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Write a blog about a subject in which you are interested. When you start to get some traffic, get money by giving add with Adsense or many other getting money methods.

Three Different Ways Of Getting A WordPress Blog Up And Running

The purpose of this article is to outline three different ways to a WordPress blog up and running. WordPress is a free blogging software, has many advantages and is supported by a large community of users and developers.

A “blog” is abbreviated from the term “web log” which is a form of online diary or journal.

Since his arrival a few years ago, blogs have found numerous uses. To name but a few, these include name:

- Teens put their thoughts and ramblings online

- Hobbyists give updates about their interests and passion

- People who stay updated with friends overseas

- Professional bloggers updating specific niche products

- Multinational companies (MNCs) such as Microsoft and General Motors using blogs as marketing tool

Like a website, a blog has a global reach. However, it is much cheaper, quicker and certainly easier than a traditional website a blog to maintain. A blog of the contents can be easily updated by the submission of short or long articles (commonly known as blog posts) via an easy to use graphical interface. If a blog’s content is updated regularly, they naturally attract both search engines and human readers hungry for fresh content.

Setting up a blog, we need a certain kind of blogging software or platform. There are free software like Blogger and WordPress and payment platforms such as Moveable Type and TypePad.

Blogger is owned by Google. It’s free and perhaps the easiest way to blog and make your first post literally, within minutes! Hower, the features are somewhat limited.

For example, WordPress is a good alternative if you’re looking for free blogging software. Because it is an open source software, it is literally supported by a large community of users and developers both new and experienced bloggers assists. Not only rich in features – it supports categories, pages and trackbacks, just to name a few – it is constantly updated by its core software and through software plugins that bonus software components that form the basic functionality of WordPress expand. For more information, visit

Here are 3 different ways to a WordPress blog up and running:

1) Via

2) Via

3) Via Fantastico cPanel


Like Blogger, WordPress blog and your first post to get up and running within minutes! This site is intended for people to get a taste of WordPress without having to go through the somewhat involved procedure at (see below). If this is the first time you get your WordPress blog up and running, you should definitely give this a shot.

It’s so easy when it comes, click the button that says “Get a WordPress Blog Now>>” or something similar, follow the directions there. And then you start posting!

In this case your WordPress blog hosted on absolutely free. Therefore you do not have your own web host. The only downside is that there are limits as you can not install your own themes or plugin.


Instead of your blog hosted on, WordPress allows you to host your own website. (Of course, in this case, you have your own web hosting account that preferably comes with a version of “CPanel” – an easy to use graphical control panel to manage your webhost.)

Establishment of the WordPress blog consists of three main steps below.

Step 1: Go to and download the WordPress installation files that are free (because it is open source software as previously mentioned). If the files in a compressed format, run your compression program (like WinZip) to expand the files to your hard drive ..

Step 2: Run your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program and connect to your web hosting account. Then upload the installation files to the domain (if you have multiple domains hosted) and the folder you want your WordPress blog installed.

Step 3: This step is a challenge for the non-techie type, if they managed to survive Step 2! Log into the cPanel of your website host and to create and configure your MySQL database. After this is done, you’ll need some files to configure your installation.

Then restart your browser to open your blog and start making your first post by running the “wp-admin.php” script that is installed.

As you can see, this is the “normal”, but very annoying way of setting up your WordPress blog.

However, the effort you spend is worth seeing if you can configure all aspects of WordPress like to install the theme you want and adding HTML tags to Google AdSense on your blog to get some profits, etc. deserve

Via Fantastico

Again, installing WordPress on your own website, but this time by FANTASTICO. In this case, you need not only to your own web hosting account, it should come with a version of “CPanel” that “FANTASTICO” – an advanced script installer that a 1-click WordPress installation automate! (Actually a few clicks are needed.)

With Fantastico, all the above three steps are automated for you.All you need to do is to log into the CPanel for your web host and then FANTASTICO icon that is a smiley button.

In the next screen, click “WordPress” and click “New Installation”.FANTASTICO open a form and fill in a few things such as which domain (if you have multiple domains hosted) and that folder to install. Once you have typed in the information and pushed a button, will FANTASTICO to install WordPress in a few seconds!

