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How To Choose Profitable Adsense Keywords- A Simple 6 Steps Process

Adsense is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online.All you need is a website / blog and traffic, and your on your way to make some money online. Just a lot to do, but it will be enough to give you the confidence and motivation you need to go to. But if you’re serious and want to really make money with Adsense, you have to prepare. The subject of your content and keywords in, play a major role in your AdSense earnings. Increasing your AdSense earnings, you must choose the right keywords that big payout.Here is a simple 6 step process to help you choose the most profitable Adsense keywords.

Find keywords with high CPC value
The first step is to research and find some keywords for your niche that have a high CPC value. Use the Google Adwords keyword tool or another tool that will give you niche specific lists of keywords to find such keywords. Besides those keywords where it can be reached last. Copy and paste these keywords into Google’s Traffic Estimator (you will need an Adwords account).This fantastic free tool gives you the estimated clicks per day and average cost per click (CPC) for each keyword. Again, save this information for later reference.

The estimate of your maximum profit
To estimate your maximum earnings per click, Multiply the average CPC by 30%. The higher the average CPC, the more likely the CPC for the 2nd to 8th positions are high. Obviously you would like to start with the higher average CPC, because if the CPC starts to drop off significantly after the 3rd position, your chances of getting high click earnings as an Adsense publisher will be reduced.

The estimate of the 1st to 8th position CPC values
You must first estimate – 8th position CPC values. You can do this using tools like Adword Accelerator which will estimate the CPCs for each position and shows you how much the CPCs drop off after the first position. You can always use another tool that the same tables. This information helps your analysis for picking the most profitable keywords. If the CPC values stay close to each other and the value of the first position, then you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.

Determine which Adsense ads occupy which positions
Now you have to determine which Adsense ads occupy which positions. A simple and reliable way to do this is by searching on Google for your keyword and looking to see which Adsense ads are generated in the search results and in what order they are.

You can also use the Adwords Accelerator tool. It has a feature whereby Adwords ads are dynamically displayed for a given keyword you input into the tool to check. If the AdWords advertiser has used “Adwords for Content” in his advertising, these ads will be the Adsense ads someone else is displayed on their website.

Compare the ads you in step 4 to the results of using the keyword Check the operation of your software of your choice. If the advertisers you find by doing so closely that you found in step 4, chances are you will more than likely have a profitable keyword.But if the advertisers are not he same, then the advertiser may not be using the “Adwords for Content” mode of advertising in his campaigns. This means that the keyword may not be the basis for the Adsense ads, which means it’s not profitable.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic
This is the most important step. Without traffic, even the most profitable Adsense keywords will not earn a dime. And not any kind of movement will do. You need targeted traffic that will click on those ads. There are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your site. The fastest way to drive targeted traffic is using Adwords. If you decide to use Adwords, you can just use the keywords in your Adsense ads that scored well from the above evaluation.

Keep your costs low, use lower cost per click keywords in your AdWords ads. Be careful with this! you do not want your AdWords spending is higher than your AdSense earnings. The difference between the revenue from the click you get on your Adsense word from the cost of the click you pay on your word, your AdWords profits.

You can also drive traffic with search engine optimization techniques. It takes a while but it is definitely worth it. When using SEO, make sure the keywords you choose the highest KEI possible. KEI is the ratio of the number of searches for a keyword to the number of competing sites having the keyword. For best results, you need a combination of a high KEI and a high score of the above assessment.

This simple 6 step strategy will dramatically increase your adsence profits if you follow through. I know that everything can be time consuming and difficult to make it sound, but it’s all worth it. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online if you know how to use and most of it.

4 Important Factors For Increasing Your Google Ad sense Earnings

If you are like hundreds of other people work on the Internet and try to make money with your blog or website, then you probably know Google Ad Sense program. By inserting a snippet of code in your website, Google will place ads through Google Ad Sense on your blog or website. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get a percentage of what Google makes from its advertisers that the ads are displayed on your site.

