Does Your Web Host Help YOU Make Money?

I have in the Internet / web development / SEO game for a while now. Since 1999 to be exact. Besides trying to make life I would consider myself as one of the nice guys in the game.

What I mean by that?

It means that when someone approaches me with the need to get a website and launch an online campaign, I often start by trying to make their business and / or business model to understand. In this way I also listen to their suggestions to maximize success online.It’s not all about me, just holding some images and logos online in red, yellow, blue, tangerine, etc. It’s about building an online business. One that works and will work for the persoin sitting behind me, whatever the size of their wallets.

Yes, I charge for my services, but I would value more than anything else to add. That’s what makes my business.

Ok, enough about me, but why the rant? Well I get more and more customers and potential clienst consulting me on actual sales and results and some of the tools they miss the most basic of tools. If only someone had told their web developer or web host might be.

Case, this gentleman who repairs video game consoles and mobile phones (or phones) had been in business for over 15 years offering this service. He has literally worked with over 30,000 consoles and phones etc and sell accessories and repair kits in the thousands also. His requête was for me to help with its Christmas 2010 campaign. So we had a meeting.

Turned out he was missing the following:

- A lead capture service on its website (in thousands of visits and requests for repairs, he could harvest a large audience or a list there). He told me he did not know he could do that! I wanted to be a web developer or hosting requirements.

- He had never tried his old customers e-mails and recorded accurately in an organized way to keep in touch and customers have on tap for future campaigns. With more than 30 000 interactions when everything in his list would definitely buy one again if he contacted them again, say maybe this Xmas? The only people he had were the few e-mails were simply “over the building, but not actively collected. When I was in his situation would I use my existing clients an army of affiliates and make more than half of my prospects. They were already satisfied customers for crying out loud. He told me that after he had hit one or two thousand, he was overwhelmed and never kept them, but just concentrating on his repair … That had to be fair to have kept him very busy. Still, the gaming market is huge, you can sell your own products and services and offer other people’s products through affiliate and joint venture partnerships. If only someone had told him this before.I wanted to be a web developer or hosting requirements.

- He had a Facebook account, but never really something. He has a 14-year-old daughter who is very active online and had it open for a fun, but nothing else. Social media is huge. A few backward people still refuse to catch on if they feel it’s not professional enough. Well I’m sorry, but the last person that sold you your service order was probably not a professional either but you were very happy to sell to them, because that is what you do! What do you think? Facebook has half billion of them, all ready to buy from you. What about the extra super targeting features they have on there? Every business person should sell where people are – period! I wanted to be a web developer or hosting requirements.

I could go on and the lack of opinion on this particular person online campaign, but he is only one of the many out there. This is primarily because the developer has only focused on his pay check and left it there. This is my time to pay the old routine without the need to pay for the results. Do not get me wrong, I charge for my time but I get excited when I get a chance to participate in an industry I want, but never like the gaming industry presents itself. I quickly worked out a deal with these guys above to its online campaign in partnership run and we have a win-win situation at the end.

Well, you guessed it, I wanted to be web developer or host to meet you!

Do not forget to ask about getting real cash from your website yourself above your main products. Ask your web developer or host, before I do.

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