How is that possible? This is because the installation files already on your webhost. This saves you time if you do not have to download them for, extending them and upload your webhost. Also, the database is automatically created and configured for you.

Then restart your browser to open your blog and start making your first post by running the “wp-admin.php” script that is installed.

As you can see, this is the “preferred” method of getting a WordPress blog up and running, even within minutes.and can still get all the benefits of configuring all aspects of WordPress, such as adding affiliate programs easily ( including Amazon. com) and Google AdSense to make a nice profit month after month!

Tips on How to Write Great Blogs

The Internet brings a lot of things to do for a lot of people. Thanks to the Internet, people from different parts f the world will now be able to communicate and interact with each other for free. One way to reach out to people through blogs. In fact, blogging brings fame and can even allow you to earn extra money as you, AORE good enough.

Basically blogging originally conceived as an online diary where people are able to express their feelings and other people to know through the Internet. Today, blogging is now considered one of the most popular ways for people to interact with each other and share their views on different things.

From life experiences, to try a particular product, blogging can definitely make you famous.

So, how can you become famous through blogging and how you can profit from your blogging site that you can generate some extra cash?

First, you have to remember that blogging is all about writing. , As aos writing a novel where you need to connect people to read. The great thing about blogging is that once people like what they read, they often will recommend it to their friends and so on. This is how you actually get famous through blogging.

You can also try posting in forums and article publishing websites at the end of each post, you will be a link to the website where your blogs can be accessed.

Once you loyal readers, you can start earning some money.Depending on the topic of your blog, you can affiliate marketer, and links to affiliate companies in your blogs. You can also make money by selling merchandises. For example, you can sell T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other things.

In order to become famous, you have blogs that people want to read and write. When you talk about your life experiences on one subject. For example, if you like the outdoors, try to write about your experiences and Thurs, AOT afraid to bend reality and fiction.You can always mix both. It’s also a good idea to mix in some sarcastic humor that people will surely love reading, even if they are a bit offended.

The key to writing good blogs is because people, aos attention to the first sentence. Once you have their attention, then write the rest of the blog you should be able to read them. Never go from one topic to another. When writing blogs, you must be consistent and everything you write should be relevant.

Once you get people to read your blogs and if they really like what they read, they will often recommend to their friends. All you need to do is sit back and look spread like wildfire. However, you must remember that once you get loyal readers, they will keep asking for more from you. Try to update your blog site for you for your loyal and enthusiastic readers.

As you can see, blogging brings fame. If you want to be known in the Internet, blogging is the best way to get people, aos attention.However, you must always remember that one must write blogs so that the last good.

How to Make More Money Fast: What are the Possibilities?

As far as I can tell, it’s more money quickly to the obvious – robbing a bank, steal more money quickly to make: What are the opportunities and selling something of value or prostitution.Fortunately, none of these options appeal to the vast majority of us.When we talk about money more quickly we usually want the law without the possibility of imprisonment to be involved.

After exploring many, many sources for the investment of my time on the Internet to make more money quickly, the best I’ve come up with a company where there have been people who have real money in two to three months, very hard worked seven days a week, in order to lay a foundation. This learning new Internet marketing skills and put them to use over again and so to be recognized in the market. They now remaining money will keep paying even if they stop working so hard. This sounds like a better idea, do not you think?

Obviously, if you’re in a crunch and the need to make more money quickly, this is not the answer for you. But if you can see that the crisis along the way, it would be a good idea to start with the discovery of new skills right now so you will be well placed to deal with your future financial needs.

If you are closing in on retirement and not been able to save for the nest egg you planned, will now learn the necessary skills and put them to work in your spare time, you will be able to make more money before your current income to an end. Then you can bank on full-time and a bright future.

Many of us are learning new tricks to earn more money to survive in this crazy economy, with all our old prejudices fall by the wayside. If it were not for the Internet opening up the world to us, I can not imagine what would happen to many of us baby boomers who have not, or not been able to make enough money, saving for later years. There is a “gray tsunami happening now online and many are able to more money to supplement what they already have, working from the comfort of their armchairs make.

So you see, unless you resort to anything illegal, there are ways to make more money soon, just not as fast as some might need. You still have one step further and learn new skills and the Internet requires a sacrifice of your free time to put into practice. I am finding that my investment of time pays off more and more as I keep practicing the skills I’ve learned and do them over and over again.