Although the idea of making money with Google Ad Sense is simple for a decent amount of money, you must work hard and effort. When it comes to making money with ad sense, there are a few basic things you should know about and at work. In order for you to make money with ad sense, you should be able to use and proper application of these things. When it comes to ad-sense and Ad Sense revenue, the most important factors are:

Google Ad Sense serves ads based on your content keywords.Other words, meaning ad displays ads that are relevant to your content. And like any other form of advertising, some advertisers pay more than others, so when someone clicks on such ads, more money. Thus, investigating and using high paying keywords is an important factor, if you feel like your ad revenue.

Of course to make money Ad Sense, you must drive traffic to your site, and without proper content, there’s no point in driving traffic to your site. You have something of value to people for them to visit your site.

Ad Placement
Though you might think placing ads throughout your site works, it’s revealed that ads placed above the fold (the upper part of your site, where a visitor comes not above scroll down to see the ad) are much more effective. Even the size and design of Ad Sense shown on your site is a factor in whether or not a visitor clicks on it.

You’ve researched your keywords, created some great content, your ads placed on the best spot on your site, but if nobody is coming to your site, there will be no clicks on your ads. Here comes the hardest part of your journey, drive targeted traffic to your site. There are many ways to get targeted traffic to your site, from article marketing, in the forum and search engine optimization. But any webmaster will tell you that search engine optimization is by far the best method for driving targeted traffic to your site specifically for the long term. SEO will take some time and effort, but well worth the rewards.

Working on each of these individual areas will increase your profits Google Ad Sense, but it may take you a while to master all four.But if you do, you really make money with Google Ad Sense.

If you like hundreds of other people are working on the internet and trying to make money from your blog or website, then you probably are aware Google ad sense program. By inserting a snip of codes in your website, Google ad sense will place advertisements from Google on your blog or website. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get a percentage of what Google earns from its advertisers who’s ads are shown on your site.

Although the idea of making money with Google ad sense is simple, to make any decent amount of money, you have to put some hard work and effort into it. When it comes to making real money with ad sense, there are a few basic things you need to know about and work on. In order for you to make money with ad sense, you need to be able to use and apply these things correctly. When it comes to ad sense and ad sense earnings, the most important factors are:

Google ad sense serves ads based on your content keywords. Another words, ad sense shows ad that are relevant to your content. And like any other type of advertising, some advertisers pay more than others, thus when someone clicks on such ads, you earn more money. So, researching and using high paying keywords is an important factor, if you want to increase your ad sense earnings.

Of course to make money from ad sense, you need to drive traffic to your site, and without any decent content, there is no point in driving  traffic to your site. You have to offer something of a value to people in order for them to visit your site.

Ad placement
While you may think placing ads anywhere on your site will work, its been shown that ads placed above the fold (the top area of your site, where a visitors coming in doesn’t have top scroll down to see  the ad) are much more effective. Even the size and the design of ad sense displayed on your site is a factor in whether or not a visitor clicks on it.

You have researched your keywords, created some great content, placed your ads on the best spot on your site, but if there is no one coming to your site, there will be no clicks on your ads. Here comes the hardest part of your journey, driving targeted traffic to your site. There are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your site, from article marketing, to forum posting and search engine optimization. But any webmaster will tell you that search engine optimization is by far the best method for driving targeted traffic to your site specially for the long run. SEO will take some time and effort, but its well worth the rewards.

Working on each of these individual areas will increase your Google ad sense earnings, but it may take you a while to master all four. But when you do, you will be really making money with Google ad sense.

