Do You Have Marketing Knowledge? Learn To Generate Cash Advertising As An Affiliate

If you know the route to market, promote and publicize effective, you have two options if the easy way to go about making money with your skills. How? The first obvious, you can find a job advertisement for a number of cases, and possibly make a good income. The second is to go into business for yourself, or marketing your own products or doing affiliate promotion on a commission basis.

Personally I think the latter to eliminate the profit motive. I mean, if you know the way to effectively market plug-and-so, why not make money for yourself instead of your time just to have someone else richer?

It is very easy to earn advertising revenue on the Internet. You can realistically and running in a few hours or less. All you have to do is find some products that you think might be a tight fit for you, and then start promoting them and earn commissions. Finding products on the market is simple. There are a number of companies online that allow a person sign up fro free and market their products on a commission basis.

Two of the most liked and affiliate companies. Both companies have tens of thousands of quality products you can market online and make money. The two I seriously recommend Clickbank. The reason behind this is easy, they offer higher commission rates by way of sale than Amazon.

I suspect Amazon really should be avoided, at least by someone who likes some serious money. I have a couple of books promoted through Amazon on my website, but this is mostly for the sake of the visitor. I certainly do not use Amazon as my primary source of income.

The difference in contracts between Amazon and Clickbank is enormous. Amazon offers a measly 7-10% per sale. With a low commissions, you might as well work as an advertiser for an hourly wage because you probably do not deserve a large amount of cash.

ClickBank on the other hand, more than 10,000 products that can promote and the commissions range from 30-75% at all. That is why experts Clickbank affiliates market, and why they are able to six and even seven figure annual income to earn.

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