Why Bloggers Should Connect

If you are starting a blog with the intention to fund all of you have joined me in the online business world. The only way to get a reputation for yourself online is completely on the line pretty much screaming here I am tell me what you think. This is why many people fail, they are usually willing to face rejection and are unwilling to judge on the block. I mean what happens when you write an e-mail to someone you would want to cross promote and they do not respond it would be a crushing blow? Or worse yet what happens when the person writes back telling you they think your website is crap and wants absolutely nothing to do with you. Good in the online world is a common occurrence and if you really want to make you better live with the fact that not everyone will think your presence is as good as you think it is.

In some cases people are not sure where to start when it comes to finding people in their niche where they can connect with. This can easily be solved by going to Twitter or Facebook. The key to twitter is following those in your niche and tweet about your niche. If someone follows you because you tweeted anything having to do with your niche, they are more than likely a good person to connect with. If you’re a Facebook junkie contact groups seek and find people interested in the same subjects. Now days you can find the majority of people on the internet have a kind of presence, even if it is a simple facebook profile with a few hundred friends. If you really connect with them when the time comes to promote a new presence, products or supplies you can ask them to post on their profile or Twitter account.

Now when trying to people to really connect with you to locate people who are real presences to find. What I mean is this something they own with a unique URL. Simple tweets or Facebook shout outs are great, but they should not be your entire campaign. Only so much can be done on the social networks. You should be involved in the bloggers and webmasters in your niche. If you know these people your friends the opportunity for cross promotion is boundless. Imagine that you are good friends with someone in your niche which has 10,000 followers on their blog. If you play your cards right it will be possible for a guest post or link exchange to get things going. If you really want to help you online and guess what any website or blog on the Internet someone who sits behind the screen, so do not be afraid to email, tweet, or send a friend request on Facebook.

What Is Great Blogging Content

When you start a simple blog is the only way to succeed is a constant supply of blog content that is unique, helpful, and related to your niche. This is the only way to succeed with your blog and will usually take a while until you really great content that’s content to produce. There are two different types of blogs and both have the potential for an income to build. The first style of blog is personal style blogs where the content is very personal and passionate. Usually these blogs, a broad range of subjects and the blogger will discuss in a personal character. The second style of blog is an online business blog topics have included a large audience. Business blogs are much more professional and will cover topics on a particular type of business. Now it is possible to combine these two types of blogs and still do well, but in most cases, you must choose one type or another.

The most important thing to do when blogging is to create content. You must write every day. There are many bloggers who say that writing a few times a week is ok, but from my personal experience the only way to succeed is to write at least one article per day. When you start to write this much is very important to input as much information in your head as you write. If you want to be successful in whatever niche you choose, it is mandatory you learn everything you can about the niche. It is also important that you keep up with all the news going on in your niche. The best way to both of these two things at the same time, a subscription to all major blogs in your niche and reading them on a daily basis. You should also take part in all forums in your niche and find out what your audience is needed.

Once you’ve learned what you can about your niche it’s time to start creating content. The great thing about the Internet, information can be taken as long as you give credit to the source and the information does not have a copyright. You need to check the information before you publish your blog to ensure that instead of a copyright is the use of Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a form of copyright that allows you to take another person’s work and to publish them as long as you credit in the form of a link back to the original work. Let’s say you want your photos text., the majority of their photos under creative commons which means you can take and publish the photos as long as you post a link under the photo and a link to the Creative Commons license. is another source of content. Find a video that is closely related to your video and then click the embed button to get html code.

One Reader At A Time

The first year for a blogger is the absolute slowest. You’ll have trouble ranking in search engines and building a readership. If your blog is still new and you try to a readership one reader at a time to build is the way it goes. Do not expect major changes until you get hundreds of visitors per day. At the moment my internet business blog gets about fifty unique visitors per day. With a blog that gets the amount of traffic it is possible to see where visitors come from and how many are clicking on the feed. The readers of the blog not to move up or down more than five people and usually moves less. This is because the blog is relatively new and the level of traffic is still low. If a blog is still small, it is much easier to see how your audience responds to certain items is also much easier to see which items are the best response to your traffic.

