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Official Support of Google Adsense to Urdu Language Websites


Google made the announcement that it has included ‘Urdu’ to support this language for the AdSense program. With the new development, the Urdu websites in Urdu fonts will be allowed to display the Adsense ads and they can earn money with them.

It is worth mentioned that the Urdu publishers were not allowed to display the Adsense ads but it was expected that some selected publishers were allowed to use Adsense for the monetization of their contents.

Adsense is the Google platform and the websites and publishers use to display ads on the websites. When they click on the Adsense ads or view the ads, the publishers are paid on pay per click or pay per view basis. Google said that it included Urdu as the supported language after uptake of Urdu content on the internet.

Company said that the Urdu language websites can apply for the Adsense accounts and they are encouraged to check the terms of services so that they can enhance the chances of getting accepted into the program. With this new decision, a lot of Urdu websites will be able to monetize the content and growth in Urdu websites and its usage is imminent.