6 Steps for Building a Blog to earn Adsense Revenue

Building a blog to earn Google Adsense revenue is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money online. The concept is pretty simple and straightforward. You make a blog and the Ad Sense code at any time someone clicks on one of these ads, you get a commission from ad sense. It is a simple but effective method of making money. Although it looks easy, it takes hard work and consistent effort. Here is a 4-step guide to build a blog specifically to make money using Ad Sense on:

Find a niche
First you have a good niche for your blog to find. A subject that is popular and you are passionate about. If his popularity, it means you a better chance of getting more traffic to it, and if your passion for IT, it makes it easier for you to write about the topic. Some of the most popular and profitable niches include making money online, weight loss, relationships, Stock trading system and blogging. For example, if you opt for making money online “and your niche, your blog will mainly focus on topics related to making money online.

Get a blog
Although it sounds like it especially the hardest part, because non-technical people like me, it’s actually the easy part, thanks to the free blogging platforms like blogger. Of course you can also use paid blogs. But, you do not really have to. In fact, I encourage you to start free blogs. You can always upgrade later if you decide to. If you are going to use free blogging, I would suggest using Blogger.It takes less than 2 minuets to your blog, and with a few clicks you can install adsense on your blog (you have registered to ad sense), because it is already integrated din blogger. Also blogger is owned by Google, which makes it much easier to rank well in comparison to other blogs.

Sign up for Ad Sense
If you do not already have an account with Ad Sense, you must register with them. Naturally, your blog will be reviewed by Ad Sense staff and if approved, you can start making money with AdSense. After get approved, just go back to your blogger dashboard blog, and use their easy to drag and drop system to use ad sense to install on your blog. Ad Sense will then serve ads that are relevant to the content of your blog.
If for some reason your blog does not get approved, do not be discouraged. She will send you an email along with the reasons for the rejection of your application, use the problem (s) to establish and re-apply. It’s really not that difficult to get approved for Google AdSense.

Write quality content
One of the key elements of a blog to build AdSense to earn revenue, or some kind of blog or website for that matter, the quality and useful content. Without the content of your blog is nothing.Mo0ney If you want to monetize your blog, you have to provide useful information in order to attract visitors and keep them coming back. Make sure you publish new content as often as you can. The more (quality) content you have, the more chance you have of getting more visitors to your blog, and ultimately more clicks on your ads.

Traffic to your blog
Although you’ve built your blog, installed Ad Sense, have written good quality content, if you do not let people know, nobody will visit your blog. You need to drive traffic to your blog. There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog, both free and paid ones. I suggest stabbing with a free methods, as they last longer, and obviously not cost you any money. Some of the best free ways to drive traffic to your blog to comment on other related blogs, publishing quality articles on major article directories with a link back to your blog, participate in related forums, using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites their say and submit your blog to major search engines and blog directories to spread. The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more you can earn Ad Sense ads on your blog.

Repeat steps 4 and 5
You’re not done yet! In fact, if you want to Ad Sense revenue earning on your blog, you constantly post fresh and quality content and also keep generating traffic to your blog. You are not the only one to make money in this way, there are a thousand s of people doing that. So, if you will not lag behind, you continue to make your blog better and better.

It is important to note that, for the first few months or more, most new blogs with Ad Sense just a lot of money. It takes a little time and much hard work to get there. But once you get the ball rolling to get, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to make money with AdSense on your blog.

How does Facebook Make Money

They say it is free. They also say that Mark Zuckerberg – the man who started Facebook – is one of the richest people in the neighborhood – apparently a billionaire. So how the hell this man to give free accounts to its users and be happy sitting on top of a gold mine? The figures on annual income around Facebook going to stop his heart to say the least. The numbers were all bandied about U.S. $ 500 million, which means that since 2007, they are more or less a doubling of their income. All this from a free website! So where is the money? This article will answer the question, how does Facebook make money and solve the mystery for you.

How Facebook make money?

A free account notwithstanding, Facebook is making money. And much of it. How does Facebook make money? If you knew how Facebook does financial work!

I will solve the mystery for you in one simple word – advertising. The same thing that most sites around the world running. That’s the big secret behind burgeoning revenue from Facebook. If you open your Facebook profile, you will see that while the right of the page is filled with ads. You can use the thumbs up to the ad or the thumbs down. The thumbs down will remove the ad and it will not come back.