One of the key components when trying to build a readership allows traffic to subscribe to your feed. If you have not burned a feed then click burn new feed feed all your blogs information. Once you burn your feed will be a few hours before feed burner processes your statistics. This is where you will be able to check and see how many readers you have and the posts they enjoy the most. Once your feed is burned you can watch the feed details and get your feed address. This is the link to register your traffic and the transition of traffic will allow the readers. If you want to make it easy for your traffic then you must subscribe link in the obvious places on your blog. Personally I place a link to subscribe right post titles so if the person reading the mail button, they can easily register for future updates enjoys.

Building readers, it’s easiest if you build traffic to your blog. There are two types of traffic that I personally recommend is the first social movement. This is the traffic coming from social bookmarking websites like and as social networking websites like and The other type of traffic that you can then build over to the readers is search engine traffic. If you want to score well in Google you need to create keyword optimized content and build links to both your index page and blog posts. There are many places that allow you to build ties to one of the easiest Fri general directories. You can get started with they have thousands of free general directories.

The Basic Blogging Plan

People in most cases are usually interested in building a bigger income and usually think that online business is one way they make more money. The problem is when they start it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge needed for a website or another type of the presence of that programming should start. If they spend enough time searching, they realize that if they want to start an online business without the hassles of learning different codes than blogging, the way to go. There are many places you can get a free blog some of them are off (my favorite), and These will all give you free space, a free domain and free bandwidth. You need to get your blog today, because usually the only thing stopping a potential blogger from blogging is that they have nothing set up.

If you decide you go to a blog the first thing to do is choose your niche start. A niche is the subject of blog that you are going to write about such as “internet marketing” or “online business”. You can start a blog about what you want but make sure your true passion about the subject. If you are unsure what to start a blog about the best if you start a personal blog just to get the feel of blogging. I know some people who started a personal blog and after a few years the practice moved to hundreds of thousands to create professional blogs. This may not be the case for you, but if you practice what can it hurt. Take time to think about the URL that the free blogging sites allow you to choose. Write a title and description that really does your blog. Do not go off-topic or choose something that you think will do better in the SERPs. You need a title and URL that really does your blog here.

The next step is to create content. You can write about anything you want within your topic. Start by creating a welcome message and your mission statement or the reason for starting the blog. If you are not sure what a blog post then Google should look to find a key concept in your niche and look for blogs. If you can not find any then go ahead and Google Blog Search use to search the most recent posts. One important thing to understand about blogging is that you are expected to carry information on a constant basis and the only way to know to write on a consistent basis is if you have more information. For each blog post you write you should be reading ten and within your niche. If you have questions about the fact that a blogger or webmaster recommend I join a webmaster forum like Webmaster Forum.

Writing Readable Blog Content

If you want to make money online free then blogging should be a consideration. Setting up a blog is simple and can be done for free within a few minutes for someone of the free blogging services like, and If you try something new blog an extreme passion and go to Google type in “Google AdWords Keyword Tool” and the tool to see how many people are searching for terms related to using the website have to pick . If you want a successful website then you have enough passion for writing about the subject, even if you do not make much or getting much traffic. The topic you pick should also be plenty of people who search for the topic in a decent income at least enough to your minimum goals.

After the initial design of your blog the next step will be writing content. This is the biggest factor in a successful blog and will determine the amount of income generated from your blog. More than likely if you start writing your messages are not very good. You will either bad writing, but too well, or not focusing on your target audience. Personally I have all three of these errors and you will surly have a few of your own. If you want a blogger the only way to do this is to start your own blog to be. This is the easiest way for you to start an online business quickly and let you know if you stand for working online. Make sure you read everything you can about the niche that you decide to jump in this is the way you are expert. If you are unsure where to go for information about the topic you are writing, try Google Blog Search.

Once your blog is rolling and trying to keep a schedule. If you can keep up to try and write every day. If every day is too much then find 3 or 4 days to write. Try to publish messages on the same day at the same time. You should also read what you write before you publish the messages. Doing this will help catch simple grammatical errors and misspellings. Try reading your content through the eyes of your reader make sure that you correct your ideas across. When writing the post you need an exact purpose of what you’re trying to say. Make sure you stick with what you try to say it is really easy to get sidetracked on issues closely related to what you write. The best way to succeed online with a blog to practice writing and try your absolute hardest to succeed.