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Take a lead on Twitter

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Rose Associate, an 80 years old real estate marketing and management company situated in New York City. This company posses some 200 employee and holds some 20.000 luxury apartments.

I.                          . Bob Scaglion Rose’s senior MD of residential marketing uses twitter; took lead on twitter that proved useful. Because many peoples sent their feedback on twitter.” Our clientele is young and upwardly mobile”and” Twitter is where they are.” Bob Scaglion said. The easiest way is to promote your goal is just go on search and type the key word. The customers will find it pretty easy while searching a particular thing.

II.                       . As a result there are fewer users or followers of Rose but it still works pretty well. Bod uses to send messages to a few targeted people and gets reply every day. According to Bob half of these leads convert to actual rentals but it sill lucrative.

. To find the leads faster there are thousands of applications on twitter how to use key words on twitter and keep you updated. The application used by Scaglion Comp[-any is called Tweetdeck and Web service called demandspot both are free of cost

Unique 2 Ways To earn Money With Twitter!


No doubt that Twitter is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) and fastest growing social networking sites ever. Having a simple and fast way to connect is very much appreciated by tweeter users, specially these days that everybody seems to be busy and not have enough free time. But, it’s not just social networking that makes Twitter popular. The fact that it has millions of users who can potentially be turned into customers, makes twitter an ideal platform for advertisers and businesses to promote their product/service.

I’m sure you’ve heard many stories about how some people make money on Twitter, or all these different ways you can make money with Twitter. Let me be honest, all these approaches come down to a simple way by using your Twitter (if there is a link to your tweets, or use your profile background to display ads) to advertise the product / service. It is the only proven way to make money from Twitter.

The effectiveness of these methods depends on the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the better your chances are for making money. Advertisers are more likely to use them with more followers.

Ok, so enough already, here are two established advertising agencies you can use to display ads on your Twitter and make money. These two website have been built for the tweeter advertising, so you wont have any problems getting around and get started right away. good decorations store

1. TwittAd

With Twitter, you basically sell your background space for a fixed period, specified by you.  As for 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, and so on. You make a profile for it and put it up for sale. The advertiser buys your space and use it for what days to display their ads, and you get paid. The more followers you have, the more chances you have to get your background is sold.

2. Magpie

Magpie is a little different in the way it works. They find advertisers (in their networks), its product / services that match the topics of your tweets, and place their ads (magpie-tweet) next to your tweet. You can make money by using different types of ads, pay-per-Click, Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-per-view. You choose if you want to skate-tweet tweet in all or a magpie-tweets per 200 tweets.

The good thing is that they allow you to pre-approve all magpie-tweets, so you do not show ads to not display. Each time the ad campaign is used in your tweets, you get paid. So basically, you do not do anything but tweet as usual, or if you want to earn more money, you can use popular keywords in your tweets that you know will get you better paying ads.

Don’t Use A Hammer To Turn A Screw, Using Twitter For Internet Marketing

In the business marketer’s tool box there are numerous tools that all fulfill specific functions, and not all are right for every job. Crafting a good marketing campaign is a drafting process similar to building something solid, there must be a plan and the tools must convert the raw materials into a finished good.

Using Twitter for Marketing is no exception; it is a tool and by itself will not convert your desire for clients in a reality simply through application. Let’s look briefly at some of the areas where using Twitter for marketing is a good idea, and where it is not such a great idea.

Good Ideas

1. Using Twitter for marketing a cause- is a great idea because you have a solid core group that support the cause and you have effectively captured their hearts in the devotion to an idea. Many a short term pledge drive was conducted using Twitter appeals to the group.

2. Using Twitter for marketing awareness of a promotion is working, because if your audience  is interested in your product, they go to your storefront and see the details, remember with Twitter you only so many characters have to each counting.

Bad Ideas

1. Trying to fit your entire flyer into your Twitter ad, or placing in random product specials- This will not work because of the limited attention your viewing audience will give you post – REMEMBER WITH TWITTER YOU ARE SELLING THE SIZZLE, NOT THE STEAK.

2. Using Twitter to cast for followers without a well defined target market- Twitter as a tool is no replacement for identification of your target market, be selective in what your brand identity is and then give them tweets that support other points of the identity is as well. As an example as an affiliate marketer if you are selling outdoor gear, turn your followers on to a blogger about adventures he takes in the mountains, TRANSCEND THE PRODUCT ONLY RELATIONSHIP.

Twitter is a tool, and with it you build a campaign that will drive sales, do the wrong tool is not used for the job, and this obviously comes down to think through  your marketing campaign with your strategic core group and setting the correct priorities. If the priority of the month is to generate additional leads using Twitter for marketing, sales, conversions are not exactly that purpose. Think first, then choose the tools and actions are congruent…. And success is sure to follow.