Pakistani-Canadian built $1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

16 years ago, Pakistani-Canadian Carl Rodrigues decided to quit job and develop a computer product which made his family to think that he is not in his senses. Now, $1 billion is the worth of this company. He told that everyone was surprised and unhappy about his decision but his biggest problem was lack of practical ideas.

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

$1 billion worth IT Firm in Basement

He added that he wanted to do maximum about the thing he like most. Initially, he had no idea what to do but he stick with it and later decided after a tiresome effort that he should design a software system that would help users to use their laptops to control their mobile phones.

Initially, the sale grows slowly but he received a call from a large supermarket group of UK after 12 months. The firm wanted to incorporate the system in its operations so that their staff can communicate data and information easily and it wasn’t interested to purchase the system.

He told that he pretended to them that they are talking to a firm instead of a single person present in a basement by speaking to them in different tone for different staff members. It worked and the UK firm ordered for 20,000 units. The business grew further and now he has revenues of $80 million per year.

Rodrigues migrated to Canada at the age of 11 with his family in search of better education and career while he belongs to a Roman Catholic Pakistani family. After completing his school, he took degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Toronto.

After his graduation, Carl worked as a consultant for few years and later launched his own company in 2001. Today, his company has more than 700 employees in 22 countries and 17,000 business customers worldwide.

Rodrigues retained the ownership of company despite several offers including an undisclosed offer in 2006 by Microsoft. He and his wife are 100% owners of the company which is now located in two buildings in Mississauga instead of a basement. Carl is now trying to recruit talented computer programmers for progress of his firm.

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