How to Earn Money From Facebook

Facebook has become a social networking phenomenon that began only with students but has now extended to all kinds of social groups. Many Facebook users are so addicted to this site, they spend hours exploring and using different kinds of social applications. Like the television, people spend more time behind their computers – browsing the web or trying out new applications on Facebook.

As with more popular media like television, radio or print ads, Facebook will generate ads that go well with their applications.You can apply the same concept – make and sell a product. So, how do you do this with Facebook? Here are ways to get your profits run.

Selling your product.

If you already have a product you sell on Facebook – most especially if your product or service is suitable for 18 to 35 years old group. For example, if you own a twenty four hour pizza place, your page with your company and your products. Some students who go online during the wee hours of the night was supposed desire for pizza.

Or if you have a bookstore, you can get a page asking people if they want a book online for a significantly lower price compared to other online booksellers to order. Know your customers and find ways on how to contact them. Join groups or causes so your presence would be more visible.

Make your Facebook page interesting.

A lot of people also search Facebook looking for interesting content, such causes to support, funny stuff or pictures that are worth a look at. You can start thinking of ways on how to make your page interesting, so would a lot of readers to your profile page.

You only need a space for advertising on your profile page. Then, find advertisers who might be interested in setting up their ad banners on your site. If your page is about books, maybe you want to come into contact with the Amazon. It would be logical, of course, advertisers related to your actual content to get.

You have nothing to sell on your Facebook page, you just have to set advertising spaces once you get the traffic rolling.

Create applications.

Facebook is so popular because of the different third-party applications it offers. First, you must know what the market demands. What applications do Facebook users want? Most users are between the ages of 18 and 35 so it is understandable that most Facebook applications would be mashups between songs, videos, applications just for fun or their profiles.Applications range from free gifts to horoscopes to trivia games, personality tests or graffiti wall on their profile pages. These applications are viral – meaning it can spread in a matter of minutes! Yes, a lot of people are using your applications minutes after it is launched. That would mean that you can sell advertising space on your application.

If you do not have the resources or money to get your application up and running, you can sell your idea to companies like Bay Partners and get developers to help you.

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