What To Sell On eBay To Make Money

I spent many years as an eBay auction seller, researcher, and analyzer, yet I haven’t found anything more important that can make you succeed other than having a good product.

You can learn tactics, have thousands of positive feedbacks, but if you don’t have the actual product you can hold in your hands and ship to your customer, there is no chance you can think about eBay as a place to make money.

I remember the years I had no idea where to start.

I know what it feels like when you have no product to resell on eBay. Those days were like a horror movie.

First, I was so active and put all my efforts into getting started. For example, a friend bought something cheap from a local ad, and I had a feeling that I should go and check it out because maybe it would be profitable on eBay. After some research, I got the answer – no its not. On another day, while surfing the forums for trade opportunities, I would again check it on eBay. While shopping at the market, looking what people are selling and I began to wonder if I could get it cheaper.

All that time I got the answer NO, NO, and NO.

I felt angry and frustrated because I can’t find anything to work with. Besides that, I would check eBay to see how many people are selling phones, accessories, clothes, and computers…

Thousands of people know what I don’t, how can it be?

But there is a serious reason for that.

In order to get the answer, you have to create a question that makes sense, which will sound like this:

Is it really that hard to get something to resell on eBay?

Let’s think. You and I already know that having a good product is the key to every eBay business and it determine if you make money or not. So the answer is simple – well, yes, it has to be hard.

From my personal experience, this is the hardest part.

If it was easy, then everyone could have a business. And it will be nice and easy to live your life. You could lie down on the green grass, with the sun shining and the weather is perfect.

But no, this is so hard that it separates you from the people who actually make money on eBay.

I don’t want you to work hard.

The first step is to know where to look for a product. You need the exact place where you can find thousands of different products with low prices. Making money on eBay is all about getting products cheaper than your competition.

Let’s go deeper.

Think about this, what is the No1 place in the world that can help us with that problem?

The best solution I know – China. It is the perfect country to look at if you are looking for something to resell.

The population in China is very big, one of the biggest in the world. This makes China the cheapest workforce in the world. Because of that, products are cheap. You will find all available categories and products in the world packed into one country. And the price, as I said before, will be one of the most competitive around.

However, knowing that won’t help if you don’t know the place where the suppliers are located, just waiting potential customers like you.

One online company you should know and use is Alibaba.

You should checkout their website, because it has a lot of different products. It has so many categories and products that the question of “What to sell on eBay to make money?” will never come to your head again.

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