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Get Paid to Surf

There are different paid to surf programs online which will make payment you for web surfing. No much money is needed to invest but earn enough money.

Get Paid to register

get paid to register

yourself with a few free GPT sites and can earn some extra cash by doing what you are already doing online, shopping, visiting websites, playing games and so on.

Get Paid to Surf

make money surfing

Get paid to surf is a big type on the internet. And no doubt, scammers are all over it as well. So, take care of it and make sure you register with known and trusted sites.

make money surfing

make money surfing

You would not make much money, but no much work is needed either. Get paid to surf

Get Paid To Read Emails


As the title shows, you get paid for reading emails. Everyday you get paid emails in your inbox with links to different websites, which you have to click and view for a few seconds. Not a lot of money your get, but it is something extra. Get paid to read emails

The World Is For Sale And You Can Make Money From It!

Earning cash online by playing games is a lot of fun. But after the scam, no one really believes that it’s possible to make money online playing games. But I’ve got some good news for you, there is a website which has taken Weblo idea way further., which originated in Germany and has just launched the English text of his speech. Here, the concept is pretty much the same as one of Weblo, but are actually parts of the world are sold through Google Maps.

However, most members do not buy items just to make money but to show their emotional attachment to certain places, share memories and passion with the wider community – a platform for fans of space.

The advantage of this approach is that WYP is not a pyramid – just like diamonds, many people are buying virtual space to use them. The value in use is the necessary foundation for any virtual good to work as negotiated with the sustainable assessment.

So what are the ways to make money on the Internet with

That’s is the main question that bothers me. According to the press release

*  Travelers may buy their favorite holiday spot as virtual souvenir
* Activists occupy locations related to their cause and thereby reach potential supporters
* Supporters of rock stars or sports teams may buy a stadium as fan ground and invite other fans to that place
* Traders claim famous places and aim for resale at a profit
* People with any place-related field of interest (architecture, history, nature, movies etc.) may buy the related location and share their passion with like-minded people
* Couples may buy the spot where they first met as „partner place“
* Business owners may buy any place that somehow represents their business concept and thereby reach their target customers. The search engine listing of each place and the possibility to add URL links further adds to the marketing potential
* Location evangelists find a great opportunity to exclusively showcase their favorite place in the world

Earning money is not stated, here, so I’ve asked the administrator of this website. According to the reply, you can earn cash with WYP. The deal is that it’s like real estate, the land gets more pricey (assuming that gets more popular).

Earn Free Stuff Online Playing Games At Microsoft Live Club


Would you like to earn free stuff for something you already do? So let me ask you something then, how many times you’ve been bored and was looking for free online games to waste some time? Some times you just have to strike the perfect balance between relaxation and work, so why not combine these things? is the place to win awards for playing simple games. The whole idea is pretty simple, once you have a good time playing games and earn special points (tickets), which can be redeemed for special prizes. But let me show you the entire process in steps:

Step 1
It’s required to sign up for Microsoft Live Search Club or use any Microsoft service. When you done registering, just sign in or you your MSN/HotMail account. The registration is required, because if you redeem your points, the notifications will be sent to your email.

Step 2
Now, when you have an account, you can start earning points, also called tickets. Also, there are several ways to earn points – the first (the easiest) is to win points by playing flash / games trivia. All games are powered and somehow related to the Microsoft Live Search. If you want to get some bonus points, the Live Search Toolbar is available for download, and get some extra credit for using the toolbar too. The last way to earn credits game is to use Live search engine (any search that is worth 1 ticket – maximum 10 searches per day).

Step 3
Start exchanging your points for special prizes from the Live store. You can start redeeming points as soon as you get about 100 points (which is not that hard to reach). Remember about the 2000 point total limit and redeem your points whenever you can. Also you have a choice of giving your points to charity.

As you see Live Club is a fun way to have some fun on the Internet. The games offered at this website are pretty cool, and I can spend hours playing them. Basically you can exchange your points for various Microsoft merchandise including Microsoft Zune and Xbox 360.

Earn Money By Playing Games and Get Paid Money


I have been working on the Internet for a pretty long time and I am the person, who knows a lot of about free ways of making money online. When I started looking for such “get paid to” websites I didn’t come up with tons of results at first, the reason is – back then the only work from home opportunities were connected with website creation and free paid surveys.

I’m really happy to have changed much over the years and now Internet users to enjoy rich free ways to earn money from home. Some people aim for profitable work from home opportunities, ie, techniques that are intended to bring the highest revenues. Personally, I have a completely different approach, using websites, which try to merge money-making and fun, here get paid to play works written.

About Making Money by Playing Free Online Games is a totally free website where Internet users can make money by playing many games trivia, working on their website and take extra amounts of the petition to friends

The process of earning money is very simple to start having to create a record 2 minutes and start playing games trivia & participate in a quiz with the chance of winning real-world money. If you’re lucky, you’ll start earning crowns, especially e-currency. You can use these points to participate in draws for cash, over $ 5000 given away each month to lucky members

So, everything looks pretty simple, I have not seen such a promising get paid to play website for a pretty long time. I admit, I am still using some freebie websites (Fribiz is one of them, take a look at my fribiz prizes), but really takes the cake this time.

How to Get Paid to Play at

If you visit this site you will see the number of donated toys and trivia will also have the opportunity to look through a list of things that more units could win (this is important if you want to get some quick money and rewards to play games

As far as I’ve also indicate how to get free points, I really would like to note that members receive crowns for such simple things, daily activity, referring new members, taking quizzes and add questions, check out the full list more info.

To conclude everything before the update worked hard to make money by answering questions, but this site got me very excited, because it has hidden potential in this. Members can both win points by playing games online and participate in Triviala affiliate program (affiliates receive up to 40p for every new recruited member, which sounds unbelievably well).

I merely forgot to write about payments, Triviala pays via PayPal, which is a quick and secure payment system, you will be sure to get your money fast. Thanks for reading, I would appreciate your comments or thoughts about