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Get This Blog Auto Blogging Blueprint 15 page pdf report right now! Read the National Formula 158 Page FREE report that shows how Anik Singal $ 32M went online in just less than six years starting from scratch. Discover the Auto Mass Traffic! Sometimes the easiest way to blog is not always the best place to find home for your blog. Consider blogging on a social networking site like Facebook. Although it is a great place for a link to a blog on another site location is not great for blogging itself. And this is something you absolutely need to consider. There is a way to blog and a way not to blog. There is a time to blog and a time to blog. There is a place where blogging and blogging is not going to be as beneficial to you as a different place can be. So how do you know how, when and where?

So why is not Facebook a great place to blog? For starters on this website is not necessarily up to blogging to set. You can “notes” but you have all of your friends and followers tag if they are going to be notified. And then it shows up on their pages that can not be about as good as being flooded with “notes” is not their preference. You could wind losing followers. That means you will not be making any money. And you will not only make money from your blog on Facebook. You will find links to your website or blog to another web page if you want to put ads and banners to use affiliate programs.

Establishing the fact that social networking sites like Facebook are out, get to places such as WordPress or There are some ups and downs for each site, but they do, at least, allow the use of advertising and promoting affiliate programs. You only traffic to the site. That leaves you with the correct time to blog once you figure out where. Try not to late-night blog post, because many people will miss out on new blog if you’re consistently posting at odd hours. Try posting at the same time every day or every few days. You may not want every day, even blog for fear of flooding your followers with too much information and repeated information. Have a certain number of blogs for the week and stick with that schedule.

All that being said, there is a specific formula (or blueprint) for when to blog, how often and how links to your original page and drive traffic to your individual blog posts. However, all this usually takes a lot of work. Not many people want that kind of time to devote to maintaining their blog on a daily basis. But there is a solution. A quick visit may be the perfect solution for your needs. You can reduce your workload considerably by using something like Blueprint Blog. Blueprint blog will help boost your blog rankings immense (and traffic). Best of all, the whole blog Blueprint instruments and the system strongly based on “smart” automation. What is ‘smart’ Automation Questions?

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