How to Earn Money on Facebook

Facebook, the social networking site originally designed for secondary school students are, has become a marketing and earning tool for all types of people and businesses. You can use to contact your project or service to promote and even earn money while doing so. Facebook offers many opportunities for customers to make money in cyberspace. Here’s how to do it.


Make online ads targeted to a specific group. Maybe you publish chick lit books targeted at young women and teenage and college age, wants to attract buyers. Buy ads on Facebook pages appropriate to your specific audience. With billions of page impressions per month, it’s worth the time and investment.

Using the Facebook user applications for your business or project known. By creating an application, such as “My Favorite Movie” and allowing other Facebook users to access, you will find somewhere to add a few hundred to a few million people to view your product or service. While the application model is not as simple as paid advertising can bring money to you through pay-per-click and revenue sharing.

Coordinate your Facebook page with affiliate programs on other sites. If you have a book, DVD or CD, use an Amazon button to drive people to “buy” for your product. Or use a generic affiliate program that gives you a certain amount of money every time something clicks through to an Amazon item from your page.

Setting up a Cafepress account to your own T-shirts, coffee mugs or other items to sell. Add a link on your Facebook page. A CafePress account requires no money up front and you pay a percentage each time someone orders your swag.

Use eBay to pitch your product. Again, use the left post and let your friends know what you sell on eBay. If you homemade products, using Etsy to sell them, or try Deviant Art if you paint or draw. You get your creative work out there and earn money in the process.

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