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Make Money By Google

Google is such a popular name on the net. You use it practically every day to do searches. But, did you know, that you can also use it to make money, as well? Making money from the comfort of your home, couldn’t become easier these days, provided that you have some time, and a creative mind.

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    Sign up to a blog site. is a popular one that is used by many. They have instructions that will take you step by step through creating your page.

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    Let your creative writing skills put ideas to your fingertips, and start thinking of articles to type on your blog. It can be about places you’ve been, new things you’ve done, experiences you’ve had. So many things to choose from.

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    Sign up for an account at, but only after you’ve already gotten your blogs started, and have something for google to view when they decide whether to approve your site. This can take a few days. It took them about 4 days to contact me.

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    It takes a while for your blogs to get exposure. But hang in there, and be patient. It will eventually pay off for you in the long run. When I think of how many views I’ve gotten on some of my cruise articles that I just gave away to other sites for reviews, makes me sick, when I think of how much I could have made off of my own writing of reviews, if I would have just thought of typing them up on my own blog, and adding adsense coding to my pages. Don’t make the mistake, I did….. you start yours now. :)