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Online Shopping Promoted to next level by Mobile & Internet

The use of mobile and internet brings revolution in the life of common man. Now a lot of customers used their mobiles and internet to do their shopping. For this purpose they use their mobiles or internet to look for specific shops, departmental stores or such kind of outlet where their desired items can be found. For this purpose a survey has been conducted to get information regarding the revolution being brought into our live by the use of internet and smart phones.  They use twitters or facebook for sending their reviews and pictures. Even some customers look for the discounts deals and coupons on their mobile phones. They also share their experience or any other information relating to the product with each other.

Mobile and Internet online shopping

Mobile and Internet online shopping

The latest developments in the technology make the lives of common man very easy and convenient as they can gather information relating to specific item and other contents specified for the items and they can make quick decision to purchase these products by giving order through their smart phone or internet. The growing trend of using modern technology is pointing to the future retailing, the way and means of transporting products to the houses of the customers.

The Survey Report contains few important points:

  • More than fifty percent people confirmed that use IT technology and gather information relating to the product and then visit the market or any outlet to purchase it.
  • More than forty percent people confirmed that they bought the product online which they bought from the shops while visiting there.
  • Seven people out of ten confirmed that value has been given to the customers through who may contact through say online.
  • Half of the customers can find promotions or videos on their internet about any specific product and found them valuable.