How do these ads work? Well Facebook is definitely a smart social networking institution which knows where to place ads. Like Google AdSense, Facebook also offers an ad on the pages based on the interests and the public profile of the user. So, if you are in your profile that you are a fan of Nike and other sportswear brand, their ads will appear on the right side of the page for companies and websites to sell. Facebook ads are not intrusive and so people are not annoyed with them, unlike we do with those super-annoying pop-up ads.

And their advertising system is logical, because it ensures that the right ad to the right customer, because the ad is selected for an individual page based on the interests and wishes of the user. This prevents unnecessary waste of adspace on the page where the chances of the ad is “hit” are theoretically quite low. The advertising system on Facebook, user gives a “thumbs down” feature, which ensures that some ad does not appear. That is a pretty interesting thought, given that the ad is not a chance of being clicked and leave the users will continue to annoy them.

Facebook Gifts
Ever sent a virtual gift on the birthday of someone? You must at some point, if you knew how to use Facebook. Well you do pay for some of them and much of the cash goes into the company. While simply writing ‘Happy Birthday’ is sufficient for some, the ‘tab to send a gift “on the wall of your friend to encourage others to send a virtual gift – paid for online. All the money almost always goes to the company, but if the gift is provided by an outsider, and then part of it is there. But much of it is still held by the website.

Application Performance
The beauty of companies like this working on different platform is the abundance of business ideas that they brought to table.Performance advertising is a unique answer to how does Facebook make money. Let’s take the example of Farmville, which is fairly easy to do on Facebook. Now the application is offered for use to the users of Facebook and the parent (Zynga) gets a lot of traffic because of the popularity of the game on Facebook.Therefore not entitled to contact a piece of that pie to take? After all, they provide a platform for gaming companies like Zynga their burgeoning user base. So Facebook is a bit of money there as a “rental” for the use of their users.

I think the answers to your questions about what contact and how does it work and how does Facebook make money. Now this information about how Facebook makes money is largely speculative. Facebook is a public company and have full freedom to not disclose their financial information – and they do not disclose their revenues and their sources of income.

5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

With the release of its new platform, Facebook, aos recent efforts in social media provides a unique opportunity for marketers, developers and companies to tap into the social network, aos young, active, and viral crowd.

However, the past few weeks there is a growing concern among developers to find ways to monetize their Facebook applications to discover. The curse of instant success online is that you can no longer maintain expensive servers to support hundreds and thousands (or millions) of Facebook users. The question: how can the developers of Facebook apps actually make money? We Aot Thurs, yet all the answers, but here are five suggestions:

1. SELL. Develop applications only for the purpose of selling them to interested parties. Several applications have already been acquired in this way, the most recent example is that of Moses, including the purchase of TextMe.

2. DEVELOP. An indirect source of funds: the development of applications for third parties. A number of companies are posting jobs on contract to take on the Facebook, aos developer forums.There is a large gap in supply and demand of available Facebook application developers, as a result, finding potential customers for a reasonable rates may not be a hassle.

3. ADVERTISING. Use advertisements, cross promotions and affiliate marketing. It is not feasible to use Google Adsense for this, because Facebook does not allow JavaScript embedding.Adsense can be embedded through iFrames, which although popular with Facebook developers, it is against Google TOS aos.Affiliate marketing is a great alternative to advertising, my source of income on Facebook is generated through Amazon, aos affiliate marketing.

4. Micro Payments. Selling services within Facebook using micro-payments. PayPal payments for access to premium services income could reasonably possible returns depending on the application, aos purpose, scope, and future users.

5. GET INVESTMENT. If you think something big on your hands and lack the means to this scale, are for investment through Bay Partners and others that have shown interest to fund Facebook apps. This would be the likely course of action for a startup with plans to expand globally within and outside Facebook.

