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Atebits is a Philadelphia based software company that made worth $ 2.99 iPhones applications known as Tweetie.

I.                          Twitter is actually free of cost but it does mean that each application will be used unpaid. Atebits’ 25 years old founder Loren Britcher, decide to make a Microsoft outlook with 140 characters. “Twitter is like e-mail,” Brichter said. According Brichter, many people use it for cursory information but still a large proportion is using it foe useful information. Brichter put up the nascent version of Tweetie for sale in November 2008. For its promotion he sent messages to his friends.

II.                       . Tweetie came out the most successful iPhone application for twitter. According to it has been purchased by 12.7 % by twitter users. When the first version was launched by Brichter, it was on the peak of apple’s best seller list during 36 hours ahead of Electron Arts’ Maden 2010 and CNN application.

. Twitter is for all sorts of advertisers to promote their software, incorporate and rearrange tweets in little time. Let’s suppose, collecting messages of an athletes through an application called Twackle or translating the tweets into another language is known as post like a pirate. Up till now, twitter has parted the applications’ business and allowed other stake holders do to what seems fit to them.