What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur

It is my considered opinion that entrepreneurs in fact a relatively small percentage of people who share some common characteristics. That does not mean that all traders feel the same way, because each of them endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit that will display properties in different ways. Here is a list of these common characteristics that entrepreneurs display characteristics.

• Optimism-entrepreneurs consider things from a positive attitude.Problems are reinterpreted as challenges, challenges and opportunities as a way to move upwards.

• Creativity entrepreneurs love the challenge of “it can not be done”. For an entrepreneur, if something can be done simply thinking in the project, not wide enough and people have to think outside their own paradigm.

• Strength – through a combination of physical toughness, mental toughness, social awareness and emotional intelligence, entrepreneurs have an inner strength that emerges when things get tough.

• Charismatic – entrepreneurs are naturally attracts good people for themselves. As entrepreneurs speak, people listen, not because they have to, but because they want to.

• Risk-taker – operators will launch into the unknown without fear, dare to go where no man has gone before to rely on nothing more than their own ingenuity.

• Definition-ready to do whatever it takes to see the task completed and the winning goal, entrepreneurs will not allow themselves to deflect or deviate from those on which they focus.

• No convention entrepreneurs are free from the restrictive notion that the past will necessarily determine the future. Rather, they see that the future must be made and how it does it is entirely in their hands.

So, a successful entrepreneur does not automatically make you an entrepreneur. On the other hand, an entrepreneur does not automatically mean you are a successful businessman. There are many people throughout history who could really entrepreneurs, but not the millions of a Donald Trump or Bill Gates. They have chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit expressed in other ways. Fighting for an example? What about Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela.

Unfortunately, the concept of entrepreneurship is terribly weakened by its misuse and abuse, particularly on the internet. But then the same happened with words like ‘Guru’ and ‘expert’. All I ask is a little respect and attention for those who are true entrepreneurs, gurus and experts and let the rest of us are satisfied with ordinary.After all that, in itself, is a rather complex group belong to, membership of which has not yet fully realized by most of us.

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