Facebook has a huge active community. It is reported that the 29 million active users, about half to log every day. This is a rarity among Web 2.0 companies (relative, Google Video has about 3% active users). If Facebook can convince its users to shell out $ 1 for that silly virtual Äúgift send AU images to each other, it is certainly a smart developer or starting to find other approaches to earning money from a Facebook application where no drowning in advertisements to their users.

Due to the pace of innovation over the web, it is imperative that companies such as jumping on opportunities as they emerge.Bebo and LinkedIn are expected to have their own set of APIs for developers release and I personally can not wait to be among the first to tap into that possibility. I advise others to start planning too.

How to Earn Money From Facebook

Facebook has become a social networking phenomenon that began only with students but has now extended to all kinds of social groups. Many Facebook users are so addicted to this site, they spend hours exploring and using different kinds of social applications. Like the television, people spend more time behind their computers – browsing the web or trying out new applications on Facebook.

As with more popular media like television, radio or print ads, Facebook will generate ads that go well with their applications.You can apply the same concept – make and sell a product. So, how do you do this with Facebook? Here are ways to get your profits run.

Selling your product.

If you already have a product you sell on Facebook – most especially if your product or service is suitable for 18 to 35 years old group. For example, if you own a twenty four hour pizza place, your page with your company and your products. Some students who go online during the wee hours of the night was supposed desire for pizza.

Or if you have a bookstore, you can get a page asking people if they want a book online for a significantly lower price compared to other online booksellers to order. Know your customers and find ways on how to contact them. Join groups or causes so your presence would be more visible.

Make your Facebook page interesting.

A lot of people also search Facebook looking for interesting content, such causes to support, funny stuff or pictures that are worth a look at. You can start thinking of ways on how to make your page interesting, so would a lot of readers to your profile page.

You only need a space for advertising on your profile page. Then, find advertisers who might be interested in setting up their ad banners on your site. If your page is about books, maybe you want to come into contact with the Amazon. It would be logical, of course, advertisers related to your actual content to get.

You have nothing to sell on your Facebook page, you just have to set advertising spaces once you get the traffic rolling.

Create applications.

Facebook is so popular because of the different third-party applications it offers. First, you must know what the market demands. What applications do Facebook users want? Most users are between the ages of 18 and 35 so it is understandable that most Facebook applications would be mashups between songs, videos, applications just for fun or their profiles.Applications range from free gifts to horoscopes to trivia games, personality tests or graffiti wall on their profile pages. These applications are viral – meaning it can spread in a matter of minutes! Yes, a lot of people are using your applications minutes after it is launched. That would mean that you can sell advertising space on your application.

If you do not have the resources or money to get your application up and running, you can sell your idea to companies like Bay Partners and get developers to help you.

Earn Money On Facebook

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social utility that people with friends and others who work, study and live around them together. People use to stay in touch with friends, an unlimited number of photos, share links and upload videos, and more about the people they meet to learn.
Anyone can join Facebook

Everything you need to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, your school or work email address used to register. Once you register, join a regional network to connect with the people in your area.

Discover the people around you

Facebook is made up of many networks, each built around a company, region or school. Join the networks that reflect your real-life communities to learn more about the people who work and learn, live, or study around you.
Simple way to make money on Facebook

Facebook has an application called Cash Cliques that is very easy to install on your Facebook account and you can get some money.

How does it work? For each ad you on, you get paid.

And that you get paid when friends you referred click on ads!

If you’re lucky enough there are also random cash prizes.

For example, if you click 10 ads per day and take 50 friend, who also 10 ads per day, at the end of the month you $ 153. It’s not much but it’s very easy to do!

5 Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and most successful social networking site worldwide. It has a wide audience and the demographics of the Facebook population is more or less the general buying public young teens in middle-aged working class individuals. You have probably already aware of the potential of this website in terms of marketing and sales and you’re absolutely right. You can use to get in touch money and market your own goods and services. Here are five ways to make money on Facebook.

