focused, even political blogs have their audience and if you provide the information people are looking for they will visit your blog.

We know politicians are busy people who need to rely on the general public and their support cloth. So when they usually are busy completing their declarations, they often consider their blog and others to maintain portfolios to work. This is another way of making money from blogging, is paid by third parties to blog on their behalf, and not just politicians of this service.

This would not be my preferred way of making money from a blog, if you do all the work you can directly earn from that effort, and ideally the value of your blog to increase in the process.

So as an aside, using third party domain, such as the Google blog for example, are fine in certain circumstances, but with your own domain name and promote it in my opinion a much better option, because you get to add value to add something yourself. Every post you make is a bit like fitting a new kitchen in a rented house versus installing a new kitchen in a house your own self.

There are many other ways to earn from your own blog, using Google AdSense to get money is probably one of the most popular. You log on to Google and they place ads on your blog that relate to the subject you wrote about (hence the need to stay on one subject), when the ad is clicked on to make a small commission, this method is called pay per click ….