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Finally Youtube is Starting Function in Dec: PTA

Islamabad, Youtube was banned in Pakistan since its malicious and contempt video film which it uploaded.

Finally Youtube Starting Function in Dec PTA

Finally Youtube Starting Function in Dec PTA

The Muslims all over the world made their protest for removal of this notorious and malicious video film from youtube but the administration did not pay heed to the Muslim and continued displaying and resultantly the various Muslim governments of the world had to impose ban on youtube.

Now Chairman of PTA, Farooq Awan declared it on Thursday that the ban imposed on youtube will be lifted within 15-20 days and it will start functioning Pakistan also.

How Do I Make Money With Profit Clicking

When you start working with profit clicking then you should keep in mind that there are three main methods for earning more and more money which include:

  • · Advertising Package Program
  • · Matrix Package Program
  • · Membership Referral Program
how do i make money with profit clicking

how do i make money with profit clicking

Advertising Package Program

The main theme of an Advertising Package is that it is a traffic exchange package in which 1000 advertising impressions are offered to the buyer and he can earn up to 2% from Monday to Friday and 1.5% on Saturday and Sunday. The total expenditure of each package is only $10 which you will have to pay 150% when it matures in 81 days.where to purchase commercial jumping castle

The cash income on one package amounts to $15 or 150% and the outstanding 150% is paid to you in Matrix Package. When your 4 advertising packages are expired then you can earn $60 and at this stage you can get Matrix Package from which you will receive $60 and it reaches to 300% or get triple your amount.

When you promote your links and attain referrals then you will receive commission at the rate of 10% on first level and 5% commission on level 2 on advertising package purchases.

Matrix Package Program

Profit Clicking matrix

Profit Clicking matrix

This is a long and traffic generating program in which you can triple your money. This matrix program can perform its working by “2×2 matrix” and you will have to complete and sustain your matrix for earning more money.

First of all you buy Matrix package for $20 and then refer other people who also buy $20 package. In first level you will enter two referrals and they buy matrix packages and each pay $20 so total amount comes to $60. In this way you can earn $60 rebate. 3 referrals is variable which you can change. When you complete the first level of matrix then you will be paid by $60 for each completed matrix package. Keep in mind that your advertising package program will help you to complete your matrics.

Profit Clicking Membership:

Profit Clicking offers you Advertising Packages, Matrix Packages and success training packages to all its members. Profit clicking itself has four main parts but they are offered with a product:

PC0 – Product for this package: Upgrade Your Brain
Cost: Free

PC1 – Product of this category: The Big Success Breakthrough
This has the cost of $15 after every three months which is also non-commissionable.

PC2 – Product of this category: Killer Success Tricks 1-7                                                         This has the cost of $57 after every three months and this package has the commission of $28.50 on every sale.

PC3 – Product of this category: Killer Success Tricks 8-?                                                         This product has the cost of $117 after every three months and in which you may receive commission of $58.50 per sale.

When you work with profit clicking then you will receive commissions on each referrals whether you upgrade them or renew them. You receive this commission through Matrix package account. As regards membership commission, then you will have to upgrade yourself to level 2 or level 3.

Money and working online

Money and working online

Money is the basic need of every one to buy food, clothes, pay rent, utility bills and various other expenses. If you are married then you will have to bear the expenses of your spouse, children. The food stuff and clothing and the education expenses are on higher sides with the passage of time. A large number of people in the advanced countries are also wondering here and there in search of work and earn good living. All societies are facing the problems of dearness and their earnings seem quite little to meet their all requirements. People look for some financially strong jobs or businesses which cater for their necessities of life.

My earnings from one site

My earnings from one site

Internet cash

To fulfill all requirements, people are searching for some jobs to earn extra money which will be sufficient for their daily necessities. The development in Information Technology provides you opportunities to earn extra money while sitting in front of the computer. If you have computer and internet connection then you should work on computer by connecting with different types of websites and earn handsome amount. In this way you can make your computer to work for you and your family.

Writer or photographer

If you posses some skills and expertise of writing an article or something else then you can earn money by presenting your services to some websites which need you. If you are a professional or occasional photographer then you can start your work online. Initially you will earn money in pennies but with the passage of time, you will get experience and knowledge and you will start earning more and more and your earning enters into dollars. At the same time your saving will also increase and you can save extra money for your tough times.

Sticking with it

If you work online and you earn some pennies in return of your work then you should keep touch with the work and reach to the total of dollar. When your earning enters into dollars then you should carry on your work which will give you more income as your experience and knowledge have been increased with the continuous working online. To adopt pace with the same speed and in the same direction you can reach your destination which you have settled in your mind. With the passing of days your income will rise more and more and then you can save handsome amount through your consecutive working online.

