Study in Germany

Germany is the world’s third largest economy of the country and is usually ranked second in exports. Germany is also the most popular country for making machinery, automobiles, chemicals and electrical products and is also very popular for IT. There are over 300 higher education institutions in Germany and is thought to be the top most countries in the fields of science, research and technology.

Germany is one of the largest and most technologically advanced countries of the world economic. Germany is due to this very attractive destination for all university students in the world. It is the leading provider of research and development and has excellent standards of the best educational account.

Germany has many special features for their students

• Students from any field may remain one year after the completion of the study.
• Work permits for students can easily be extended by employers.
• Learning the German language will always open the door to various cultural centers from around the world.
• The documentation required for the visa process, Germany has no financial documents.
• permanent residence is permitted in 5 years full time in Germany.
• Part time jobs are allowed for 20 hours per week.

Students from around the world also think of the best in Germany, which is why most of the students at the universities of Germany, as in the free education in various institutes and universities for international students. Germany is basically the history of learning and academic excellence and has the oldest university in the world. Actually, the universities of the German state students to develop their own knowledge, because the education of a very old German tradition combines with modern technology. The best and diverse range of higher education can not be linked to another European country.

In this way you can not only study but also earn a lot of money by doing part time job in Germany.

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