5 Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and most successful social networking site worldwide. It has a wide audience and the demographics of the Facebook population is more or less the general buying public young teens in middle-aged working class individuals. You have probably already aware of the potential of this website in terms of marketing and sales and you’re absolutely right. You can use to get in touch money and market your own goods and services. Here are five ways to make money on Facebook.

Now these are not part of a scam or “get rich quick” schemes that you may have read or heard about. Facebook is not a market per se, and most of the time that the “promote your blog or affiliate on the wall of another person” will not get you the results you want.Instead, use these tips from the approved applications already available on the site so you can optimize your stay on Facebook.

* CafePress Listings. If you are not very familiar with CafePress, it is actually an application in facebook that allows you to design and sell CafePress items. You can create your own CafePress account from Facebook and you can also sell your products by offering them to people in facebook, or are contacts or not.

* Use e3Buy Auction. This is an application you can sell things you want to sell. You can start making money with this feature, because people who visit your site will be able to program it to your profile. So for them to see, you have to do is to visit as many profile pages as possible to let other people know you exist.

* Use flame tunes. Love music? Maybe you’re a DJ or someone who loves good music to mix and match. With this Facebook application, you can play and record music with what instrument you have than to sell to your contacts and other people on Facebook. You can also use mixers or other equipment, so you better flexibility and sound quality.
* Garage Sale. This is an application that as reliable as air.Garage Sale is a very simple way to keep your old stuff and other items used to sell to other people. You can also sell other things as you produce custom made bead bracelets and other accessories.

* Cash Cliques. This application will pay you to visit or click on it and a comment in a number of ad sites to leave. Other than this pay-per-click system, you can also earn other people to the site.

Their are a number of other traditional ways to earn back like facebook:

* From branding and selling your product
* Put an ad space on your profile page – If you think you interesting enough to look for then yes, you can easily try this option. Just create a space advertisers and advertisers would be interested in placing their advertising on space.

Facebook is definitely something that takes the industry by storm.Everyone likes to enjoy Facebook and the various applications available, so why miss out on the opportunity as well? Using these applications you can make money and get more contacts.

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