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Kogi Korean BBQ one year old Los Angeles based food hub started with roving food carts. The grub is Korean style meat served in Mexican style flatbread. Dishes consists on Korean short ribs tacos for $2 and spicy pork quesadillas for $ 7

I.                          Kogi hits upon the idea to inform the people that where the trucks would be. Apart from a few regular parking spots like Little Tokyo on Thursday night. The trucks used to move from place to place. The managers used to make last time announcement of there parking places. According to its co founder Alice Shin “We realized that if we wanted to move around a lot, we needed something like Twitter”.

II.           As a result the food hub improved its operation and employs 60 people. According Shin “We’ve gone from selling 30 pounds of meat a day to 1,000” and 10 % of our customers follow us though Twitter. According to Shin-if nobody is interested in buying our food the truck simply moves to some where else.

III. Your customers will simply stop following you. Many other companies hire Kogi truck and then ask Shin to put up an advertising alert message to Kogi followers but these requests are declined. She told “If you spam people with advertising, it’ll backfire in the end”.

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