Now these are not part of a scam or “get rich quick” schemes that you may have read or heard about. Facebook is not a market per se, and most of the time that the “promote your blog or affiliate on the wall of another person” will not get you the results you want.Instead, use these tips from the approved applications already available on the site so you can optimize your stay on Facebook.

* CafePress Listings. If you are not very familiar with CafePress, it is actually an application in facebook that allows you to design and sell CafePress items. You can create your own CafePress account from Facebook and you can also sell your products by offering them to people in facebook, or are contacts or not.

* Use e3Buy Auction. This is an application you can sell things you want to sell. You can start making money with this feature, because people who visit your site will be able to program it to your profile. So for them to see, you have to do is to visit as many profile pages as possible to let other people know you exist.

* Use flame tunes. Love music? Maybe you’re a DJ or someone who loves good music to mix and match. With this Facebook application, you can play and record music with what instrument you have than to sell to your contacts and other people on Facebook. You can also use mixers or other equipment, so you better flexibility and sound quality.
* Garage Sale. This is an application that as reliable as air.Garage Sale is a very simple way to keep your old stuff and other items used to sell to other people. You can also sell other things as you produce custom made bead bracelets and other accessories.

* Cash Cliques. This application will pay you to visit or click on it and a comment in a number of ad sites to leave. Other than this pay-per-click system, you can also earn other people to the site.

Their are a number of other traditional ways to earn back like facebook:

* From branding and selling your product
* Put an ad space on your profile page – If you think you interesting enough to look for then yes, you can easily try this option. Just create a space advertisers and advertisers would be interested in placing their advertising on space.

Facebook is definitely something that takes the industry by storm.Everyone likes to enjoy Facebook and the various applications available, so why miss out on the opportunity as well? Using these applications you can make money and get more contacts.

12 Ways To Make Money On Facebook!

Make money with facebook! If you’re a Facebook user or social networking sites have been around for a while, you’ve probably heard that. But is it really possible to make money with Facebook?How would you go about making money on facebook?

Well, thanks to some very useful and user friendly applications, today almost anyone with a Facebook page, to make money in the truth of ways. With a simple installation, you can click your way to make money on Facebook. Of course like any other methods to make money, especially making money online, it takes hard work and perseverance to be a fair amount of money on Facebook.Although these applications make it easy to go on the path of making money with facebook, the strategy and a well thought out plan, combined with perseverance and hard work that ultimately factors in your success or failure in making money with Facebook.Here are some applications you can use to make money on Facebook.

1. Radical Buy This is almost like a facebook made ebay. You can sell anything on your Facebook page using this unique app. List an item and leave it visible to all Facebook users instantly. Now, the cool think is that you can offer commission to others who will sell your items on their Facebook page, so you reach more potential buyers. Of course, that even if you are not an item for sale, you can see other peoples item on your Facebook page and earn money with the job you get to sell stuff there.

2. Mijn Merch shop if you red my 9 Customers earn money by designing and selling … article, then you know about Zazzle. Well, now zazzel you can create and design each product on their site (which is free) and sell them on your face book. Think about the potential customer base for custom t-shirts and hats and etc, especially if you have a lot of Facebook friends. You can also sell products made by other artists and earn a commission on that. So even if you do not want to continue to design, a way to make money on face book Zazzle have.

3. Cafe Press is the same idea as Zazzle, but with a much larger and well known online store. CafePress easy a product of anti-Obama shirts to sell to pro-Obama shirts on your facebook and make money, whether made by you or anyone else.

4. Ether Ether is a website you can make money by giving advice to people over the phone or by chatting. But now, you can use their new application on facebook to make money while giving advice to people on the phone. If you are good at giving advice, this may be the way for you to make some extra money on Facebook. Even if you know a second language, this app makes it easy to teach others and make money. You set the rates and Ether provides a number that individuals can call. The call is then forwarded to your personal phone number.

