Google Cash And Other Income From Blogging

For many people who do not fully understand the whole concept of blogging, the idea of accessing Google’s cash via an online diary seems a pretty remote prospect. What they do not realize is that today, blogging is a serious matter and may reduce the scope for people to leave daily life to stop going to work in an office, factory, warehouse or other routine daily work and to work from home.

So how do they do this, well first of all you need to consider exactly what it is that blogging is all about. It means understanding the different types of blog platforms available, the more revenue can be made of how blogs and search engine optimization to track the traffic to your blog so that you can cash in on the many ways to earn income through blogging.

Ideally, a number of niche market that nobody else has spotted and make the topic of your blog. If you do not succeed, at least make sure you choose a topic for each of your blogs and stick to it so that you can stay focused, even political blogs have their audience and if you provide the information people are looking for they will visit your blog.

We know politicians are busy people who need to rely on the general public and their support cloth. So when they usually are busy completing their declarations, they often consider their blog and others to maintain portfolios to work. This is another way of making money from blogging, is paid by third parties to blog on their behalf, and not just politicians of this service.

This would not be my preferred way of making money from a blog, if you do all the work you can directly earn from that effort, and ideally the value of your blog to increase in the process.

So as an aside, using third party domain, such as the Google blog for example, are fine in certain circumstances, but with your own domain name and promote it in my opinion a much better option, because you get to add value to add something yourself. Every post you make is a bit like fitting a new kitchen in a rented house versus installing a new kitchen in a house your own self.

There are many other ways to earn from your own blog, using Google AdSense to get money is probably one of the most popular. You log on to Google and they place ads on your blog that relate to the subject you wrote about (hence the need to stay on one subject), when the ad is clicked on to make a small commission, this method is called pay per click ….

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