Now days

With the continuous working online, my income reached the target of $240-$280 per month which I have ever dreamt. Now I set the target of earning money up to $300 per month. Now I have planned working on such type of websites for quite some time then I will collect enough money and save enough money which helps me in starting some other kind of business and at the same moment I can think to stop my job which I continued bitterly.

No secret!

When you income increase to reasonable extent then your colleagues and friends ask the secret of earning money. You should response simply by saying that you should come on online working. In the beginning your income will be minor but after some time your income will increase as your knowledge and experience increases. Your work is only and only stick to your work and keep on your working and never leave it so that your income will enter into one dollar then it will be multiplied. If you do not do this then you cannot earn money so quickly.

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Every day we watch that various companies show good business models. The company which is interest acoord9ng to my view point is LogMeln which offers you the remote approach services. LogMeln not only offers application for remote control but they also do this function freely. It is quite right that LMI presents their fundamental versions totally freely which allows you safe remote control of your PC from any computer on the web.

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

Control Your PC from anywhere for free

The business model of the company present their service freely which will be liked most and also presenting a paid version of the service including some cool specifications such as remote printing. The company also manufactured various products and I use these free and paid products and I highly recommend them.

LMI is such company that bought an application named Hamachi which I would define as a peer to peer VPN client. Some tech people may have listened or used the Hamachi application. Rescue is another application which I used from LMI for which I provide helpdesk support to users without installing these applications on their systems.

I am an IT consultant and people frequently asked about controlling of their PC with the help of remote control. Normally people try to use software like pcAnywhere. Pc Anywhere is a quality product and it is convenient to configure and use. To open this software on the port on your firewall, also it is complicated for every user and it also create some security concerns.

I offer another procedure for my users who often ask me about RDC or built into Windows remote desktop. A port should be opened on the firewall to get access from anywhere on the web to get great RDC for remote connections within a local network. While introducing the Windows Home Server which will be available very soon, the part should be changed immediately.

LogMeln have some downsides, while the remote control application works on any platform which are window based computer systems and can only be controlled by remote control. It is worse for Linux and Mac users but LMI is busy in changing that process.

I also introduced with another remote application which I use is known as VNC. VNC is another open sourced remote control which works on Windows, Li9nux, and Macs. I often use VNC and I think it is good application which can be set up safely but is very difficult for the m=normal users.

Mobile Catering Business

There is also a trend which is growing rapidly to buy ready made food to conduct event or ceremony from some mobile caterers instead of getting ready at home in big cities as there is no space in  the cities to cook food for a large gathering. You start this business by providing cooked food through mobile catering to carry out orders given by people.

Mobile Catering Business

Mobile Catering Business

You may provide cooked food to their homes and reheat the food inside your van before the same providing to the client. You may also prefer to present products like fried potatoes and barbecue to the surroundings.

Cupcake Business

Cup cakes are very delightful and are liked by everyone. Cookies are almost prepared with the addition of butter cream on its top or adding icing before it is being served. It is also prepared in a shape with adding of ice on top. This business also involves less amount which need commercial mixers and usual containers and pans and cake boxes.

Catering Company Business

With the increasing of our engaging in our profession, arrangement for catering services on different occasions has become very difficult and cumbersome. Most of the people do not ample for making arrangement of catering or go to some restaurant for taking dinner at every evening.

Catering Company Business

Catering Company Business

If you wish and interested in such type of business the start you company at small scale by supplying catering services.

Resume Writing Business

Everybody always needs a resume at some stage or some where other for this purpose they need the services of an expert writer to give him a resume which ensure the security of the task. Resume writing business needs no investment and it can be dome as home based business.

Waitress Or Trolley Business

It is a low scale business because there are fewer chances to begin as waitress or trolley business. You may help other people to drag their household items and in exchange get some cash.

Waitress Or Trolley Business

Waitress Or Trolley Business

It is daily base business as your work daily then you can earn daily. If you get some handsome money from this business then you will have to work hard as well as have to awake yourself till late night

Make Money via Event Planning

Event management is another business of today which is getting better and appealing for anyone. Especially with the ever increasing population in the cities, no space is left to organize different type of functions just like wedding, birthday or school examination ceremonies or get together parties. If you have the ability of organizing the event according to its demand and by creation of effective demonstration of celebration, a lot of people can remember the function and give priority for arranging their own functions there. People possessing the skills of arranging the event can earn a lot of income from this business.