5. Music Music With Blaster blaster you a simple little music store on your Facebook and sell music If you earn 5% for each song sold. The cool think about this app is the fact that your favorite band or singer to help sell their music while you make money, and help them get more exposure.

6. Garage Sale The name says it all, the good old Garage Sale, but a “facebooky” Garage Sale. Garage Sale simply add to your profile page and list everything you want to sell. If someone buys something, Garage Sale buyer credit card bills automatically and let you when the item ships. Your money is deposited directly into your Pay Pal account, or you can request payment by check. But they charge a 5% commission on total sales, but that’s all. No other fees for setup or something.

7. Shopit Shopit is a free Social Commerce Network that allows users to buy, sell or trade a product or service. Simply add a free store to your Facebook and sell anything you want. Another easy way to make money on Facebook.

8. Flame tunes FT was founded in 2007 by an Iranian-American named Nima Khakpour. This app is more for artists to sell their music. So, if you’re an artist, flame tunes to sell your music on your Facebook. You can also use it to sell music on myspace.

9. Lemonade Remember, when you install your first lemonade stand in your community? Well, this app allows you to use the same concept, a combination of commerce and community, and have a lemonade stand in a digital (facebook) district. Basically, you add what you want to sell at a lemonade stand, and put it on your Facebook. It’s free and easy.

10. Who knew that ebay was? Yep, you guessed it. Now your ebay on facebook. This application allows you to eBay auction listings to add to your profile. Sell things to your Facebook friends crafts, jewelry journal pages, underwear and dinner dates or just what you sell on eBay! You also have the option to add a charity auction to support you, on your Facebook profile. I think it’s a very clever way of combining eBay and Facebook, and you do not even have an eBay account!

11. Lending Club is almost prosper want, where you land to others and earn money with the interest you the loan. No worries, lending club has all the details. Yes, it’s completely safe, and all legal issues and take care trust by lending club. Safley If you use may be a good way to monetize your Facebook.

12. e3buy Auction Buy, sell or trade anything. Buy your used or new items. With e3buy you can open a shop steward, upload your logo and start selling things. unlike ebay, there is no commission or fee to be paid. it’s completely free to use. It is also fully integrated with paypal, so you can get paid quickly.

If you know of an application that enables one to make money using Facebook, let me know and I’ll add to this list. There you have it, 12 years free applications you can take advantage of to make money on Facebook.

How to Earn Money on Facebook

Facebook, the social networking site originally designed for secondary school students are, has become a marketing and earning tool for all types of people and businesses. You can use to contact your project or service to promote and even earn money while doing so. Facebook offers many opportunities for customers to make money in cyberspace. Here’s how to do it.


Make online ads targeted to a specific group. Maybe you publish chick lit books targeted at young women and teenage and college age, wants to attract buyers. Buy ads on Facebook pages appropriate to your specific audience. With billions of page impressions per month, it’s worth the time and investment.

Using the Facebook user applications for your business or project known. By creating an application, such as “My Favorite Movie” and allowing other Facebook users to access, you will find somewhere to add a few hundred to a few million people to view your product or service. While the application model is not as simple as paid advertising can bring money to you through pay-per-click and revenue sharing.

Coordinate your Facebook page with affiliate programs on other sites. If you have a book, DVD or CD, use an Amazon button to drive people to “buy” for your product. Or use a generic affiliate program that gives you a certain amount of money every time something clicks through to an Amazon item from your page.

Setting up a Cafepress account to your own T-shirts, coffee mugs or other items to sell. Add a link on your Facebook page. A CafePress account requires no money up front and you pay a percentage each time someone orders your swag.

Use eBay to pitch your product. Again, use the left post and let your friends know what you sell on eBay. If you homemade products, using Etsy to sell them, or try Deviant Art if you paint or draw. You get your creative work out there and earn money in the process.