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Earn Free Stuff Online Playing Games At Microsoft Live Club


Would you like to earn free stuff for something you already do? So let me ask you something then, how many times you’ve been bored and was looking for free online games to waste some time? Some times you just have to strike the perfect balance between relaxation and work, so why not combine these things? is the place to win awards for playing simple games. The whole idea is pretty simple, once you have a good time playing games and earn special points (tickets), which can be redeemed for special prizes. But let me show you the entire process in steps:

Step 1
It’s required to sign up for Microsoft Live Search Club or use any Microsoft service. When you done registering, just sign in or you your MSN/HotMail account. The registration is required, because if you redeem your points, the notifications will be sent to your email.

Step 2
Now, when you have an account, you can start earning points, also called tickets. Also, there are several ways to earn points – the first (the easiest) is to win points by playing flash / games trivia. All games are powered and somehow related to the Microsoft Live Search. If you want to get some bonus points, the Live Search Toolbar is available for download, and get some extra credit for using the toolbar too. The last way to earn credits game is to use Live search engine (any search that is worth 1 ticket – maximum 10 searches per day).

Step 3
Start exchanging your points for special prizes from the Live store. You can start redeeming points as soon as you get about 100 points (which is not that hard to reach). Remember about the 2000 point total limit and redeem your points whenever you can. Also you have a choice of giving your points to charity.

As you see Live Club is a fun way to have some fun on the Internet. The games offered at this website are pretty cool, and I can spend hours playing them. Basically you can exchange your points for various Microsoft merchandise including Microsoft Zune and Xbox 360.

3 Hints To Triple AdSense Earnings In 30 Days

I’ve been using Google AdSense to my freebies site to earn money for around twelve months. And while I initially not much to do, I have learned different methods and tweaks that allowed me to expand that a significant side income. Although most of my income is through affiliate marketing, AdSense has proven to be a nice filler, and “pocket money” in a sense which is always handy for the invoices.

I started applying some tricks here and there and got the last twelve months have seen a rapid increase in revenues. In this article I share with you some of the tips and tricks I’ve used my AdSense earnings to increase dramatically in a month.

- Test your ads with different colors and fonts

If you enabled both image and text ads on your unit you should be able to customize the colors and fonts. Make sure your colors exactly match the color theme of your site. Research has shown that readers are far more likely to click on ads that do not seem to be shamelessly intrusive. You just need your CTR track for a few weeks. Change the color or font and follow it for one week, see if your earnings increase. If you can, keep the new format. If you evaluate performance, try a new color or font and follow the CTR for one week until the optimal control.

- Units to add to all sites

If you have a number of websites, AdSense is best to throw the most trafficked sites. My main site is a free samples of almost 100K average monthly page views. Initially only resources for CPA affiliate marketing. However, the advantage over AdSense revenue is generated per click and no maintenance to be done. By adding my AdSense earnings income could increase by 20% on top of what I earned. So if you do not have Adsense on your site already, so today and see the results.

Choosing The Best Google Adsense Strategies

Google AdSense is a comprehensive, easy to use contextual advertising program. It’s free and easy to register and unless you’re ready to go about breaking the rules, you will not be banned.

Choosing the best strategies for AdSense can range across the board in effectiveness. Most are using Google and there are some that are better than others. Many people look at AdSense as a “get rich quick scheme and so they treat you if the use of strategies that are riskier and fall on the dark side of Google. This is a big no no. Bad books to get into Google is not recommended. These arrangements would be as the building of the AdSense revenue sites or arbitration. They will AdSense cash fast and that’s why they love their popularity. Using these schemes will get you banned from Google excessively, not a good choice.

If you see AdSense for what it is, a free, functioning, online advertising program you’ll probably look at the strategies and those that can legitimately be used to produce most amount of money online. This is realistic and the benefits not only you but the advertiser.

AdSense is a good way to make extra money online, but a program to get hold of is patience. In fact, patience is the best instrument you have. This allows web pages and sites that are of quality and will continue to pay dividends, even if you spend less time on them. Very little maintenance will be required after the initial set up if you take the time and do it well. Use quality content on your pages, or writing articles or blogs. This is important because it will give you higher amounts of traffic, because your visitors are offered good information, rather than junk. Good content and goes back into the higher CTR or Click Through Rate, and more money in your account. Using freebies to attract readers back to your site. If you give away free stuff relevant, many will see your site and word of mouth will increase traffic. The more traffic, the better results you get with AdSense.

Finest Methods To Use Google Adsense To Make Money

Many people are catching the boat home-based income and doing very well. The home-based business today, the market, produce or sell an item and do it all online, from his / her own home. There is one thing that most Internet-makers agree on all income, and that is the great potential to earn serious money with Google AdSense. Using AdSense as your primary advertising program with a number of business networking techniques to make some extra money, you business online and making money in no time.

Learning how to use Google AdSense from the beginning will allow you to either as much or as little time to spend on your page if you would like to make money. What does is send AdSense ads that are relevant and unobtrusive in your web page. Google pays you by how many clicks you receive on those ads, so it is in your interest to get as much traffic to your site as possible, and there are more opportunities for clicks on your site. This is the basis for AdSense. By reading the AdSense site and learn all methods of attracting traffic, both for you and Google will accumulate more income. Google gets about half the amount of each of your clicks.

The Top 3 Ways Using Google AdSense for Your Home Business

- Always write high-quality, original content for your pages that relate to your website. Publish them on E-zine and other lists of article announcements.

- Join with other viral marketing sites for your web page or site to get more exposure and will receive more clicks on your ads. AdSense offers text-based advertising and graphic and video ads, so you can choose the best for your site.

Tips To Increase Your Click Thru Rate For Adsense

Did you know that your website could be causing more than 200% more income with better Google Adsense placements? Learn expert methods and the science behind the increase in click through rate (CTR). This guide will hopefully some tips on getting a higher CTR and thus more revenue.

Freebies offer on your site

My first tip is to compulsory and free stuff on your site. By offering free samples of your product, not only do you get a lot of traffic, but Google’s AdSense technology, your website will show ads related to freebies. Basically not many people who do not want to get freebies. Hence, your click through rate will rise astronomically. I use this method for some time and have achieved at rates of up to 5% compared to a general trend of 1% -2%.


While this may be common sense, it is a very important factor for increasing CTR. More and more viewers are becoming more experienced in identifying ads. When viewers see an ad, they pay less attention to and upon seeing it over and over will result in advertising has become tired. By simply mixing the colors on the contest Web site, it makes it harder for the viewer to display text ads that the chances of them the text ad and click on read more increases identified.

Place your ad where it is most visible

Another way to increase awareness of the ads where he would first be read. A good example of this position is right above your content / article. By placing the content / article, the viewer will read the ads before they go to content / article. The ad will probably be related to your content increasing the likelihood of a click.

Align the ad with the content

Position of your ads should be tailored to certain content, so it does not look like an ad. If a text ad is placed by itself, the viewer will check to see if an ad. However, if there really pleased that in line with the ad, the user will not check for an ad as strong as it would be if the ad is only by him or not in line with other content.

Finally, we ask you the following from the Google Adsense blog to make sure that you’re with “white hat” tactics to increase your clicks to read.